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National Coordination Committee of Pensioners Associations: DRAFT MEMORANDUM BY NCCPA TO 7TH CPC


Breaking News C.G. Employees & Pensioners DA/DR

Breaking News:- Central Govt. Employees & Pensioners' entitled to get DA/DR wef 1st July 2014= 107%

BPS supplementary memorandum to 7th CPC

 No. SG/BPS/Supli. memo/7CPC/2                                                                           Dated : 30. 07.2014 Supplementary Memorandum to 7 th  CPC Discrimination  & Disparities caused by 6 th  CPC 1. Widening of disparity in income & wealth due to Minimum Maximum Salary Ratio raised to 1:12: The minimum maximum salary ratio which had come down to 1:8 in 1996(Para 2.2.16 sixth CPC report)  which in conformity with  preamble to Constitution  should have further gone down, but was increased to 1:12 by the sixth CPC, overlooking the spirit of Indian constitutions. As pension is directly proportionate to Salary widening of minimum maximum salary ratio created vast disparity in income & wealth of highest & lowest paid . Minimum guaranteed Pension is 50% of the revised basic salary. As is clear from Para 2.1.12 to 2.1.15 of 6 th  CPC recommendations, while drawing comparison of Group A civil service officers’ pay packages  with that of  Pu

Soon, a 75% hike in monthly pension for ex-mps- Will the govt. adopt similar attitude to revise Pension of C.G & State Govt pensioners?

·          28 Jul 2014 ·          Hindustan Times (Delhi) ·          Saubhadra Chatterji Soon, a 75% hike in monthly pension for ex-mps NEW DELHI: Former MPs, whose pensions were last revised in 2009, may now see a hefty hike in their retirement benefits. Government sources told HT that the monthly pension for exMPs is likely to go up to ` 35,000 a month from ` 20,000 a month — a 75% hike. A major breakthrough in pensions for ex-MPs came under the first NDA government, led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee when they introduced pension for all MPs irrespective of their tenure. Earlier, only MPs who had completed a 5-year term were entitled to post-retirement benefits. The Modi government is also set to increase the rate of additional pension for each completed year in excess of five years. The centre is considering additional pension of ` 2,000 per month instead of the current rate of ` 1,500. In other words, if a parliamentarian has served for seven

Hight of distortion by DOP & PW : OA No 655 of 2010

OA No655 of 2010: At No no stage upto Supreme Court neither the Govt. sought any amendment to  P CAT judgement dated 1.11.2011 nor  any amendment to original judgement was made.Even in its order dated 15/5/2014.CAT did not specifically record its agreement to Govt. submission .

Brief feedback on BPS Preliminary meeting with 7th CPC on 23rd July 2014

   Friends, BPS and BCPC were the first Pensioners’ organizations to be called for preliminary meeting with 7 th CPC on 23 rd to discuss the reply to questionnaire, the Memorandum & the allied issue submitted by them. 0nly 45 minutes were given to each organization. S.C.Maheshwari G.S. BPS /Chairman BCPC had the opportunity to discuss the issues from both the Forums: Following issues were discussed & explained to the full satisfaction of the Chairman & the members of 7 th CPC who were very receptive, patient & themselves actively participated in deliberations which ensued. At the end Chairman remarked that NCJCM Memorandum is very exhaustive, includes most of the issues raised today & that he will take it as a base for consideration.       1.New Pension Scheme: Response of commission was  negative. Commission was apprised of the back ground, its failure in other countries & the fate of EPS 95.They were also informed that it will be acceptable if 50%

Govt to Revive Spy Networks With Better Pay and Perks

Govt to Revive Spy Networks With Better Pay and Perks      {Hope Govt. will  similarly ask 7th CPC to rectify the anomalies created by 6th CPC & bureaucrats in case of other C.G.Pensioners& C.G.Employees also} NEW DELHI: The NDA government at the Centre is on a reform spree and topping its list are India’s intelligence agencies. Top sources said Union Home Ministry has prepared a proposal with the approval of  Prime Minister Narendra Modi  to  revisit  the salary  structure  and risk  allowance  of spies in Central Intelligence Agencies—Intelligence  Bureau  and R&AW—which was drastically reduced due to rampant red tapism plaguing the system.   It is learnt that an anomaly was introduced by bureaucrats in the 5th & 6th Pay Commission which made the spies no different from a clerk working in the ministerial cadre. The proposal suggests that “Intelligence has specific requirement and they should be treated as Special Cadre,” said a source, adding that

