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Bharat Pensioners Samaj: Wish you ,your family

Bharat Pensioners Samaj: Wish you ,your family


The All India Consumer Price Index (AICPIN) for November 2014 stood at 253 and the Dearness
Relief (DR) has now reached 112.292 If the AICPIN for December 2014 also remains at 253 then the DR will be 113% w.e.f., 01.01.2015 i.e., a rise of only 6% can be expected.
Secy Genl. BPS

Wish you ,your family & friends a very HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR

Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance

Bharat Pensioners Samaj: Attention Pensioners

Bharat Pensioners Samaj: Attention Pensioner's

Bharat Pensioners Samaj: Attention Pensioner's

Attention Pensioner's

Attention Pensioners

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Problem With Pensioners

Problem with us Pensioners is that we are not united even on what we want.While NCJCM & BPS with solid justification have been asking 7th CPC to recommend Pension to be 67% & family Pension 50% of the last drawn one of the Railway Pensioners Federation has approached 7th CPC requesting pension to be 60% & family pension 40% of last drawn. Alas! Centuries of salivary has injected division into our blood. 

RPND-December 2014 issue. A monthly publication of NFRP palghat an affiliate & MOU partner of BPS

Additional pension/ family pension is allowed on the basis of the date of birth/age recorded in the Pension Payment Order/Discharge Certificate or other office records. Only in cases where the details regarding date of birth/age are not available

No. 1(11)/2009-D (Pen/Pol)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare
New Delhi – 110011
Dated : 23rd December 2014
The Chief of the Army Staff
The Chief of the Naval Staff
The Chief of the Air Staff

Subject: Change in date of birth/age of family pensioners for payment of additional pension.

In accordance with the instructions issued vide GOI, MOD letter no. 17(4)/2008(1)-D (Pen/Policy) dated 11.11.2008 and GOI, MOD letter No. 1(11)/2009-D (Pen/Policy) dated 18th Aug 2009, additional pension/ family pension is allowed on the basis of the date of birth/age recorded in the Pension Payment Order/Discharge Certificate or other office records. Only in cases where the details regarding date of birth/age are not available in the PPO/Discharge Certificate or Office records, additional pension/family pension to old pensioners/family pensioners has been allowed on the basis of following documents –

a) PAN Card
b) Matriculation Certificate (containing information regarding date of birth)
c) Passport
d) ECHS Card
e) Driving License (if it contains date of birth)
f) Election ID Card

2. Some representations have been received in the MOD regarding the hardship being caused to old family pensioners in getting the additional pension on account of incorrect recording of the date of birth/age in the PPO. They have been requesting for allowing the change of date of birth in the PPO on the basis of the documents prescribed in Para 1 above. The matter has been examined in the Ministry and (after issue of Deptt. Of P & PW OM No. 1/23/2012 – P&PW (E) dated 13.09.2012) following decisions have been taken :-

(i) Since the date of birth/age of the armed forces personnel is recorded in the PPO on the basis of service records and the date of discharge/retirement/superannuation etc is determined on the basis of this date of birth/age there would be no question of allowing change in the date of birth/age of the retired/deceased pensioner in the PPO. The matter has been examined further. Considering the difficulty in producing any of the above mentioned documents as proof of age by the old pensioners. It has now been decided that the Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI may also be accepted as proof of date of birth/age for payment of additional pension/family pension on completion of 80 years of age or above.

(ii) The request for change of date of birth/age of the family pensioner (Parents and Spouse) in the PPO may be submitted by the armed forces pensioner/family pensioner, to the concerned Record Office in case of JCO/Ors and, service HQrs in case of Commissioned Officers along with at least one of the documents mentioned in Para I above/Aadhaar Card and declaration on a non-judicial stamp paper regarding the correct date of birth of the family pensioner. If the Head of the Department/Record Office is satisfied then the change in the date of birth of the family pensioner may be allowed provided a bona-fide mistake has been made in recording the date of birth in the PPO. As the entry in the PPO needs to be rectified, it would be carried out by PSA by issuing the Corr PPO on the advice of OIC Records/Head of Office.

