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‘ Caring’ son keeps mom in cowshed'

‘ Caring’ son keeps mom in cowshed
By Mail Today Bureau in Bangalore
MOTHER’S Day came a couple of weeks early for 80- year- old Mallamma from Mysore. And in her case, she got the greatest gift: freedom.
The widow’s first reaction after being freed by the police from a cowshed — her home for the past two years — was: “ I am seeing the sun properly after so many months!” Her youngest son Javarappa, “ concerned” about his mother’s health, had confined her to the shed, which she shared with a cow and a calf.
According to the police, Mallamma had been living for many years with her husband Mariyappa, son Javarappa and daughter- in- law Nagamma in the locality of Ittigegudu for many years. But after Mariyappa’s death three years ago, Javarappa allegedly started treating her as a liability.
Two years ago, he reportedly asked his mother to move into the shed citing lack of space inside the house, the police said quoting the neighbours.
“ We were informed that the couple did not allow Mallamma to venture out of the house during daytime. Her movements were highly restricted and they even supplied her food inside the shed. She appeared completely dazed when we rescued her,” the Mysore police said.
The police added that the cowshed was filthy and Mallamma slept in a corner with muck all around.
A neighbour, with whom Mallamma had shared her sorry state of affairs when she was allowed out at night, brought the matter to the notice of the police. Javarappa was summoned to the police station for an inquiry after Mallamma was rescued.
“ Javarappa claims that his mother volunteered to stay in the cow shed because she did not want to stay with them. He claimed he was worried about his mother’s health and regularly took her to hospital. We are crosschecking his claims,” the police added.
While the police wanted to file a FIR in the incident, Mallamma requested them to let off her son. Interestingly, of all Mallamma’s seven children, Javarappa had volunteered to take care of her in her old age, the octogenarian told the police.

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A national programme for the elderly

A national programme for the elderly
IT IS being discussed that India is apprehensive about its rapidly increasing number of aged people.
How can a country, where the scriptures proclaim that one should respect one’s mother and father as living gods, the aged are being considered a burden to be shunted in old age homes? But this is the true story of this country where a large number of the youth are aspiring day and night to scale new heights in their careers.
But with this the number of the cases related to indifference, callousness, and cruelty towards elders by, unfortunately, their own kith and kin are rising alarmingly.
Therefore, accepting the bitter truth and without losing time, the government must put in place a concrete national programme with adequate budget support to take care of the elderly.
This programme should aim at providing them decent facilities such as food, shelter, clothing and healthcare, ensuring them financial security and help in protecting their dignity in the old age.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Govt under pressure over health insurance for senior citizens

Govt under pressure over health insurance for senior citizens

Pressure is building up on the government and the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) to chalk out a health insurance strategy for senior citizens.
The elderly are the worst impacted with the upward revision of health insurance products in 2010, when insurance companies stopped cashless hospitalisation and treatment claiming that hospitals were inflating bills.
A joint action committee for senior citizens said that while insurance regulator IRDA has asked insurance companies not to discontinue a policy based on age, it has not given any directive on pricing.
Members of the committee are slated to meet IRDA chairman J Hari Narayan next month to discus the issue.
The regulator had indicated that that re-pricing would be applicable for all policy-holders, including the elderly.
“Pricing must be different for health insurance products for senior citizens as they are finding it difficult to continue with the policies with the rise in premium,” SK Mahapatra, member, joint action committee, told Hindustantimes. He said health insurance products are no more in the ‘affordable range” for senior citizens with limited income.
According to official estimates, by 2025, over 189 million Indians will be 60-plus.
The KS Sastry Committee of IRDA, which looked into the issue, stressed the need for a ‘national policy on older persons’. The committee said insurers should promote separate products for senior citizens.
“We believe health insurance should be available to all, we offer all our customers pricing based on their age and city of residence and there is no loading based on claim history at any age,” Damien Marmion, CEO Max Bupa Health Insurance said.

