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RREWA registers its presence in 73 Countries & 82 Cities in India

Its my pleasure, to inform you that under the able guidance of Sh. V.K.Agarwal. Former Chairman Railway Board.  RREWA (Retired Railway Employees Welfare Association Gurgaon) which is one of the recipient of grant- in -aid from DOP &PW & a rotational member of SCOVA,  could during the period from 01.06.2010 to 19 th   July 2011 disseminate pensioners related information in 73countries including   82 Indian cities Google’s analytical report of     its website   can be accessed at URL:

Bharat Pensioner- Monthly Publication- Julyl 2011

Bharat Pensioner monthly magazine- July 2011 issue

Central Govt. Pensioners meet at Hyderabad on 03.07.2010

Central Govt. Pensioners meet at Hyderabad on 03.07.2010 Shri.S.C.Maheshwari, Secretary (Railway Pensioners) Bharat Pensioner Samaj New delhi addressed a largely attended meeting of Central Govt Pensioners at Hyderabad on 03.07.2011. The meeting called by Central Govt Pensioners Forum; AP was presided over by its President Shri.D.Prabhakar Rao. Shri. Maheshwari told the gathering that the Bharat Pensioners Samaj had been vigoursly pursuing various issues of Central Govt Pensioners with concerned authorities. He said BPS will resort to legal action, if necessary, on the issue of same fitment benefit to pre 2006 pensioners on par with serving employees with effect from 01.01.2006. He explained the efforts being made by the BPS regarding revision of ex gratia rates of pre 1986 CPF/SRPF retirees and their families, reopening of RELHS-97, admission to RELHS secondary family pensioners,etc and hoped that there would be early favorable results on these issues. He also demanded revision

Growing artificial hearts and bones!

Tissue engineer and TED Fellow Nina Tandon is growing artificial hearts and bones. To do that, she needs new ways of caring for artificially grown cells -- techniques she's developed by the simple but powerful method of copying their natural environments.

Retirement benefits ppt with "Pensioners hand book "

 ppt. 'Retirement benefits' - With "Pensioners hand book " by S.C. Maheshwari. .To open hand book click at the link at the bottom of slide No1 or 3

State Human Right Commission to the aid of Elderly

State Human Right   Commission to the aid of Elderly Relief for –Chaitanyapuri CGHS beneficiaries 'National policy on Older persons’. Comforting news for Senior Citizens Forum of UCGHS Dispensary of Chaita nyapuri! Af­ ter several hearings, since November 2009, the SHRC on June 24 delivered its jud­ gement directing doctors at the dispensary to stop refer­ring elderly patients to Nims and CGHS Begumpet poly- clinic frequently.      The senior citizens had ap­ proached the commission with the complaint that CGHS doctors were unneces­ sarily referring them to HYDERABAD : The State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has ordered the dispensary officials not to refer all cases to Nizams Institute of Med­ ical Sciences (Nims) and Be- gumpet polyclinic, as it is making it tough for the elder­ ly to travel long distances for treatment. The SHRC ordered the Chaitanyapuri CGHS dispen­ sary officials to refer patients to the nearest recognised hospitals or a diagnostic cen­ tre for the benefit

Pensioners Movement in India

Pensioners Movement in India Bharat Pensioners Samaj (BPS) & All India Sr. Citizens Confederation (AISCCON) Join hands to ensure welfare of retired persons in India In a meeting Of National Pensioners Welfare committee –AISSCCON held on 4.07.2011 in Lions Bhawan Secunderabad (AP) Under the Co -chairmanship of Sh. R.N. Mittal President AISCCON & S.C.Maheshwari G.S. RREWA & Secretary Bharat Pensioners Samaj numerous problems of EPS 1995, KVS ,GIC, PSU , Rly. Defence & Central Govt Pensioners as well as those Industrial Workers were discussed. Keeping in view the huge magnitude of problems & grievances, both the pioneer organizations resolved to join hands to mitigate grievances of over 100 million retired persons of India AISCCON also decided to co ordinate with BPS & to devote one full session to retired persons issues during their AGM at Vishakhapatanam on 21 st & 22 nd Nov.2011 Minutes of the National Committee on Pensioners Welfare meeting on   4 t

RBI: Master Circular- Disbursement of Pension by Agency Banks dated 01.07.2011

भारतीय ��रज़व�� ब��क ________________RESERVE BANK OF INDIA_______________ RBI/2011-12/98 DGBA.GAD.No.H- 1/31.05.001/ 2011-12 July 1, 2011 All Agency Banks Dear Sir/Madam Master Circular- Disbursement of Pension by Agency Banks Reserve Bank of India has been issuing various instructions relating to Payment of Government Pension by Agency Banks. These instructions were conveyed in our master circular RBI/ 2010-11/88 (Ref. DGBA.GAD.No.H- 2 /31.05.001/ 2010-11) dated July 1, 2010. We now enclose an updated master circular incorporating important instructions issued on the subject upto June 30, 2011. You may also access the circular on our website 2. Please acknowledge receipt. Yours faithfully, (B. K. Mishra) General Manager Encl: As above यह ��वभाग आईएसओ 9001:2008 ूमा��णत है । सरकार�� एवं ब��क लेखा ��वभाग,के��ि��य काया��लय, 4 थी मं��जल, मुंबई स��शल रे��वे ःटेशन के सामने, भायखला, मुंबई 400008 This Department is ISO 9001:2008 cert