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Issue of Individual plastic cards to the beneficiaries-Guidelines to Pensioner beneficiaries

Misc.6024/2007/CGHS(HQ)/CGHS( P) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Department of Health Nirman Bhawan. New Delhi Dated December 27, 2010 OFFICE MEMORANDUM Subject:    Issue of Individual Plastic Cards to each CGHS Beneficiary- guidelines to pensioner beneficiaries   The undersigned is directed to draw attention to the office memorandum of even number dated 30th December 2009 and to clarify that in response to representations received from pensioner CGHS beneficiaries, it has now been decided to partially modify para E (2 ) of the said memorandum.   Para E (2) of the Office Memorandum of even number dated 30° December 2009. which reads as‘   The Plastic Cards ( which are identity cards ) are issued for a maximum period of Five years or till entitled for CGHS benefits. whichever may he earlier. The actual validity of CGHS Card for availing services shall he as per records available in CGIIS Data base. In case of CGFIS pensioners who have paid for ‘Rest of Life’ facili

Railway pensioners Associations- Hyderabad Chalo. (Proceed to Hyderabad)

Shyam Sunder Secretary General Bharat Pensioners` Samaj All Railway Pensioners Associations & Railway Pensioners are cordially invited to attend 2nd National Convention of “Railway Pensioners Associations” being held under the aegis of "Bharat Pensioners’ Samaj" On 13.02.2011 at Secunderabad (AP) .Convention , will be held in Railway Kalyana Mandapam, Chilkalguda, Secunderabad from 10.00 am to 5.00pm on 13-02-2011 Sunday. Delegate fee is Rs. 100/- towards lunch, and tea and snacks in pre and post lunch sessions. The venue is about one km from Secunderabad Railway Station. Out-station delegates reaching Secunderabad on 13th morning and leaving the same night or next morning can stay there. Alternate arrangements are also being made for those who are coming on the 12th leaving Secunderabad after spending the night on 14th December in consultation with M Somasekhara Rao - 040 - 27078848, Cell - 0-9949052609 For further details please contact Shri.M. Somasekhara Rao, Secreta