Elderly Power in India & Pensioners' role

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No age limit to good health

23 April 2012
Older people need better access to affordable and appropriate healthcare.
Healthy ageing on World Health Day
Healthy ageing was the focus of this year’s World Health Day on 7 April.
The urgency to address good health is underlined byWorld Health Organization (WHO) data showing thatnon-communicable diseases (NCDs) are the main health risks for older people. In poor countries, millions of older people die from these conditions each year, despite the fact that they are largely treatable.
“For anyone to live in chronic pain or die too soon from highly preventable diseases is simply unacceptable,” said Richard Blewitt, HelpAge International’s CEO.
Indeed, more and better preventive strategies for NCDs are needed, John Beard, Director of Ageing at WHO, points out in his blog.

An older Age Demands Action on Health campaigner in Pakistan.
Age Demands Action on Health
The first ever Age Demands Action on Health took place this year, culminating on World Health Day.
Around the world, older people sent out the message that there should be no age limit to good health and asked their governments to take action on better healthcare and services.
The campaign contributed to raising awareness on the right to health. For example, an ongoing study in Ghana has highlighted a lack of access to health cover, as ADA on Health activists there lobbied forequal access to health insurance.

Join the Make it Ageless virtual march!
Make it Ageless
Meanwhile, young people in Europe are standing up for older people’s rights throughHelpAge’s Make it Ageless campaign.
With older people from developing countries, young Europeans aged 18-30 will lobby The European Union to include older people in their development policy and programmes.
In solidarity with older people around the world, HelpAge Make it Ageless championsin Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovenia, Kenya and the Netherlands are spending a week finding out what it is like to grow older.

Mama Brigita, 64, from Kenya is the sole carer of eight orphaned grandchildren.
Older women’s struggle
Older women continue to face discrimination, and suffer from being older and female, points out HelpAge on International Women’s Day, 8 March.
HelpAge reports that in Tanzania, many older women are victims of violence and are often accused of witchcraft. In Kenya, older women who lose their husbands and children to HIV and AIDS related illnesses struggle as they become sole carers of their grandchildren.
HelpAge has helped raise awareness of older women’s rights, including training paralegals on theinheritance rights of older women and orphaned children.
But more needs to be done for real change to happen, and especially to ensure older women’s rights are protected in national laws.

Richard Blewitt, HelpAge International CEO receiving the Hilton Humanitarian Prize.
Recognition for older people
HelpAge International has been awarded the 2012 Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize.
The US$1.5 million prize recognises HelpAge’s work in assisting and advocating for disadvantaged older people. “Older people are often forgotten or ignored… the work of HelpAge gives voice to the voiceless,” said Archbishop Desmond Tutu in a video message to HelpAge.
“This award is especially meaningful to draw attention to global ageing and the hurdles older people face,” said HelpAge International’s CEO, Richard Blewitt.
At the award ceremony, held in Washington D.C. on 16 April, Blewitt said: "This award is a tribute to the millions of older people throughout the world who struggle daily with extreme poverty and discrimination. This award is theirs and it is our privilege to support them."

Useful reading
§  Ageing and Development 31, the last printed issue of A&D, reports on how little humanitarian aid is going to older people and discusses what the right to health means for older people.
§  Dementia: a public health priority. This report by Alzheimer's Disease International and the World Health Organization calls on governments to address the increasing challenges that dementia poses on a global, national, regional and local level.
§  Right to life without violence in old age. This newsletter highlights problems and practical information on domestic violence against older people.
§  The case for an integrated model of growth, employment and social protection by the World Economic Forum, calls for social protection to deal with current economic challenges and the global jobs crisis.
§  Population ageing and health, The Lancet 379(9823), argues against ageing being framed in negative terms, saying it should be a cause for celebration.

