Monday, April 23, 2012

S.C. dismissed Rlys. SLP 9581/2011 on 26.3.2012,

With S.C. dismissing Rlys. SLP on 26.3.2012, matter has reached finality. Judgment of Punjab & Haryana granting Rs. 5000-8000 scale for revision of pension in the case of Mistries retired between 1.1.1986 and 31.12.1995 equally apply to other categories such as Head Clerks, JE etc. RB citing S.C. Judgment of 23.11.2006 in K.S.Krishnasamy case do not hold good any more, after the latest S.C. orders.
                                                       Click to read  S.C.Order dismissing SLP
                                                        Click to read Punjab Haryana H.C. Judgement
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