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Resolutions adopted by the Central Managing Committee of Bharat Pensioners Samaj New Delhi In its meeting held on 14.4.2013 at New Delhi.

Resolutions adopted by the Central Managing Committee of Bharat Pensioners Samaj New Delhi  In  its meeting held on 14.4.2013 at New Delhi.
Resolution No.1
 There is serious unrest amongst the Central Government Employees as well as Pensioners due to the inordinate delay in releasing the additional installment of 8% D.A. /D.R. due to them from 1.1.2013. The Managing Committee of BPS calls upon the Government of India to take early steps to release the above installment without any further delay to avoid further hardship to the employees and pensioners.  In the normal course,  it ought to have been released along with the monthly payment of March 2013.    
Resolution No.2
            There is relentless inflation in the country’s economy for the last several years due to which there is steep erosion in the real values of salary and pension of employees as well as pensioners, exposing them to undue financial hardships. This meeting urges on the Government to take early steps to grant 50% D.A. / D.R. merger benefit pending appointment 7th Central Pay Commission for Revision of employees and pensioners as well.
Resolution No.3
            The Hon’ble Principal Bench Central Administrative Tribunal New Delhi have in their order dated 1.11.21011  directed the Central Government to implement modified parity to all the pre-2006  pensioners / family pensioners correctly as per 6th CPC recommendations and as accepted by the Government and to pay the arrears thereof wef 1.1.2006 to all the eligible persons.  The government, issued orders vide their OM 28.1.2013 implementing the benefit from 24.9.2012.  These are orders are not only  at  variance with the afore mentioned principal bench order but also violative of the Art.14 of the Constitution of India.   This meeting,  therefore, urges on the central government to give effect to their OM dated 28.1.2013 with retrospective effect from 1.1.2006 and do justice to all the C.G. pensioners in this regard. 
Resolution No.4
            In the table enclosed by the Government as an Annexure to O.M. dated 28.1.2013, the Grade Pays actually implemented to certain posts wef 1.1.2006 have not been taken for the purpose of modified parity for those who retired in the pre-revised corresponding posts prior to 1.1.2006.  In the case of S-13 while grade pay implemented wef 1.1.2006 is @ Rs.4600/- for this the grade pay shown in table for Pre-2006 pensioners is @ Rs.4200. This has created unwarranted unjustified imbalance between those who retired prior to  and after 1.1.2006.  The same has happened in respect of several other posts.  The Hon’ble Principal Bench CAT New Delhi  in para 29 of their dated 1.11.2011 had clearly observed that the improved benefits granted by the government than what was recommended by the Pay Commission should be taken into account for purpose of modified parity.  This meeting urges the Government to take improved / higher grades and grade pays actually implemented for corresponding posts wef 1.1.2006 for working out modified parity to Pre-2006 who retired from the same or equivalent posts at their respective date(s) of retirement and to ensure that modified parity orders are correctly implemented.    
Resolution No. 5
            Bharat Pensioners’ Samaj has made series of representations urging the government to extend the same fitment benefit as is  given to the existing employees for revision of their revised pay wef 1.1.2006 also to pensioners and to adopt the following formulae for the revision of pensions of pre-1.1.2006 pensioners i.e., basic pension +86% DR+ 50% grade pay and in  the alternative to extend one and the same factor for revision of pension  to the entire pre-2006 pensioners who are a homogenous group.  The Samaj has been raising this issue in various Fora without any tangible result.  The committee has, therefore, decided to explore the legal options also for achieving the above demands and also authorized the Secretary General to take early necessary steps on the above directions.
Resolution No. 6
            The Railway Board has issued orders vide their Order No.2007/H/28/1/RELHS/Smart card   dated  18.7.2012         for issue of Smart Cards to RELHS 97 beneficiaries residing at Zonal Head Quarters, State Capitals and Metros. These orders have not been implemented so far in many zonal railways for one reason or the other.  This meeting urges on the concerned authorities to take early steps to implement the above orders as many RELHS beneficiaries eligible for the above benefit are not able to avail themselves the said benefit 
Resolution No. 7
             Central Government Pensioners residing in Non-CGHS areas are not able to avail  Inpatient  treatment in any private and referral hospitals under cashless treatment due to   CCS (Medical Attendance) Rules 1944  are not being extended to them.  This is causing grave hardship to the pensioners and dependents.  Bharat Pensioners’ Samaj has been continuously    making representations to the authorities in this matter.  This meeting urges on the government to take an early steps  to ensure that the rules of CCS (MA) Rules 1944 applies to help the pensioners and their dependents residing in non-cghs areas.  
Resolution No8.
Prompt response to grievance letters: This M.C. notes with dissatisfaction the fact that still Govt. agencies are niether acknowledging  receipt of grievance letters/representations from Pensioners/ Associations nor ensuring timely redress of their grievances .This .M.C. once again urge the Government to ensure strict compliance of  Central Secretariat Manual of office procedure Para 66 & 67  & the instructions contained in F. No. 55/20/2012-P&PW(C) dated 18.02.2013 Government of India Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare regarding Time line for redress of grievances . Resolution No 9.
Auditors : Considering the circumstances explained by Secy. Genl. M.C. agrees to change the Auditor & appoint D & S  Associates of N. Delhi as auditors of BPS for the financial year 2012 -13 on-wards.
Resolution No. 10.  
58th AGM of BPS: M.C. decided to hold 58th AGM at Hyderabad on 17th Nov.2013 Delegation fee for which will be Rs 300/ per delegate, which will include Lunch,Tea & dinner on16th Nov for outside delegates. M.C. Nominated  Sarv sri.Somasekhara Rao V.P. South Zone &  M.Chandra Mowli Secretary (Postal &others) to make necessary arrangements to ensure grand success of 58th AGM.
Secretary General BPS                                                              Dated : 15.4.2013

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