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S.C. dismissed Rlys. SLP 9581/2011 on 26.3.2012,

With S.C. dismissing Rlys. SLP on 26.3.2012, matter has reached finality. Judgment of Punjab & Haryana granting Rs. 5000-8000 scale for revision of pension in the case of Mistries retired between 1.1.1986 and 31.12.1995 equally apply to other categories such as Head Clerks, JE etc. RB citing S.C. Judgment of 23.11.2006 in K.S.Krishnasamy case do not hold good any more, after the latest S.C. orders.
                                                       Click to read  S.C.Order dismissing SLP
                                                        Click to read Punjab Haryana H.C. Judgement

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Apex Court judgement in medical expenditure reimbursement cases of Pensioners

Apex Court judgement  medical reimbursement cases of Pensioners and others. SLPs filed by UOI Dismissed by Supreme Court on 03/04/2012




Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (Civil)


(From the judgement and order dated 02/04/2004 in SCA


UNION OF INDIA & ANR. Petitioner(s)



(With prayer for interim relief and office report )

SLP(C) NO. 10660-10661 of 2005

(With prayer for interim relief and office report)

SLP(C) NO. 22812 of 2004

(With prayer for interim relief and office report)

SLP(C) NO. 3714 of 2005

(With prayer for interim relief and office report)

SLP(C) NO. 4193-4194 of 2005

(With prayer for interim relief and office report)

SLP(C) NO. 5921 of 2005

(With prayer for interim relief and office report)

SLP(C) NO. 8539 of 2005

(With prayer for interim relief and office report)

SLP(C) NO. 9309 of 2005

(With Appln. For c/delay in filing substitution appln. And

substitution of L.Rs of the deceased respondent and with

prayer for interim relief and office report)

SLP(C) NO. 17109 of 2005

(With prayer for interim relief)

SLP(C) NO. 25685-25686 of 2005

(With prayer for interim relief and office report)

SLP(C) NO. 15597 of 2004

(With appln. For c/delay in filing SLP and office report)

SLP(C) NO. 13075 of 2006

(With prayer for interim relief and office report)

SLP(C) NO. 12803 of 2006

(With Appln. For stay and permission to file addl. Documents

and office report)

SLP(C) NO. 14253 of 2006

(With office report)

SLP(C) NO. 10961 of 2006

SLP(C) NO. 20415 of 2006

(With office report)

SLP(C) NO. 1063 of 2007

(With office report)

SLP(C) NO. 8894 of 2007

SLP(C) NO. 2640 of 2008

SLP(C) NO. 18267 of 2008

(With office report)

SLP(C) NO. 27589 of 2008

(With office report)

SLP(C) NO. 20513 of 2008

(With office report)

SLP(C) NO. 7551 of 2009

(With appln. For c/delay in filing SLP & office report)

SLP(C) NO. 24110 of 2009

(With appln. For c/delay in filing SLP & office report)

SLP(C) NO. 2144 of 2010

(With appln. For c/delay in filing SLP & office report)

SLP(C) NO. 35459 of 2009

(With office report)

SLP(C) NO. 35429 of 2010

(With office report)

SLP(C) NO. 24667 of 2010

(With office report)

Civil Appeal NO. 4691 of 2010

(With office report)

SLP(C) NO. 9073 of 2011

(With office report)

SLP(C) NO. 6092 of 2011

(With Appln. For c/delay in filing SLP & office report)

SLP(C) NO. 23324 of 2011

(With office report)

Date: 03/04/2012 These Petitions were called on for hearing today.




For Petitioners: Mr. P.P. Malhotra, ASG

Mr. B. Bhattacharya,ASG

Mr. Harish Chandra,Sr.Adv.

Mr. T.S. Doabia, Sr. Adv.

Ms. Sunita Rani Singh, Adv.

Mr. Chidanand,Adv.

Mr. B.K. Prasad, Adv.

Mr. Shailender Saini, Adv.

Ms. Rekha Pandey,Adv.

Mr. J.K. Mishra,Adv., Adv.

Mohd. Khairati, Adv.

Mrs. Sunita Sharma, Adv.

Mr. D. S. Mahra, Adv.

Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Adv.

Ms. Sushma Suri, Adv.

Ms. Rashmi Malhotra,Adv.

Mr. Rajiv Nanda,Adv.

Ms. Judy James, Adv.

Mr. Ajay Singh, Adv.

Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Adv.

Mr. Manoj Kumar Shah, Adv.

Mr. B.V. Balaram Das, Adv.

Mr. Aditya Sharma, Adv.

Mr. V. K. Verma, Adv.

Mr. Arvind Kumar Sharma, Adv.