A dream started coming true

A dream started coming true C.G. & State Govt employees & Pensioners’ leaders decide to pursue common issues jointly. Decades earlier I used to dream &  wonder, why central & State. Govt. Employees State Govt. employees & pensioners cannot come together to pursue their common aspirations & seek redressal in deficient arrears. For years I had been posing   this question to the persons in field .Last year in Nov. during a visit to Luck now.   I happened to meet Sh. Shiv  Shankar Dubey President Federation of Retired Diploma Engineers(now an affiliate of BPS), discussed the issue with him. Sh. Dubey defeating his age took the initiative & started working on it from Lucknow itself & succeeded on 19.07.20014 in convening a conference of the leaders, of state & Central  Govt. Employees as well as leaders of Pensioners’ Federation (BPS)at  N.Delhi under the chairmanship of Com. Shiva Gopal  Mishra Genl  Secy N C JCM  .31 C.G., State employees & Pe


THE KARNATAKA CENTRAL GOVERNMENT PENSIONERS’ ASSOCIATION (REGD.) ( Estd: 1974;  Regn. S.No.143/1983-84 d/ 9 th August 1983 ) “Swarna”, 120/1, 2 nd Main, Gayatri Devi Park Extension, Vyalikaval, Bangalore 56000 (Affliated to BPS New Delhi, AIFPA Chennai & KCCCGPAs Bangalore) Email  ID: Tel: 23468438 RNI Regn No: KRENG/2008/27233                                      Postal Regn No: KRNA/BGE/200/2012-14  President                              Vice-President                            Secretary                               Treasurer  S SRamanathaRao           S SKargudri                            Ashok S KololgiK S Menon  Tel: 2661 9394                     Tel: 25837178                           Tel: 9448469351                   Tel: 9743771933 Respected Chairman and Members of the 7 th CPC – At the outset, I wish the Commission easy going in its work and hope the Commi

Bharat Pensioners Samaj monthly magazine -July 2014 issue-click here to read.

Bharat Pensioners Samaj monthly magazine -July 2014 issue-click here to read.

At last on pursuance of BPS the issue of entitlement to FMA to secondary family pensioners clarified by Railway Board.

At last on pursuance of BPS the issue of  entitlement to  FMA to secondary family pensioners clarified by Railway Board.-Click here to read Rly Board Clarification

Raise FMA to 2000/PM Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra Genl. Secy. NC JCM writes to Minister for H &FW


Implement CAT orders 01.11.2011 reg modified parity. Com. Shiva Gopapal Mishra Genl. Secy. NC JCM writes to MOS (P) supporting BPS stand


Modi to reach out to govt employees'-Courtesy Staff corner

12 Jul, 2014 10:40p.m. The Prime Minister has asked for an exhaustive Central database of all Central and state government employees. The creation of the database, which will have the phone numbers and email addresses of all employees, is already underway, and will be first used on Independence Day when Modi's speech is directly sent to the employees by mail and messages. The prime minister would like his maiden speech from the Red Fort to be directly communicated to one crore government employees, such as school teachers, village sarpanches, healthcare workers etc, in the farthest corners of the country. Most of these are not tech-savvy, Internet users and so frenetic efforts are under way to implement Modi's intent, said government sources. The government has therefore initiated the process of creating the first-ever countrywide database of central and state government employees and stakeholders. Cabinet secretary Ajit Seth is monitoring the creation of this databas

7th CPC invitation to Bharat Pensioners Samaj

SCM with his team will meet 7th CPC on 23rd July 014 to discuss Pensioners' issues.

Breaking news-meeting with 7th CPC

I wish to share with all friends, supporters & well wishers that I have been invited by 7th CPC for a preliminary meeting on 23rd July 2014 from 11.00-11.45 AM. Regards S.C.Maheshwari Secy. Genl. Bharat Pensioners Samaj

Payment of arrears of Pension for the period 01.01.2006 to 23.09.2012-BPS writes to MOS (PP)


Plea for ‘no tax regime’ for pensioners

The Vellore Institute of Development Studies (VIDS) has urged the Central government to introduce a bold ‘No Tax Regime’ for all pensioners during the forthcoming Union budget , in order to enable the   pensioners   to lead a peaceful retired life.   It also pleaded for   exemption   from   income tax   on all   retirement benefits , including  lump sum payments   and monthly pension. VIDS Director P. Jegadish Gandhi had made the above representations in a memorandum sent to Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. The VIDS also pleaded for the following concessions for  senior citizens : raising the basic  income tax  exemption limit to Rs. five lakh for the salaried class; enhancing the reimbursement limit for exemption for medical reimbursement perquisites to Rs.50,000; raising the investment limit of Rs. one lakh for exemption from  income tax  under Section 80C, which was fixed in 2006-07 to at least Rs. 3 lakh in order to encourage investment in government savings. The VIDS