(iii) No other document except as indicated in Para 1 above and Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI will be accepted for change in date of birth/age of the family pensioner in the PPO.

3. In order to avoid any possibility of recording an incorrect date of birth in the PPO, in future the Armed Forces Personnel would be required to submit one of the documents indicated / in Para 1 above or Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI as proof of date of birth of spouse or parents along with the details of family as indicated in service records of service officer / personnel. In the case of children, certificate of birth from the Municipal authorities or from the local Panchayat or from the head of a recognized school if he/she is studying in such a school or from a Board of Education may be accepted as proof of age.

4. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defence (Finance) vide their ID No. 31(7)/09/FIN/PEN dated 21/11/2014.

Yours faithfully,

(Prem Prakash)
Under Secretary to the Government of India


Bharat Pensioners Samaj: HAPPY NEW YEAR


Friday, December 26, 2014

Introduction of Single Window System in Railway Board for receiving disciplinary cases of non gazetted Railway Servants

Introduction of Single Window System in Railway Board for receiving disciplinary cases of non gazetted Railway Servants


No. E( D&A) 2008 RG 6-29

dated 23.12.2014

The General Manager ( P),
All Indian Railways and Production Units etc.,

Sub: Introduction of Single Window System in Railway Board for receiving disciplinary cases of non gazetted Railway Servants.

Please refer to Board’s letter of even no. dated 4.8.2009 wherein the attention of the Railways was invited to the issue of pendency of disciplinary cases for prolonged periods which results in unnecessary hardship to the Railway servants, especially the retired Railway servants, whose pensionary benefits are withheld due to non finalization of the disciplinarycases.

1.1 It was emphasized therein that disciplinary cases may be finalized speedily, for which Railways may develop a monitoring mechanism both at headquarters and division/workshop levels to avoid unnecessary delays. Further, a checklist was circulated to avoid back references of cases and consequent delays. It is, however, noticed that many Railways are stillsending the disciplinary cases to Board’s office without complete documents. While in some cases the checklist s not sent at all, in other cases it not filled in properly leaving out vital information. This creates difficulty in scrutiny and verification of the records in Railway Board’s office leading to prolonged and avoidable correspondences with the Railways resulting in further delay.

2. With a view to expedite scrutiny of disciplinary cases in the Railway Board, it has been decided that a Single Window System be implemented for receipt of the disciplinary cases of non-gazetted Railway Servants in Railway Board’s office, as per the revised checklist, enclosed herewith. The cases should be accompanied with the check list, duly filled in, and signed by Group ‘A’ officer of the Personnel Department of the Railway headquarters.

3. Under the Single Window System, a gazetted officer of the Personnel Department of the Railway headquarter will be required to personally hand over the disciplinary cases of non-gazetted Railway Servants with all the relevant documents/records in E(D&A) branch, Room No.359-F (Third Floor), Rail Bhavan with prior appointment on Telephone Nos.011 23303959, 030-43959 (Rly), 011-23303276 and 030-43276 (Rly) on any working day

4. The cases received from the zonal Railways/Production Units etc. would initially be scrutinized on receipt at the Single Window, in terms of information provided in the check list. Only such cases which are complete as per the check list would be accepted for further detailed scrutiny and examination incomplete cases shall be returned to the bearer, pointing out the deficiencies A List of Do’s and Dont’s is also enclosed for guidance The Single Window System shall come in force from 01.01.2015. Zonal Railways/Production Units etc. may therefore send all the disciplinary cases n respect of nongazetted railway servants to the Railway Board’s office only in accordance with Single Window System, The Single WindowSystem will also be applicable for those disciplinary cases of non-gazetted Railway servants which have been referred back to the concerned Railway/Production Unit due to incomplete documents/information/clarification etc.