Mrs. Anil Katiyar, Adv.

Mr. P. Parmeswaran, Adv.

Ms. V. Mohana,Adv.

Ms. Sushma Suri, Adv.

Mr. Jagjit Singh Chhabra, Adv.

Ms. Vibha Datta Makhija, Adv.

Mr Respondent(s) Mr. Vishwajit Singh,Adv.

Mr. Haresh Raichura, Adv.

Mrs. Saroj Raichura, Adv.

Mr. Vineet Sinha, Adv.

Mr. Ranvir Singh, Adv.

Mr. Anis Ahmed Khan, Adv.

Mr. Shivaji M. Jadhav,Adv.

Mr. K. V. Mohan, Adv.
Mr. Soumyajit Pani, Adv.

Mr. P. Parmeswaran, Adv.

Mr. Shiv Sagar Tiwari, Adv.

Mr. R.N. Keshwani, Adv.

Mr. Ram Lal Roy, Adv.

Mr. P. Narasimhan, Adv.

Mr. Sudarshan Rajan, adv.

Ms. Jayashree Narasimhan, Adv.

Mr. S. Ritam Khare, Adv.

Mr. H.D. Thanvi, Adv.
Mr. Sarad Kumar Singhania, Adv.

Mr. Rishi Mataliya, Adv.
Mr. Soumyajit Pani, Adv.

for Mr. Sunil Kumar Jain, Adv.


Ms. Susma Suri, Adv.

Ms. Purnima Bhat, Adv. [SCLSC]
Mr. Himanshu Gupta, Adv.

Ms. N. Annapoorani, Adv.

Mr. Rashmikumar Manilal Vithlani, Adv.

Mr. Kamlendra Mishra, Adv.


UPON hearing counsel the Court made the following


S.L.P.(C) Nos. 13075 of 2006 and 9309 of 2005

Despite the order passed by this Court on 13.2.2012, the petitioners have taken no steps to serve  the unserved respondent and to serve chamber summons on the proposed legal representatives of the deceased sole respondent in the aforesaid matters respectively.

Office Report dated 29.3.2012 has been perused by us, which clearly reflects that the petitioners have taken

no steps in this regard. The matters were again listed on 30.3.2012 and then were posted for today. During

this period also, the petitioners did not care to complete the service, as mentioned in our earlier order.
This shows the callous and negligent attitude of the petitioners in prosecuting their matters.

In the light of this, the aforesaid two special leave petitions are hereby dismissed. The applications for condonation of delay in filing substitution application and substitution of legal representatives of the deceased respondent are also dismissed in S.L.P.(C) No. 9309 of 2005.

Other Special Leave Petitions  Delay in filing the Special Leave Petitions is condoned.

After having heard Mr. P.P. Malhotra, learned Additional Solicitor General at length and after perusal of the impugned order, in the facts and circumstances of the cases, we are not inclined to interfere against the
impugned orders passed by the High Court. The Special Leave Petitions are hereby dismissed.



Secondary Family Pensioners are entitled to FMA

Letter No. 4/6/2011-P&PW-(D) dt 26.08.2011 of Deptt of Pension & Pensioners welfare

Sub.: Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance to widowed/divorced/unmarried daughter in receipt of family pension.

1. In this regard attention is drawn to the instructions contained in OM dated 19.12.97 which stipulates the primary conditions for grant of Fixed Medical Allowance as under- “.... sanction of the President is hereby accorded to the grant of fixed medical allowance @ Rs.100/- p.m. to Central Government pensioners/family pensioners residing in areas not

covered by Central Government Health Scheme administered by the Ministry of Health & family welfare and orresponding Health Schemes administered by other Ministries/ Departments for their retired employees for meeting expenditure

on day-to-day medical expenses that do not require hospitalization.These orders shall apply to Central Government pensioners/family pensioners, who at the time of retirement/death were (governed byCCS(Pension) Rules, 1972 or other corresponding rules in operation prior to commencement of these rules and are eligible for medical facilities after retirement.”

2. The widowed/divorced/unmarried daughters in receipt of family pension being family pensioner are already covered by instructions quoted above.

