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Central Govt. Pensioners meet at Hyderabad on 03.07.2010

Central Govt. Pensioners meet at Hyderabad on 03.07.2010

Shri.S.C.Maheshwari, Secretary (Railway Pensioners) Bharat Pensioner Samaj New delhi addressed a largely attended meeting of Central Govt Pensioners at Hyderabad on 03.07.2011. The meeting called by Central Govt Pensioners Forum; AP was presided over by its President Shri.D.Prabhakar Rao.

Shri. Maheshwari told the gathering that the Bharat Pensioners Samaj had been vigoursly pursuing various issues of Central Govt Pensioners with concerned authorities. He said BPS will resort to legal action, if necessary, on the issue of same fitment benefit to pre 2006 pensioners on par with serving employees with effect from 01.01.2006. He explained the efforts being made by the BPS regarding revision of ex gratia rates of pre 1986 CPF/SRPF retirees and their families, reopening of RELHS-97, admission to RELHS secondary family pensioners,etc and hoped that there would be early favorable results on these issues. He also demanded revision of basic pensions and family pensions w.e.f 01.01.2011 as DR crossed 50% as on that date and pensioners were not recommended any alternative benefit by the VIth CPC. Shri.Maheshwari also said that it was the demand of BPS that FMA should be raised to Rs.1200/- p.m and appealed to all other pensioners organisations also to make similar demand. He also welcomed the initiative of all India Senior Citizens Confederation to espouse the cause of pensioners and retired employees and the first meeting of “ National Committee of Pensioners Welfare” constituted by the confederation being held at Secunderabad on July 04th 2011 would decide upon a suitable course of action to highlight problems of pensioners and retired employees in various sectors with a view to securing justice for them at the hands of respective employers.

Earlier welcoming the gathering, Shri.M.Somasekhara Rao Vice-President (Southern Region), BPS and General Secretary CGPF/AP said that the Central Govt Pensioners’ movement in the country has lost its momentum in the recent years and it has to be revived to instil confidence among pensioners. He deplored long delays in settling cases of pensioners at various levels and demanded a monitoring mechanism to expedite action by the concerned authorities.

S/Shri.R.N.Dutta, Vice Preisdent(Eastern region), BPS Calcutta, S.Rama Rao, K.Mallikarjuna Rao, P.Chakrapani Rao, M.Ramkoteshwar Rao, D.Subba Rao, S.Krishna Prasad and N.L.Narsimha Murthy also addressed the gathering highlighting the  problems of C.G Pensioners and Family Pensioners. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks from Shri.Shaik.Mahaboob Treasurer of the Forum.

M.Somasekhara Rao
Vice President (South)
Bharat Pensioners Samaj

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