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An unjustified pay hike - The Hindu A polluted mind spills venom against Group D,C & B Govt. Staff

A polluted mind spills venom against Group D,C & B Govt. Staff . The colonial mindset does not understand They are not servants anymore- THEY ARE THE NATION BUILDERS-The writer is  lobbing for Bureaucrats to get them maximum benefits as usual. Read Sonalde Desai article in "The Hindu" dated 30.10.015

An unjustified pay hike - The Hindu

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Form for Change of ECHS Polyclinic

Application Form for Change of Parent of Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme Polyclinic:-

Appendix ‘A’
Polyclinic File ref:_____________________

(Separate form to be raised for each card/copy to be sent to concerned Regional Centre)

OIC ECHS Polyclinic


_____________________________________(Address of Old Parent Polyclinic)

1. ECHS Card No _____________________________________

2. Name of ECHS beneficiary _____________________________________

3. Relationship with ECHS Member _____________________________________

4. No _____________________________________

5. Rank _____________________________________

6. Name of AFV _____________________________________

7. Old Parent Polyclinic _____________________________________

8. New Parent Polyclinic _____________________________________

9. Date of change of parent Polyclinic _____________________________________

10. Duration from ______________________________ to _________________________________

Declaration by Card Holder 
Certified above is true

(Sign. Of Card Holder)

Remarks of OIC Polyclinic
Verified details as above
Certified above is true
(Sign. Of OIC Polyclinic)

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Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government pensioners/family pensioners - Revised rate effective from 1.7.2015

Grant of Dearness Relief to CPF beneficiaries in receipt of ex-gratia payment w.e.f 01.07.2015 dt : 28.10.15

F.No. 42/10/2014-P&PW(G)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare

3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan,
Khan Market, New Delhi – 110003
Date: 28th Oct, 2015


Subject: Grant of Dearness Relief to CPF beneficiaries in receipt of ex-gratia payment w.e.f 01.07.2015.

In continuation of this Department’s OM No. 42/10/2014-P&PW(G) dated 26th May, 2015, the President is pleased to grant the Dearness Relief at the rate of 5th CPC w.e.f 1.7.2015 to the following:
(i) The surviving CPF beneficiaries who have retired from service between the period 18.11.1960 to 31.12.1985 and are in receipt of ex-gratia @ Rs.600/ p.m w.e.f 01.11.1997 under this Department’s OM No. 45/52/97-P&PW(E) dated 16.12.1997 & revised to Rs.3000, Rs. 1000, Rs.750 & Rs.650 for Group A, B, C & D respectively w.e.f 4th June, 2013 vide OM No. 1/10/2012-P&PW(E) dtd. 27th June, 2013 are entitled to Dearness Relief @ 234% w.e.f 1.7.2015.
(ii) The following categories of CPF beneficiaries who are in receipt of ex-gratia payment in terms of this Department’s OM No. 45/52/97-P&PW(E) dated 16.12.1997 are entitled to DR @ 226% w.e.f. 1.7.2015.
(a) The widows and dependent children of the deceased CPF beneficiary who had retired from service prior to 1.1.1986 or who had died while in service prior to 1.1.1986 and are in receipt of Ex-gratia payment of Rs. 605/- p.m. & revised to Rs 645 p.m w.e.f 04th June, 2013 vide OM No. 1/10/2012-P&PW(E) dated 27th June, 2013.
(b) Central Government employees who had retired on CPF benefits before 18.11.1960 and are in receipt of Ex-gratia payment of Rs.654/-, Rs.659/-, Rs.703/- and Rs.965/-.
2. Payment of DR involving a fraction of a rupee shall be rounded off to the next higher rupee. In their application to the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, these orders issue in consultation with the C&AG.
3. This issues as per Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure vide their OM No 1(4)/EV/2004 dated 25.05.2015 and OM No. 1(3)/2008-E.II(B) dated 01.10.2015.
4. Hindi version will follow.

(Charanjit Taneja)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

Source: Pensioners' Portal

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Doing Away With Need For Verification Of Medical Reimbursement Claims In CGHS and Guidelines for full reimbursement

No: 4-18/2005-C&P [Vol. l- Pt. (i)]
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Department of Health 8. Family Welfare
CGHS (P) Division
Nirman Bhawan, Maulana Azad Road
New Delhi, Dated the 20th February, 2009


Subject: Relaxation of procedures to be followed in considering requests for medical reimbursement.
The undersigned is directed to slate that under the extant instructions, a CGHS card holder. who wishes to apply for reimbursement of the expenditure incurred by him / her on medical treatment of either self or his I her dependent family members. the present reimbursement procedure needs verification of bills and issue of essentiality certificate by the treating doctor, and the Medical Superintendent of the hospital. The process of verification of bills and issue of essentiality certificates are time consuming with the doctor at times being busy or being away from office for whatever reason. This necessitates repeated visits to the hospital for getting the verification done and essentiality certificate obtained. Representations have been received in the Ministry of Health 8. Family Welfare requesting for doing away with the two requirements and for the Ministries i authorities concerned to verify and check the authenticity of the claims on the basis of the prescription slip and the diagnostic report submitted by the Government servant / pensioner. in the event of any doubt, the concerned Ministry / Authority can always get verification done from the hospital concerned. 