Amitabh Dwivedi, Under Secretary to the

Govt. of India

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bharat Pensioners Samaj at new height

3rd National Convention of Railway Pensioners Associations a grand success with largest ever gathering


On 29.3.2012, with the sunrise in the ‘East’, a new rhythm rose from New Jalpaiguri. Mount Kanchanjunga, with the fragrance of its flowers, echoed with “Vande Matram”. Eleven Hundred delegates representing Rly. Pensioners Associations from across the country plus 440 members of NFRPA(North East Railway Pensioners Association Guwahati), got up with a new spirit and inspiration, imbibed by Bharat Pensioners Samaj, to struggle afresh for their Rights & Welfare.

Another voice then thrilled across NF Railway Community Hall New Jalpaiguri & thrice filled the atmosphere with high pitched sounds and the sky–rocketing slogans of “Pensioners’ Unity ZINDABAD – ZINDABAD”, “BPS ZINDABAD – ZINDABAD”, “NFRPA ZINDABAD – ZINDABAD”.

And then, all the heads bowed in prayer seeking peace to the departed Souls.

Thus began the first session of 3rd National Convention of Railway Pensioners Associations with the largest ever gathering of the representatives of Rly Pensioners Associations in India which was followed by 2days Annual General meeting of North East Railway Pensioners Associations.

After the felicitations to dignitaries, the Welcome Address was delivered by A.M. Roy, President Reception Committee. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. K.R. Gangadharan , Vice President South Asia, IFA Toronto – Canada, who was the ‘Chief Guest’, explained the role of IFA in securing human rights of the elderly.

S. C. Maheshwari, Secretary (Railway) BPS presented the Discussion Paper to the house . R.N. Mital, President, ‘AISCCON’ (All India Senior Citizens Confederation) and K. Srinivasan Zonal Secretary ‘National Federation of Railway Pensioners, Palghat’ rose to express solidarity of their organizations for the cause of safeguarding the welfare and rights of Retired Persons.

Pre lunch session ended with a mass rally of retirees.

In the second session after Lunch : Sr. vice president BPS R.N.Tripathi, president south Somashekhara Rao, vice president east R.N.Dutta , Vice president North Harchandan Singh, Vice president west J.N.Rao, General Secretary NFRPA Biswas, Shaktimay Kanjilal joint Genl. Secy. NFRPA, Working president reception committee Bimalandu Chakarborty expressed their views & then Speaker after speaker from the house endorsed and discussed the issues raised in the Discussion Paper. Shyam Sunder, Secy. Genl, BPS who Presided the event. Summed up after day long deliberations & put the discussion paper to vote which was unanimously adopted by house with the direction to give it the shape of resolutions for onward transmission to Govt. of India.

The session ended with the singing of National Anthem.

The evening was made memorable with unique cultural programme presented in the honour of retired persons by the daughters, daughters’ in-law & grand children of retirees of West Bengal & Assam.

For Photo evidence may visit :

Er. S.C.Maheshwari

BPS monthly magazine April 2012

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Do’s and Don’ts for Pensioners and Family Pensioners

Do’s and Don’ts for Pensioners and Family Pensioners


1. A copy of every communication regarding pension is required to be endorsed to the pensioner by each node of pension delivery. Please ensure that your full contact postal address (preferably with PIN code) is always updated. Promptly intimate any changes of address to: -

a. Your Bank Branch

b. The Head of Office and the PAO in the Ministry from where you retired;

c. Central Pension Accounting Office

2. There should be proper nomination for pension account. Please retain the acknowledgement received from the bank carefully. It is advisable to open a joint account with your spouse if you are pensioners so that she/he does not hardship later.

3. Please direct your bank branch with proof establishing your Identity for first appearance at Paying Branch along with the copy of the special seal authority.

4. CPAO has sent two halves of PPO – the pensioner’s and the Bank’s. Your half of the PPO is to be handed over to you by your Bank branch when they call you for verification. Your signature will be obtained on their half for their record.

5. Please produce proper and acceptable evidence of eligible savings from time to time for the purpose of Income Tax calculation by the Bank.

