Saturday, July 9, 2011

State Human Right Commission to the aid of Elderly

State Human Right  Commission to the aid of Elderly
Relief for –Chaitanyapuri CGHS beneficiaries
'National policy on Older persons’.
Comforting news for Senior Citizens Forum of UCGHS Dispensary of Chaitanyapuri!

Af­ter several hearings, since November 2009, the SHRC on June 24 delivered its jud­gement directing doctors at the dispensary to stop refer­ring elderly patients to Nims and CGHS Begumpet poly-clinic frequently.
     The senior citizens had ap­proached the commission with the complaint that CGHS doctors were unneces­sarily referring them to HYDERABAD:
The State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has ordered the dispensary officials not to refer all cases to Nizams Institute of Med­ical Sciences (Nims) and Be-gumpet polyclinic, as it is making it tough for the elder­ly to travel long distances for treatment.

The SHRC ordered the Chaitanyapuri CGHS dispen­sary officials to refer patients to the nearest recognised hospitals or a diagnostic cen­tre for the benefit of senior citizens, a press release from Senior Citizens Forum of CGHS Dispensary said.

The SHRC felt that the conditions and facilities at CGHS dispensary were in gross violations of the ‘Nation­al Nims and CGHS Begumpet. "We are spending close to Rs. 3,000 in a month just to make multiple trips to CGHS Be­gumpet and Nims. The doc­tors at CGHS dispensary, Chaitanyapuri do not bother to check regular BP and pulse of the "elderly," the senior citi­zens said.
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