5. It is reiterated that:

(a) Disciplinary cases of non-gazetted Railway servants received in Board’s office after 01 01 2015 will not be accepted unless sent as per the Single Window System.

(b) The checklist should be filled in properly and signed by a Group ‘A’ officer of Personnel Department of Railway HQ.

(c) The cases should be handed over personal y at the Single Window by a gazetted officer of Personnel Department of Railway HQ to facilitate attestation of any document, if required.

6. Please acknowledge receipt.

DA: Check list and list of Do’s & Don’ts

(Rajiv Kishore)
Executive Director ( ERP)
Railway Board


Grant of Family Pension and gratuity to the eligible member of the family of an employee/ pensioner/ family pensioner reported missing- consolidated instructions by DESW

Grant of Family Pension and gratuity to the eligible member of the family of an employee/ pensioner/ family pensioner reported missing- consolidated instructions regarding.

No. 1(1)/2010-D(Pension/Policy)
Government of India,
Ministry of Defence.
Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare

New Delhi, the 23 December

The Chief of the Army Staff,
The Chief of the Naval Staff,
The Chief of the Air Staff,

Subject : Grant of Family Pension and gratuity to the eligible member of the family of an employee/pensioner/family pensioner reported missing- consolidated instructions regarding.

The Provisions for grant of Ordinary family pension and DCRG to the eligible members of families of the deceased Armed Forces Personnel/Pensioners are contained in AI 51/80 and AI 8/S/70 as modified from the time to time. The instructions regarding grant of family pension and gratuity to the eligible member of the Family of an Armed ForcesPersonnel/Pensioner reported missing have been issued vide this Ministry’s letter No 12(16)86/D (Pen/Ser) dated 03.06.1988 and No 12(16)/86/ D(Pen/Ser) dated 23.03.1992. Clarifications/ amendments in this regard have also been issued vide letter No. 12(16)/85/D (Pen/Ser) dated 26.08.1993, letter No.1(1)/2010/D (Pen/Pol) dated 15.02.2011 and MoD letter No. 1(1)/2012/D (Pen/Pol) dated 05.06.2013.

2. It has now been decided to issue consolidated instructions in supersession of previous instructions as mentioned above regarding grant of family pension to the eligible members of family of the Armed Forces Personnel / Pensioner/ family pensioner reported missing and whose whereabouts are not known. It includes those kidnapped by insurgents/terrorists but does not include those who disappear after committing frauds/crime/desertion etc.

3. In the case of a missing Armed Forces Personnel/pensioner/family pensioner, the family can apply for the grant of family pension, amount of salary due, leave encashment due and the amount of DSOP/AFPP fund and gratuity (whatever has not already been received) to the IHQ/Record office concerned, where the officers and JCOs/Ors in Army and equivalent in Navy and Air Force, had last served, six months after lodging of police report. The family pension and/ or retirement gratuity may be sanctioned by the respective Pension Sanctioning Authority’s (PSAs) after observing the following formalities:-

(i) The family must lodge a report with the concerned Police station and obtain a report from the police, that the Armed Forces Personnel/Pensioner/ family pensioner has not been traced despite all efforts made by them. The report may be a First Information report or any other report such as a Daily Diary / General Diary Entry, filled by the Police authorities concerned, as per the practice prevalent in the state /UT.

(ii) An indemnity bond should be taken from the nominee/dependents of the Armed Forces Personnel / pensioner / family pensioner that all the payments will be adjusted against the payments due to the Armed Forces Personnel/Pensioner / family pensioner in case she/he appears on the scene and makes any claim.

4. In the case of a missing Armed Forces Personnel, the family pension, at the ordinary or enhanced rate, as applicable, will accrue from the expiry of leave or the date up to which pay and allowances have been paid or the date of the police report, whichever is later. In the case of a missing pensioner/family pensioner, it will accrue from the date of the policereport or from the date immediately succeeding the date till which pension/family pension had been paid, whichever is later.

