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20th SCOVA meeting gist of important discussion & decision taken

Gist of important discussion & decision taken

20th SCOVA meeting started at 3.00PM in North Block  Room No 119.
Sh. R.C. Misra Secretary M/O Personnel, P, AR & Pensions while welcoming the members informed that the MOS was busy in ‘T N’ as such in his absence he will Preside the meeting. On official side representative of all Ministries excepting H&FW were present .After the welcome speech of the Secretary.  Urao Mal Prohit Secy. JCM recorded displeasure from Pensioners side for the absence of MOS. Sh. Prohit stated that as the number of  Pensioners & their grievance have increased many times since the inception of SCOVA. One meeting in a year was grossly   insufficient; he also conveyed discontent of Pensioners Associations & SCOVA members for not being allowed to represent Pensioners cases in the Pension Adalat and departmental officers not giving due consideration to the representations by the Pensioners Associations.

ATR (Action taken report) on 19th SCOVA meeting Minutes was then taken up.
Action taken on issuing of Corrigendum PPO for pre 2006 came under heavy criticism.  Umrao Mal Prohit, pointed out that with the present speed it will take 14 to 15 years to issue. S.C. Maheshwari suggested that to expedite issuing revised PPO staff should be given monetary incentive .Secy. agreed to process the suggestion.

 Action taken report on expediting the sanction of secondary pension with monitoring Mechanism was also adversely commented upon by Shyam Sunder Secy. General Bharat Pensioners Samaj .
S.C.Maheshwari suggested that Anew Form similar to FORM 14 for claiming Family Pension by Spouse, may be introduced for Secondary Pensioners .which should include checklist & the list of documents to be submitted. Suggestion was readily accepted by official  side.

ATR on the  issues of (i)Same fitment benefit to pre 2006 Pensioners as recommended & implemented in respect to serving employee (ii) Parity between past & future Pensioners (iii) Stepping up of pension and family pension to 50% & 30% respectively (iv) Extension of new benefits granted to the past Pensioners, came under detailed discussion Umrao Mal Prohit , S.K. Vyas & Shyam Sunder  led the discussion on behalf of the Pensioners community after an hour long lively discussion .Official side agreed to refer back the issues to NAC for discussion in its 4th meeting scheduled to be held in Oct 2011

ATR on the issue of suitable alternative to merger of DR after it reaches 50% in view of VI CPC recommendation against 50% DA/DR merger benefit to ensure revision at reasonable intervals: Issue was again debated. On the insistence of SCOVA members, Secy. P.AR & DOP asked the members to submit concrete .proposal so that he can again take it to the Ministry of Finance for consideration.

Revision of ex-gratia : Members were informed that it was in advance stage of consideration. Representative of Minister of Railways informed that this time Spouse of exgratia recipients will be taken care of. Members requested the Administration to expedite this long pending issue.

About Rs 1000 as FMA : Members were informed that DOP &PW has takenup the issue with the M/O H &FW & is pursuing it on regular basis.
Current agenda for 20th SCOVA was taken up at 18.00 hrs & it was decided to extend the meeting upto 19 hrs for this purpose.

Leading the discussion Shyam Sunder Secy. Genl. BPS vehemently opposed NPS & pressed withdrawal of PFRDA Umrao Mal Prohit & S.K.Vyas joined him , When Secy. DOP & PW expressed his inability to make any comments on the subject, he was requested to convey the feelings of the members to the Government.

Following items  of current agenda could only be decided . For items which could not be discussed for want of time,  RREWA & BPS have decided to submit  written brief. However, following items could be discussed:

Revision of Pension/Family Pension Vth CPC.:
It was decided that the Pension sanctioning authorities will be allowed to revise pension of any applicant W/o insisting on dead line prescribed in OM dated 07.06.2005

Revision of Pension of Pre 1996 Railway Pensioners:
Issue of revising the pension to the disadvantage of Pensioners after 14years was very strongly opposed by BPS, NFPA Chennai,  RREWA &AIRRF. But the issue could not be finally decided, as one of the participant in the discussion brought in reference to Vigilance action in the matter. This gave a chance to the presiding officer i.e. Secy. P, AR & DOP to intervene & giving ruling that the issue was beyond SCOVA scope.

