Saturday, April 28, 2012

A national programme for the elderly

A national programme for the elderly
IT IS being discussed that India is apprehensive about its rapidly increasing number of aged people.
How can a country, where the scriptures proclaim that one should respect one’s mother and father as living gods, the aged are being considered a burden to be shunted in old age homes? But this is the true story of this country where a large number of the youth are aspiring day and night to scale new heights in their careers.
But with this the number of the cases related to indifference, callousness, and cruelty towards elders by, unfortunately, their own kith and kin are rising alarmingly.
Therefore, accepting the bitter truth and without losing time, the government must put in place a concrete national programme with adequate budget support to take care of the elderly.
This programme should aim at providing them decent facilities such as food, shelter, clothing and healthcare, ensuring them financial security and help in protecting their dignity in the old age.

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