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Nothing without struggle “Rail Pensioners march to New Jalpaiguri (W.B.)”

Nothing without struggle “Rail Pensioners march to New Jalpaiguri” When to avert  ‘Mahabharat’ Lord Krishna wanted to make a compromise between Pandvas  and Kauravas with merely 5 villages under Pandava’s control and rest entire estate with Kauravas but Kaurvas replied “Can’t give a piece of land even equal to the top of needle without a war. Same situate before us today, Govt. of India is rejecting every just demand of Pensioners. N.F. Railway  Pensioners Association invites you to IIIrd National Convention of Railway Pensioners Associations under the aegis of BHARAT PENSIONERS SAMAJ  at New Jalpaiguri (WB) On 29 th March 2012 Contact Bimalendu Chakraborty,Mob.08016135182,Tel: 0353 2592331,2562545 e.mail:    Postal address:  Bimalendu Chakraborty,working chairman,Office of the N.F. Railway Pensioners Association; NJP Gate bazar, P.O. Bhaktinagar, (West Bengal)  Pin-734007   Note: Delegation fee Rs 150/- per person inclusive of one night s

India-Pensioners March to Parliament

Pensioners March to Parliament A surging crowed of Pensioners & serving Central Govt. / State Govt. employees as also University & schoolteachers filled the Jantar Mantar Chowk on the Parliament Street  N.Delhi at 10.00 A.M. on 25.11.2011.             Tens of thousands Superannuated persons & in-service employees gathered there to protest against anti pensioners policies of the Central & State Govt. all of them demanding withdrawal of Pension fund regulatory & development agency (PF &RDA ) Bill from the Parliament and scrapping of New Pension Scheme ( NPS ) introduced by NDA Govt. wef 01.01.2004 & continued by the UPA Govt. which deprives the new employees of their hard-won right to PENSION.             Leaders of BHARAT CENTRAL PENSIONERS CONFEDERATION , including S. S. Ramachandran, Chairman,  Shyam Sunder Secy. Genl. And of the major Trade Unions of Central Government/State Govt. /University teachers / School Teachers were on the dais t he huge gatherin

All India Senior Citizens Confederation (AISCCON honour Shyam Sunder Secy. Genl. & S.C.Maheshwari Secy.B.P.S


Websites & repaired

Friends, Websites  &  repaired. You can connect & Surf as usual pl.

BHARAT PENSIONERS SAMAJ honored by AISCCON in its 11th annual Conference at Vizag on 21st & 22nd.

BPS & AISCCON  h erein after, will work hand in hand for the betterment of Superannuated Persons & the Elderly- Declared   Shyam Sunder Secy. Genl. BPS Bharat Pensioners Samaj is here at Vizag, to  add a new Chapter in the history of Pensioners movement in India i.e.  An era  of  co-operation & co-ordination between two great organizations BPS & AISSCCON-Said S.C.Maheshwari Two sections of  3000 strong Audience at AISCCON 11th annual Conference at Vizag  on 21st &22nd Nov.2011 Shyam Sunder Secy. Genl. Bharat Pensions Samaj being honoured ER. S.C.Maheshwari ,  Secy. BPS being led to Dias at 11th annual Conference of AISCCON  at Vizag on 22nd Nov.2011                         Er.S.C.Maheshwari being honoured  at AISCCON 11th annual conference at Vizag  BHARAT PENSIONERS SAMAJ DELEGATES AT AISCCON 11th ANNUAL CONFERENCE AT VIZAG BPS delegates at Vizag -22.11.2011

Daya Maheshwari Memorial Trophy

Daya Maheshwari Memorial Trophy

BPS monthly magazine - Nov. 2011

Bharat Pensioner official publication of BHARAT PENSIONERS SAMAJ-NOV. ISSUE

Ageing Well - New Opportunities for a Connected Society


A right approach to rights

A right approach to rights Citizens’ Right to Grievance Redress draft Bill 2011in Parliament If Govt. Records have anything to say, it was on the 16 th August 1968 that  BHARAT PENSIONERS SAMAJ had an audience with the then Prime Minister of India to represent the problems of Pensioners and requested for constitution of a statutory body for resolving pensioners’ grievances in consultation with pensioners’ representatives.   Since then, the BPS has been tirelessly pursuing the issue and pleading with the Government for a strong Grievance redress mechanism inclusive of time frame, punitive clause & multitier monitoring along with a system of information dissemination.  Over the years its efforts were rewarded through creation of a separate Department of Pensions & Pensioners’ Welfare (1985), SCOVA (1986)  RTI Act (2005), Govt. of India Pensioners Portal (2006), Online grievance redress Mechanism CPENGRAMS(2007). But severe glitches in delivery system were found to be defeating

National Convention of Railway Pensioners Associations

National Convention of Railway Pensioners under the aegis of BHARAT PENSIONERS SAMAJ

3rd National Convention Of Railway Pensioners Associations at New Jalpaguri(WB) on 29.03.2012

Let us all work for together to make the event a grand success.

Daya Maheshwari Memorial Trophy awarded to BSNL & DOT Pensioners Association GUJRAT Circle

Dr.K.R.Gangadharan Delegates at BPS AGM   November 4th, 2011 will be written in golden words in the History of BSNL & DOT Pensioners Association, Ahmedabad as it got recognition of the services rendered to Pensioners Fraternity by the Bharat Pensioner Samaj New Delhi.  Dr.K.R.Gangadharan,   Vice President,  Asia  Board of Directors    International Federation on Ageing awarded  Daya Maheshwari  Memorial Trophy

BPS News letter 05.11.2011

Greeting, Documents uploaded on website : Life Certificate to be submitted by Pensioners/Family Pensioners in Nov.every year. Personal appearance not essential-Read CPAO Notification .   Judgement in OA 655/2010 of S29 Pensioners case,  been pronounced.DOP & PW clarifactoryOMs Of 3.10.2008 , 14.10 2008 &11.02.2009  struck down & Govt has been asked to revise the pension as per original notification Bharat Pensioners Samaj,   the oldest & the largest body of Indian Pensioners   which has the rare distinction to have found space in the Publications of   UNO, several Sociologists & Anthropologists, held its 56 th   Annual General Meeting  here in Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan . 150 delegates from different parts of the country Who represented their Federations & Associ

Press release -56th AGM of BPS on 04.11.2011

 Press release- Bharat Pensioners Samaj 56th AGM  URL :

Judgement in OA 655/2010 of S29 Pensioners case

Judgement in OA 655/2010 of S29 Pensioners case, been pronounced.DOP & PW clarifactoryOMs Of 3.10.2008 , 14.10 2008 &11.02.2009  struck down & Govt has been asked to revise the pension as per original notification-S.C.Maheshwari