Tuesday, September 29, 2015

CGDA has instructed to all Pr. Controllers/Controller to nominate an Officer for countersigning the application forms received from the retired Defence Civilians for grant of CSD Canteen facilities:-


NoAN/VIl/7089/CSD/ Corr
Dated : 21.09.2015
1. All PCsDA/ CsDA
2. PCA(Fys) Kolkata
Subject: Grant of CSD Canteen Facilities to retired Defence Civilians,

Reference ' This office letter of even No dated 14.08/2015

A copy of the DDGCS letter 96301/Q/DDGCS/Policy dated 12.08.2015 regarding CSD Canteen facilities to retired Defence Civilians. is forwarded herewith for information and necessary action. The letter is to be given wide publicity by displaying on the notice boards/ websites.

2. Further, attention is invited to point 7 and 9 of the letter wherein action to be taken on the part of the Department from where the Officer/ employee has retired has been mentioned. The Pr. Controllers/ Controllers are requested to nominate an Officer not below the rank of an Under Secretary to Govt of India or equivalent for countersigning the application forms received from the applicants. 

The orders should be promulgated and the details be forwarded to DDGCS, Army Headquarters, New Delhi.

Source: http://cgda.nic.in/adm/CSDCanteen22092015.pdf

Tax on pension

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Rate cut

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Grievances redressal

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Streamlining Action on Pension grievances - uploading of replies given by the MinistriesiDepartments to the petitioner on CPENGRAMS.


Monday, September 28, 2015

A rate cut will add to the misery of Sr citizens

With the credit policy statement barely a day away, it might be just right to remind policymakers of the travails of senior citizens in entirety. The expectation is that the Reserve Bank of India will lower the repo rate at least by 0.25 percentage points. Banks are expected to follow suit and lower their commercial rates both on deposits and loans.
Many of the points raised in the following paragraphs are not new but they need to be articulated more vigorously than ever before. The point has been made several times before that senior citizens as a class lack the lobbying power which corporates, chambers of commerce and others have. Moreover, senior citizens are not a homogenous category. For instance, the term includes pensioners and non-pensioners alike.
That is why the categorisation — made by among others the RBI Governor — between savers (the silent majority ) and the borrowers (the vociferous minority) is particularly apt. Especially in today’s context when practically everyone in the establishment is breathing down the governor’s neck to effect a rate cut, a principled stand in favour of savers is to be particularly commended,
We have taken the liberty like many others to view senior citizens and savers as interchangeable expressions. This definitely is not the case always but nevertheless gives enough room to make an analysis.
In the following paragraphs S. Gopalakrishnan, a senior citizen who has held very high positions in public sector banking including the position of Ombudsman, looks at the travails of senior citizens not just in the context of falling deposit interest rates.
Woes of senior citizens
With the ever increasing cost of all consumer items, including medicines, the senior citizens are struggling with their meagre pensions. But the tragedy is that even the pension is treated as salary and taxed like salary. Even the dearness allowance on basic pension, which is given to compensate the ever increasing cost of consumer durables, is taxed by including it in the gross income.
Strangely, dividends received by millionaires, even if it is Rs.500 crore, is tax-free. The argument here is that the companies pay the tax. Does it mean that if the employer decides to pay the taxes on pension, the poor pension receiver will be spared of the tax burden?
From the assessment year 2015-16 even if a senior citizen pays Rs.1.50 lakh under Sec 80cc of the IT act if the total interest from bank deposits exceed Rs.3 lakh, banks will deduct TDS (tax deducted at source) and the assessee has to file the return and claim refund.
Senior citizens are taxed if their taxable income exceeds Rs.3 lakh. Banks are also deducting tax at source (TDS) if the total interest from bank deposits exceed Rs.3 lakh and the assessees have to file the return and claim refund.
Only if the senior citizen reaches the age of 80 he is spared of taxes up to Rs.5 lakh. But the Government can consider taxing senior citizens of over 70 years beyond Rs.4 lakh.
One rank one pension
Only central government employees are lucky to get one rank one pension benefit as their pension is automatically revised. Unfortunately this is not applicable to other public sector undertakings including the RBI.
The corporates and even the government are of the view that the Reserve Bank of India should announce a reduction in lending rate. However, the household savings are coming down steeply since independence.
This is because successive governments are bothered about the cost of borrowing and not the incentive for saving.
With the increase in cost, the savers (mostly senior citizens) are left high and dry. Rightly the interest should be able to cover inflation. But the reality seems to be otherwise.
All consumers including senior citizens are required to pay cost of goods plus excise duty and VAT on the consumer goods purchased by them out of the taxed come (gross income minus income tax ) thereby paying multiple taxes.
It is hoped that the monetary policy review will have a para or two on the saving class and how at the broadest level households need be provided with the right incentives.
Pension is treated as salary and taxed like salary. Even the dearness allowance on basic pension is taxed

Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government pensioners/family pensioners - Revised rate effective from 1.7.2015.

When will the 7th CPC will submit its report? There are three possibilities now on submission date

Many news papers including Danik Bhaskar, Times of India, NDTV  CNN IBN, Hindu  etc   had reported that the 7th CPC will be submitting its report on 30th  September 2015 itself.
The 7th CPC chairman had informed in a PTI interview Justice Ashok Kumar Mathurji had stated that “The Commission will submit its report by the end of September,”
The Hon’able Finance Minister had also informed the 7th CPC report will be submitted shortly.
The 7th Pay Commission has asked for a two month extension from the government. That the Commission is hoping that the government would take a call on One Rank One Pension, so they could modulate their own formulation in terms of pay revision. Now the one rank one pension issue has been resolved, but the formal orders are not issued, it will be issued only next month. After the issue of the ORBP orders then 7th Pay Commission will submit its report.

Now four month extension of term of 7th Central Pay Commission is made the Union Cabinet chaired by the Hon’able Prime Minister, gave its approval for the extension of the term of the 7th Central Pay Commission by four months up to 31.12.2015. The Government had issued notification on 8th September “The Commission will make its recommendations by 31st December, 2015. It may consider, if necessary, sending reports on any of the matters as and when the recommendations are finalized.” 
Now the delay in submission of report and its implementation will be there and actual benefit of 7th CPC will occur only from April 2016. As Government will constitute its own committee to study the implementation of the 7th CPC report and issuing orders. It will benefit the Government as allowances effective date may be from April 2016 instead of January 2016.   
When will the 7th CPC will submit its report?  There are three possibilities now on submission date.
a)      If the 7th CPC feels that the assigned work has been completed it can submit its report any time, it’s only up to the 7th CPC and the Central Government. If the 7th CPC report is completed and ready for release as per paper reports then in these case the 7th CPC can directly submit its report to the Finance Ministry on 30th September without publishing the report in public due to Bihar elections. If election commission gives clearance then the 7th CPC report will be made public.
b)      There is one more possibility is that the 7th CPC report will be submitted after Bihar elections ie after November 6th.
c)      Last option is that report will be submitted only in December 2015 only.
We sincerely hope the 7th CPC report will be submitted at the earliest and the Central Government will implement the report at the earliest, so that the aspiration of the Central Government employees are taken care by the Central Government.

Comradely yours,
General Secretary
COC Karnataka
Source: http://karnatakacoc.blogspot.in/2015/09/7th-cpc-report-submission-date.html

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Digital Technology

Digital technology  vital for pensioners organizations. It is a strong tool to make their voice heard.Let more & more of Pensioners resort to it & make their presence felt on social media.

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