Tuesday, September 24, 2013


1. Representatives of AIFPA, Chennai met Dr.Pande ED Medical (Planning and requested him to initiate action to amend the definition of ‘family’ in the Railway Manual to include the widowed/Divorced/unmarried daughters and handicapped son/daughter of a Railway Pension.  He has agreed to examine the issue as some Railways refuses to issue smart card and other benefits in the absence specific inclusion of them in the Definition of ‘Family ‘ in the Railway Manual.
2. The fact of stoppage FMA enjoyed by the Railway Pensioners who are affected by Chronic illness by the Banks based on the “Audit Objections” was discussed. The Audit insisted the medical certificate by a Railway Doctor to facilitate the payment of FMA to the chronically  ill Railway Pensioner.  The General Secretary also stated that in his meeting with the CMD, S.Rly. Chennai, he had raised the issue and CMD insisted for specific direction from the Railway Board for issuance of such certificate.  The General Secretary produced a circular order issued by the NE Railways detailing the issue of Medical Certificate and other instructions.  The ED Medical Planning requested to forward the specific case with a copy the circular instructions referred to for further action at his end.
3.         The representatives of AIFPA Chennai, then pointed out the proposals for issue of ‘Smart Card’ is pending with the Railway Board.  The ED (Medical Planning) has clarified that the orders will be issued shortly as the hospitals for inpatient treatment and chemist for supply of drugs are getting finalized. The orders when issued will benefit all the ‘Budgeted Railway Dispensaries/Hospitals” in all the cities including Chennai under the Southern Railway orders may be awaited.
            The representatives also discussed the difficulties experience by the Pensioners during specialist consultations in the Railway Hospital, Perambur in the absence of “separate” arrangement for consultation for senior citizen and the inordinate delay in the process of specialist consultation and the receipt of Medicine from the Pharmacy.  He has promised to discuss the matter with CMD Southern Railway, once the vacancy is filled up.
II.         The representatives of AIFPA, Chennai -15 have met  Shri Sanjay Lavanya, ED( Finance & Estt) and presented two letters demanding discussions on  items submitted for inclusion in the Agenda for discussions in the 22nd and 23rd SCOVA Meetings.  He has directed Shri B.K.Nanda SO/EE III to furnish detailed replies on the items listed. He has assured to take up the problems faced by RPF pensioners with concerned authorities.  Regarding the Family Pensioners problems at ICF, Chennai, he requested the representatives to contact Shri P.V.Vaidyalingam, Advisor (Accounts) regarding the lack of Co-operation from CPO/Southern Railway, he directed the representatives to meet Smt.Yachuri ED(IR).
III. Shri P.V.Vaidyalingam, Advisor (Accounts) has intimated that Railway Board is contemplating a “Portal” for Railway Pensioners and Pensioners may get the Railway Orders and their Pension data from the Portal Shortly.  He requested the representative to meet Smt.Bhuvaneswari, FA & CAO(ICF) for family Pension pendency at ICF and to meet Smt.Hema sunitha, Deputy CAO(G), Southern Railway regarding the issue of duplicate copy of revised PPO’s. by Southern Railway.

IV.  Smt.Yachuri ED(IR) requested the representatives to meet Shri P.P Sharma ED(Genl) (Room No.531)as she was in a Meeting.  Shri Sharma requested the representatives for a letter addressed to Railway Board regarding the difficulties in getting accommodation to Pensioners Associations and the non-intimation of ‘Adalat’ Meeting to the Federation (SCOVA) Member )by some Divisional Railway Authorities in Southern Railway. 
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