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National Conference cum TGB NFRPA Palakkad(Kerala)

We want this British days’ special treatment for Bureaucrats to end immediately. Give equal benefit to all Pensioners at par with IAS in Healthcare &  revision of Pension Let 7 th CPC & the Govt; know, no inequality &disparities will be tolerated this time Roared Secy. Genl. Bharat Pensioners Samaj Inaugurating 33 rd General Body meeting cum National conference of NFRP  at Palghat(Kerala) On28.09.2013

BPS Secy general’s Inaugural address to NFRP Palghat General Body on 28.09.2013

  BPS  Secy general’s Inaugural address to NFRP Palghat  General Body on 28.09.2013 Hounouarble dignitarie s , respected, President, Secy Genl , office bearers of  NFRP Palghat,  Leaders of fraternal organizations,  delegates,  ladies and gentlemen, I congratulate NFRP Palghat, its management, affiliates & members for having completed 32 year in the service of pensioners and wish NFRP all the success in their mission in the coming years. Ladies & Gentlemen, Ours is socialistic state and as such   gap between have not’s & haves should go on reducing progressively. But here we are in the reverse gear, the gap between have not & haves is increasing progressively. Speaking about pensioners, Pay Commission after Pay Commission has shredded this basic fiber of a socialistic State. After every pay commission the gap between poorer & richer pensioners has increased either due to the recommendations of pay commissions or by the Govt. action thereafter. Abo

28.09.2013-Clarion Call of Secy General BPS to Pensioners' & family Pensioners' from Palghat (Kerala) “Defeating your age disease &disabilities come out of your houses to join the struggle for your rights”

Let the Govt. & the 7thCentral Pay commission understand that no injustice to existing pensioners will be tolerated this  time. Nothing less than full parity between pre &  post retirees will acceptable
    Media hype about  pay panel UPA  government advances constitution of 7th pay commission by two years with an eye on votes — but at what cost? Reality If anyone gets the benefit out of pay panels, these are the Bureaucrats’- joint Secretary and above, whose Salaries, Perks & Pensions get 3times or more hike & in whose case pre & post retirees become at par No one will feel the pinch just  Stop British days’ special treatment to  Bureaucrats’ and stop  SCAMS Read  Montek Singh Ahluwalia & Ajay Makhan the then Union Minister & then the  Media reports Statement  of  Montek Singh  Ahluwalia Deputy Chairman Plan  panel  reported  by PTI Pay hike not to hit finances Plan panel sees no crucial impact of govt. staff salary rise New  Delhi  27. 02.. 2008 –P   T  I THE PLANNING Commis­sion does not foresee any sig­ nificant disruption of state   crease in salaries of state  government employees. "I don't think that this dis­ rup

Govt announces seventh Pay Commission for central employees

Govt announces seventh Pay Commission for central employees  Share   Print  E-mail  Comment [ - ]  Text  [ + ] 12:27 HRS IST New Delhi, Sep 25 (PTI)  Ahead of elections, the government today announced constitution of the Seventh Pay Commission, which will go into the salaries, allowances and pensions of about 80 lakh of its employees and pensioners . " Prime Minister   Manmohan Singh  approved the constitution of the 7th Pay Commission. Its recommendations are likely to be implemented with effect from January 1, 2016", Finance Minister P Chidambaram said in a statement

Let's All Remember the Miseries of EPF '95 Pensioners

From D.N.Chapke Secy. Genl. AISCCON Dear friends, This is our eighth sharing with you all on the challenges faced by the senior citizens in India. Today, we focus on the measley pension being given by the employers to those eligible for Employees Pension Scheme '95 . Shri Maheshwari representing our sister organization - Bharat Pensioners Samaj - has accepted our invitation to elaborate on the crisis; please remember that he along with Shri Shyam Sundar (who I am told is not keeping well and our heart goes out to him wishing him a speedy recovery so that he continues to share his specialization along with Shri Maheshwari on this vital segment of our fairly large society!) are two of the best brains on the subject: EPS95 i.e. Employees Pension Scheme 95: You may be stunned to know that there are pensioners in this country who get as little a pension as Rs4/- per  month. Nearly 18.7 lakh EPS95 pensioners in this country get less than Rs 500 per month & as low


1. Representatives of AIFPA, Chennai met Dr.Pande ED Medical (Planning and requested him to initiate action to amend the definition of ‘family’ in the Railway Manual to include the widowed/Divorced/unmarried daughters and handicapped son/daughter of a Railway Pension.  He has agreed to examine the issue as some Railways refuses to issue smart card and other benefits in the absence specific inclusion of them in the Definition of ‘Family ‘ in the Railway Manual. 2. The fact of stoppage FMA enjoyed by the Railway Pensioners who are affected by Chronic illness by the Banks based on the “Audit Objections” was discussed. The Audit insisted the medical certificate by a Railway Doctor to facilitate the payment of FMA to the chronically  ill Railway Pensioner.  The General Secretary also stated that in his meeting with the CMD, S.Rly. Chennai, he had raised the issue and CMD insisted for specific direction from the Railway Board for issuance of such certificate.  The General Secretary pro

Let's All share the Miseries of EPS '95 Pensioners

EPS95 i.e. Employees Pension Scheme 95:   You may be stunned to know that there are pensioners in this country who get as little a pension as Rs4/- per month . 18.7 lakh EPS95 pensioners in this country get less than Rs 500 per month & as low as Rs4/ per month, while about 15 laky of these pensioners get pension ranging between Rs 500 and Rs 1,000. Only about 7.3 lakh of these pensioners get a pension of more than Rs 1,000.   These are the workers who toiled in 186 industries during the entire productive years of their lives for development of this country and who have been ditched by the employers & the Govt. during their sunset years.   These pensioners before retirement held RESPECTABLE POSITIONS in society as BREAD WINNERS of the family..Their EARNINGS were sufficient enough to maintain a STANDARD OF LIVING according to their status.   Suddenly on retirement they became PAUPERS with pension per month ranging between Rs. 4 to 2000/   What is the concept of Pension &