5. The retirement gratuity will be paid to the family within three months of the date of application. In case of any delay, the interest shall be paid at the applicable rates and responsibility for delay shall be fixed. The difference between the death gratuity and retirement shall be payable after the death of the employee is conclusively established or on the expiry of the period of seven years from the date of the police report.

6. Before sanctioning the payment of gratuity, Service HQrs/ Records office will assess all Government dues outstanding against the employee/pensioner and affect their recovery in accordance with instruction in force.

7. The amount of salary due, leave encashment due and amount of DSOP/AFPP fund will be paid to the family in the first instance as per the nominations made by the Armed Forces Personnel / Pensioner on filing of police report and submission of an indemnity bond as indicated above.

8. The benefits to be sanctioned to the family/ nominee of the missing Armed Forces Personnel / pensioner will be based on and regulated as per the emoluments drawn by him/her as on the last date he/she was on duty including authorized periods of leave.

9. Formats of separate Indemnity Bonds to be used in the case of missing Armed Forces Personnel, missing pensioners and missing family pensioners are available at the official website of PCDA (Pension) Allahabad.

10. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defence (Finance) vide their ID No. 10(3)/2010/Fin/Pen dated 08/12/2014.

11. Hindi version will follow.

(Prem Parkash)
Under Secretary (Pension/Policy)


Parrikar Asks MoD Officials to Evolve A Policy for Reducing Court Cases on Pensions

Parrikar Asks MoD Officials to Evolve A Policy for Reducing Court Cases on Pensions

Will Dr Jitendra Singh MOS (PP)  take Similar action with respect to Civil Pensioners ?

Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
25-December-2014 16:42 IST
Parrikar Asks MoD Officials to Evolve A Policy for Reducing Court Cases on Pensions

The Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar has directed MoD officials to evolve a policy for reducing court cases in service matters including pensions. In a message on the occasion of the Good Governance Day today, he said, minimization of litigation is a priority and that issues of cantonments pertaining to land management and civilian interface should also be resolved without delay.

Following is the full text of the message of the Defence Minister:

“The Government of India is celebrating 25th December as Good Governance Day. Ministry of Defence takes pride in joining this occasion for bringing in transparency and accountability in its working. Greater emphasis is being given to the use of technology in order to make the system prompt and efficient and to bridge the divide between the Government and the citizens

Ministry of Defence has adopted a number of Good Governance initiatives like promoting e-Governance, e-Procurement, Biometric Attendance, Jeevan Pramaan, Digitization of records, online disposal of Public Grievances and use of online monitoring of the status of Court/Tribunal/NHRC cases. An Intra-MoD Portal has been developed for supporting these applications in the Ministry.

Directorate General of Defence Estates have made good progress in digitization of Defence Land records. History division of the Ministry has also digitized War Records. Several other digitized records viz. Recruitment Rules, civil lists etc are likely to be placed on our website very soon.

This Ministry is committed to early implementation of One Rank One Pension for the Armed Forces and measures are being taken for the same.

Minimization of litigation is a priority and I have instructed the concerned officers to evolve a policy for reducing court cases in service matters including pensions as well as in issues of cantonments pertaining to land management and civilian interface.

The Public Grievances are being forwarded to the concerned officers using online methods. In this context, I have directed all concerned to accord utmost importance to time- bound disposal of Public Grievances in the Ministry as also regular monitoring of the pendency of Public Grievances by senior officers.