CDS canteen facility to Defence Civilian Pensioners:
The contention of constraints put forth by the MOD was very strongly opposed by BPS , RREWA & AFPA Chennai and it was decided to refer back the issue to MOD for immediate reconsideration.

Subsidy for Office Rental & Computer operator. to Associations in receipt of Grant in aid:  
It was agreed to process the issue favourably.

RELHS to be open ended :
Subject under examination in Rly Board.

Dissemination of information by The M/O Railways :
Secy. P,AR & DOP agreed to write to all Ministries to put all circulars/orders on their websites & also to send copies to Pensioners Associations

Note :The above is a very brief description covering main items excepting items of BSN, Postal & Defence departments, as brief from SCOVA members of these departments could not be obtained till the time of writing this release.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Release of additional instalment of Dearness Allowance to Central Government employees and Dearness Relief to pensioners

Release of additional instalment of Dearness Allowance to Central Government employees and Dearness Relief to pensioners
The Union Cabinet today approved release of additional instalment of Dearness Allowance to Central Government employees and Dearness Relief to pensioners as due from 01.07.2011 at the rate of 7 per cent over the existing rate of 51 per cent.

The total financial implications on account of both Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief would be Rs.7228.76 crore per annum and Rs.4819.22 crore in the current financial year. 

(Release ID :75

Bharat Pensioner. The official publication of Bharat Pensioners Samaj-Sept 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

News letter 10.09.2011


Documents uploaded on website :  & elsewhere

Other information :

Guidelines to Streamline Pension Payment Issued; Banks Advised to Formulate Pension Friendly Measures

Guidelines regarding dealing with pension related matters have been issued by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) vide their circular dated 1.10.2008. These guidelines, inter-alia, stipulate that to streamline pension payment arranged in banks, it would be necessary to establish and operationalise the Central Pension Processing Centers (CPPCs) at an early date. The arrangement of disbursement of pension through the CPPCs would entail following advantages: 
A centralized pension cell in a bank would bein a position to; (a) focus exclusively on pension matters; (b) acquire expertise in payment and calculation matters; (c) interact as a single window with the Government Departments; and (d) ensure accuracy and speedy payments every month and thus avoid innumerable complaints from the pensioner.
Further banks have also been advised to formulate following pensioner friendly measures:-
(i) Consequent on establishment of the CPPCs, pension payment branch would not have any pension related papers and therefore would not be able to settle pensioners’ complaint directly. Banks should evolve a system so that the pensioners have a regular forum for interaction and settlement of grievances;
(ii) At locations outside the CPPC there should be designated nodal Officers for pension related complaints who should be easily accessible to the pensioners and who should hold regular meetings at different locations in their jurisdiction on the lines of Pension Adalat:
(iii) Each bank should establish a toll-fee dedicated pension-line manned by trained persons with access to the database to answer queries, note-down and redress complaints, etc;
(iv) Bank’s internal inspections of its branches should include specific points such as, delays in the start of pension, payments of Dearness Relief, correctness of pension/ family pension etc;
(v) Nodal Officer/ Inspection Officers should randomly contact the pensioners who visit the branch during inspection and check on the quality of service provided or any problem faced by the pensioners;
(vi) Regular training sessions for bank personal dealing with pension maters may be organized in consultation with the concerned Government Department.
Further, the Government advises all Public Sector Banks to attend to the issues concerning pensioners on priority. As and when any grievance of a pensioner is received, the matter is taken up with the concerned bank for expeditious and effective redressal of the same.
This information was given by the Minister of State for Finance Shri Namo Narain Meena in a written reply to a question raised in Rajya Sabha on 06.09.2011

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