6. Please collect Certificate of Income from pension from bank at the close of financial year, even if income tax is not deducted from the pension. Please collect form-16- income tax was deducted.

7. Please furnish Life Certificate early in the month of November every year.

8. A pensioner who produces a life certificate in the prescribed form in Annexure -XVII signed by any person specified hereunder, however, is exempted from personal appearance- :-

(i) A person exercising the powers of a Magistrate under the Criminal Procedure code;

(ii) A Registrar or Sub-Registrar appointed under Indian Registration Act;

(iii) A Gazetted Government servant;

(iv) A Police Officer not below the rank of Sub-Inspector in -charge of a Police Station; Offices;

(vi) A Class-I officer of the Reserve Bank of India, an officer (including Grade II officer) of the State Bank of India or of its subsidiary;

(vii) A pensioned Officer who, before retirement, exercised the powers of a magistrate;

(viii) A Justice of Peace;

(ix) A Block Development Officer, Munsif, Tehsildar or Naib Tehsildar;

(x) A Head of Village Panchayat, Gram Panchayat, Gaon Panchayat or an Executive Committee of a Village;

(xi) A Member of Parliament, of State legislatures or of legislatures of Union Territory Governments /Administrations.

(xii) Treasury Officer.

In the case of a pensioner drawing his pension through a Public Sector Bank the life certificate may be signed by an officer of a Public Sector Bank. In the case of a pensioner residing abroad and drawing his pension through any other bank included in the Second Schedule to the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934, the life certificate may be signed by an officer of the Bank, A pensioner get exemption from personal appearance subject to production of Life Certificate signed by the above mentioned officer of the bank.

A pensioner not resident in India in respect of whom his duly authorized agent produces a life certificate signed by a Magistrate, a Notary, a Banker or a Diplomatic Representative of India is exempted from special appearance.

9. Non-employment Certificate/Re-employment Certificate should also be furnished every year in the month of November/May & November in case of retired Group ‘A’ officer.

10. Please apply in a prescribed proforma to the paying branch for restoration of commuted portion of pension on completing 14 years and 11 months in case your bank does not have a CPPC.

11. Please provide the Pensioner’s half of the PPO to your paying Bank Branch in the case of revision of pension for entry of enhanced pension with break up in this half.

12. Please ask for a due and drawn statement from your bank branch in case you have received any arrears in a lump sum.

13. Please ask for a pension slip with break up of in case of any doubt from bank branch

14. If Pensioner’s half is lost, worn or torn, a written request is to be immediately made to your paying Bank branch alongwith Pensioner’s half of PPO (if available).

15. Please keep all your Pension related documents including Pensioner’s half of PPO, safely, as these are important documents.

16. For any clarification on pension payments, contact your bank branch grievance officer of the Bank or CPAO Toll Free /Call Centre 1800 11 7788.


1. Do not delay in submitting the Pension Papers before retirement as it ultimately effects the time schedule to be followed by the various offices as under: -

(i) Pay & Accounts Officer issuing PPO – Despatch of PPO by PAO to the CPAO on the last working day of the month preceding the month of retirement

(ii) Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO) – Despatch of PPO by CPAO to Link Branch of PSB by 20th of the month of retirement

(iii) Link Branch – Despatch of PPO by Link Branch to paying branch by 23rd of the month of retirement.

(iv) Paying Branch – Paying Branch will complete all formalities and ensure that the pension has been credited to the pensioner’s account on the last date of the month.

2. Please do not provide address and contact number which is likely to change in immediate near future. Please update your address by informing your bank branch, PAO, CPAO and DDO of the ministry you retired from.

3. In case you wish to change your bank or bank branch for pension disbursement, do not close your pension account unless new account is confirmed for pension disbursement.

4. Please do not fail to check whether you are receiving full pension/family pension authorized by the Govt. of India to you including is related pension with Dearness Relief if you are aged 80 and above.

5. Please do not forget that under the scheme of pension department through authorized banks, banks are required to pay pension to each pensioner by the last day of the month and the Govt. of India fully

Issued by Central Pension Accounting Office