I welcome you all to join this celebration and invite your valuable suggestions and ideas to further the cause of Good Governance. You may post/send your ideas on our email”


Fixed Medical allowance to Rly Pensioners

Digital India
Thank you Comrade Shiv Gopal Mishra 

On 26.12.2014 at 11.48 hrs  S.C.Maheshwari Secy. Genl. BHARAT PENSIONERS SAMAJ (BPS) sent following e.mail to Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra Genl. Secy. AIRF

Maheshwari Sc

11:48 AM (3 hours ago)
Reply to all
to Sairfindiaairfindia,ohan
Dear Comrade,

With regards
Secy. Genl. BPS

AT 2.26 PM

S.C. Maheshwari received the reply from Com Mishra with following attachment:

Media Manager BPS

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

PCDA Circular: Forwarding of revised LPC-cum-Data Sheets for Retiring and disability Pension Module (Commissioned Officers)

PCDA Circular: Forwarding of revised LPC-cum-Data Sheets for Retiring and disability Pension Module (Commissioned Officers) of the Pension Sanction Software by incorporating Aadhaar Number, Mobile No. and E-mail ID.

Circular No. 20
Date : 05.12.2014
1. The PCDA (O)
Golibar Maidan
Pune- 411001
2. The Adjutant General
Integrated H. Qrs of MOD (Army)
MP 5& 6, West Block- Ill,
R.K. Puram, New Delhi -110066
3. The Adjutant General
Integrated H. Qrs of MoD (Army)
MPRS (O), L Block,
New Delhi -110001

Subject: Forwarding of revised LPC-cum-Data Sheets for Retiring and disability Pension Module (Commissioned Officers) of the Pension Sanction Software by incorporating Aadhaar Number, Mobile No. and E-mail ID.
Reference: This office Section order Nos. 4 and 5 dated 19/9/2014

Please refer to this office above cited Section orders under which PHP based LPC-cum-Data Sheet along with instruction for filling of additional columns of Data Sheets for sanction of pensionary awards in r/o Commissioned officers retired/ invalided out from service have been circulated. 

2. As you may be aware, Aadhaar-Card Number-based biometric verification system for pensioners as an additional option has been introduced by Govt. of India from Nov 2014. Accordingly, this office issued circular No. 176, 177 dated 17.11.2014 & 19.11.2014 (copies enclosed for information) to all PDAs for accepting Life Certificate issued online by a Govt. agency as result of Aadhaar biometric authentication. It may be mentioned that <> is an official portal of Govt. of India for all activities relating to issue of this Aadhaar -based biometric authenticated Life Certificate.

3. In the backdrops of introduction of Aadhaar based -life certificate, a need has been felt to capture details of Aadhaar No., Mobile No., residential address and email ID in PPOs to facilitate improved sen/ices to pensioners. Accordingly, LPC-cum-Data Sheet in respect of Retiring Pension circulated earlier and LPC-cum Data Sheet for issue of Corrigendum of it have been replaced with new LPC-cum-Data Sheets under which new columns have been added to incorporate details of Aadhaar Card Number, Mobile No., residential address and E-mail-ID of the pensioners and Aadhaar No. of family members. The information of Aadhaar card is required to be received along with the pension claim from Nodal Agency(PCDA (O) Pune). Therefore, it is requested that the Aadhaar card information with photocopy of same in respect of pensioner, family pensioner and dependants may be obtained from Service H. Qrs or the Units/ offices where the individual has last served and provided to this office in LPC cum data sheet duly filled in with a photocopy of same in support for audit purpose. The Service H. Qrs. are requested to provide the details of Aadhaar Card of officer and family in family detail issued by them at the time of retirement or death for the purpose of notification of pensionary benefits. Revised LPC-cum-Data Sheets for sanction of Retiring Pension (original corrigendum) mentioned below are forwarded herewith for necessary action at your end. 

a) For original Retiring Pension claims- G-1/M/DS-1(2014)
b) For corrigendum to Retiring Pension claims- G-1/M/DS-1A(2014)

4. The field-wise instructions to fill the LPC-cum-data sheet are enclosed herewith as Annexure for information and necessary action by all concerned. It is requested that all Retiring pension claims may be initiated on revised LPC-cum-Data Sheet so that PPOs/ Corrigendum PPOs may be issued duly incorporating above information in PPOs/Corrigendum PPOs. This additional information will be helpful for Aadhar-based biometric verification system for pensioners.

Please acknowledge receipt.

