Monday, December 22, 2014

PCDA Circular: Forwarding of revised LPC-cum-Data Sheets for Retiring and disability Pension Module (Commissioned Officers) of the Pension Sanction Software by incorporating Aadhaar Number, Mobile No. and E-mail ID.

Circular No. 20
Date : 05.12.2014
1. The PCDA (O)
Golibar Maidan
Pune- 411001
2. The Adjutant General
Integrated H. Qrs of MOD (Army)
MP 5& 6, West Block- Ill,
R.K. Puram, New Delhi -110066
3. The Adjutant General
Integrated H. Qrs of MoD (Army)
MPRS (O), L Block,
New Delhi -110001

Subject: Forwarding of revised LPC-cum-Data Sheets for Retiring and disability Pension Module (Commissioned Officers) of the Pension Sanction Software by incorporating Aadhaar Number, Mobile No. and E-mail ID.
Reference: This office Section order Nos. 4 and 5 dated 19/9/2014

Please refer to this office above cited Section orders under which PHP based LPC-cum-Data Sheet along with instruction for filling of additional columns of Data Sheets for sanction of pensionary awards in r/o Commissioned officers retired/ invalided out from service have been circulated. 

2. As you may be aware, Aadhaar-Card Number-based biometric verification system for pensioners as an additional option has been introduced by Govt. of India from Nov 2014. Accordingly, this office issued circular No. 176, 177 dated 17.11.2014 & 19.11.2014 (copies enclosed for information) to all PDAs for accepting Life Certificate issued online by a Govt. agency as result of Aadhaar biometric authentication. It may be mentioned that <> is an official portal of Govt. of India for all activities relating to issue of this Aadhaar -based biometric authenticated Life Certificate.

3. In the backdrops of introduction of Aadhaar based -life certificate, a need has been felt to capture details of Aadhaar No., Mobile No., residential address and email ID in PPOs to facilitate improved sen/ices to pensioners. Accordingly, LPC-cum-Data Sheet in respect of Retiring Pension circulated earlier and LPC-cum Data Sheet for issue of Corrigendum of it have been replaced with new LPC-cum-Data Sheets under which new columns have been added to incorporate details of Aadhaar Card Number, Mobile No., residential address and E-mail-ID of the pensioners and Aadhaar No. of family members. The information of Aadhaar card is required to be received along with the pension claim from Nodal Agency(PCDA (O) Pune).Therefore, it is requested that the Aadhaar card information with photocopy of same in respect of pensioner, family pensioner and dependants may be obtained from Service H. Qrs or the Units/ offices where the individual has last served and provided to this office in LPC cum data sheet duly filled in with a photocopy of same in support for audit purpose. The Service H. Qrs. are requested to provide the details of Aadhaar Card of officer and family in family detail issued by them at the time of retirement or death for the purpose of notification of pensionary benefits. Revised LPC-cum-Data Sheets for sanction of Retiring Pension (original corrigendum) mentioned below are forwarded herewith for necessary action at your end. 

a) For original Retiring Pension claims- G-1/M/DS-1(2014)
b) For corrigendum to Retiring Pension claims- G-1/M/DS-1A(2014)

4. The field-wise instructions to fill the LPC-cum-data sheet are enclosed herewith as Annexure for information and necessary action by all concerned. It is requested that all Retiring pension claims may be initiated on revised LPC-cum-Data Sheet so that PPOs/ Corrigendum PPOs may be issued duly incorporating above information in PPOs/Corrigendum PPOs. This additional information will be helpful for Aadhar-based biometric verification system for pensioners.

Please acknowledge receipt.

(C.B. Yadav)
Asst. Controller (Pensions)
File No. : G-1/M/01/lCOs/ Computer Vol.-Vl/2014
Date: 05.12.2014


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