(C.B. Yadav)
Asst. Controller (Pensions)
File No. : G-1/M/01/lCOs/ Computer Vol.-Vl/2014
Date: 05.12.2014

Use of Postal Stamps as RTI Application Fee: CIC's recommendation to DoPT

Give “New Year Gift” to citizens by permitting and publicising the use of ordinary Postal Stamps for payment of RTI fee: CIC’s recommendation to Department of Personnel and Training

Central Information Commissioner Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu has strongly recommended the use of postal stamps as RTI application fee. While disposing off a petition, he observed, “The Commission strongly recommends Department of Personnel and Training to adopt the one year old proposal of the Department of Posts, which is very user-friendly and avail the opportunity of giving New Year Gift to the citizen by permitting and publicising the use of ordinary Postal Stamps for payment of RTI fee, as this would go a long way in setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens to secure access to information.  Accepting postal stamps for RTI fee would resolve many difficulties in payment, besides preventing wastage of public money in returning or rejecting the IPOs or spending much larger amounts than Rs 10, for realizing Rs 10, and avoidable litigation.”

The Complainant, Shri Raghubir Singh is a senior citizen of 75-years old and a law teacher who is associated with the making of the  RTI Act before its enactment by the Government.  The Commission heard him on the telephone as desired by him.

The complainant complained that the Directorate of Education has harassed him by raising meaningless technical issues.  They had returned the Indian Postal Order of Rs.10/- saying that it is not properly drawn, when he claims to have rightly drawn in favour of the Accounts Officer.  The Complainant objected to the returning of the Postal Order by PIO by speed post, for which he had to spend more than Rs.25/-.  He complained that the Directorate has not updated its web-site and appropriate address against whom the Postal Order should be drawn or fee to be paid was not given.

The complaint was filed against the Directorate of Education had demanded information on 2 points: i) Which of the Government Secondary Schools in Delhi under the Directorate of Education,  have introduced Punjabi teaching as a third language for the first time afresh in class VI in the academic year 2010-2014; ii) the number of such students enrolled in Class VI, School-wise.

The Commission hence directed the PIOs to check up whether every school has properly replied to the RTI application, if not fulfil the deficiencies.  The Commisison also directed them to contact the Complainant on the telephone number given by him, and provide the complete information within 15 days from the date of receipt of this order.

The Commission referred to its earlier decision in S.C. Aggarwal vs. Ministry of Home Affairs wherein it had issued several directions. It had directed that, “no instrument shall be returned by any officer of the public authority on the ground that it has not been drawn in the name of a particular officer. So long as the instrument has been drawn in favour of the Accounts Officer, it shall be accepted in all circumstances” among several others.

These directions were mandatory and the Commission observed that non-compliance would lead to penalty proceedings. It observed, “The Commission finds it is a misuse of the power of PIO to reject to receive RTI application and the fee amounting to harassment of the applicant. It is also a kind of denial of information. Any kind of delay in furnishing of information on such grounds, violates the letter and spirit of RTI Act on several counts.”

In another second appeal by Mr. R.K. Jain as decided on 5th December, the CPIO of Department of Posts told the Commission that their department has given a proposal to DoPT vide letter dated 31.1.2014 suggesting that ordinary postal stamps could be used for payment of RTI fee.

The respondents, their PIOs and incharge officers were directed to update their official website immediately and send a compliance reprt to the Commission with a copy to the Complainant within 10 days from the date of receipt of the order. All the PIOs of

Directorate of Education and all other officers concerned were directed to accept the IPO without raising technical objections and follow all the directions issued by the full bench order of CIC.

They were asked to submit separate reports to the Commission explaining how many IPOs they have rejected so far and what are the grounds of rejection, from January 2014 to December 10, 2014, within 15 days from the date of reciept of the order.

A show cause notice was issued to the PIO who refused and returned the IPO of appellant as to why maximum penalty cannot be imposed against him for acting against the spirit of RTI and harassing the applicant and for not updating the official website.