2. The undersigned is also directed to state that CGHS guidelines currently provide for relaxation of guidelines to cover full reimbursement in individual cases depending upon merits of each case. In the case of Hon’ble Members of Parliament, the powers to relax the guidelines have been delegated to the Lok Sabha Secretariat and Rajya Sabha Secretariat respectively and in the case of Hon'ble Chief Justice of Supreme Court and Judges of the Supreme Court to the Secretary General of the Supreme Court.

3. In order to reduce the burden on the Specialists in individual cases of medical reimbursement claim, it has been decided with the approval of heads of the hospitals to revise the guidelines for reimbursement by the competent authority. as follows:

(1) It has now been decided to do away with the procedure for verification of bills and issue of essentiality certificate by the treating doctor. and the Medical Superintendent of the hospital. Ministries i authorities concerned may verify and check the authenticity of the claims on the basis of the prescription slip and the diagnostic report submitted by the Government servant / pensioner. In the event of any doubt, the concerned Ministry / Authority can always get verification done from the hospital concerned. Modified reimbursement claim form. alongwith checklist is annexed.

(2) All cases involving requests for relaxation of rules for reimbursement of full expenditure will henceforth be referred to a Technical Standing Committee. to be chaired by the DGHS /AddIDGHS and consist of Director (CGHS) and subject matter specialists. if the Technical Standing Committee recommends the relaxation of rules for permitting full reimbursement of expenditure incurred by the beneficiary, the full reimbursement may be allowed by the Secretary (Health 8. Family Welfare) in consultation with IFD. A check list for consideration of requests for reimbursements in excess of approved rates may include: 

(a) The treatment was obtained in a private non-empanelled hospital under emergency and the patient was admitted by others when the beneficiary was unconscious or severely incapacitated and was hospitalised for a prolonged period; 

(b) The treatment was obtained in a private non-empanelled hospital under emergency and was admitted for prolonged period for treatment of Head injury, Coma. Septicemia, Multi-organ failure, etc.;

(c) The treatment was obtained in a private non-empanelled hospital under emergency for treatment of advanced malignancy; 

(d) The treatment was taken under emergency in higher type of accommodation as rooms as per his I her entitlement are not available during that period;

(e) The treatment was taken in higher type of accommodation under specific conditions for isolation of patients to avoid contacting infections;

(f) The treatment was obtained in a private non-empanelled hospital under emergency when there is a strike in Government hospitals:

(g) The treatment was obtained in a private non-empanelled hospital under emergency, while on official tour to non-CGHS covered area;

(h) Approval for air-fare with or without attendant on the advice of treating doctor for treatment in another city even though he is not eligible for air travel I treatment facilities are available in city of residence and 
(i) Any other special circumstances.

4. The Office Memorandum is issued with the concurrence of IFD vide D . No: 908/AS FA12009 dated the 2oth February. 2009.

(R Ravi)
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India


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CSD Canteen Facilities to retired Defence Civilians – Clarification

No. AN/VII/7063/CSD/Misc
Dated: 20.10.2015
All PCsDA/PCA(Fys) Kolkata, CsDA
(Through CGDA website)

Subject: Extension of CSD Canteen Facilities to retired Defence Civilians

Reference : This office letter of even No. dated 21.08.2015.
In continuation of the above, the following clarification on some of the common points raised in various representations received in this office is as under:
Sl. No.
Common Points raised in the representations
Whether the retired employees of the Defence Accounts Department are eligible for the C.S.D Canteen facility as the orders from the DDGCS does not explicitly say so.
Yes. The retried employees of the Defence Accounts Department are eligible for C.S.D Canteen Facility.
Whether the DAD Pensioners can get the application forms authenticated only from the office from which they have retired.
The authentication of the application forms may be carried out by the nearest Controller, under the jurisdiction, the pensioner is currently residing or the application is made. Also, the nominated Officers are directed to authenticate/countersign the application forms of any DAD pensioner, if the application is submitted to him/her. The authentication is to be carried out, based on submission of the documents as required by the Canteen authorities.
What is termed as ‘Govt Order for Retirement?
The Part II. Officer Order issued by the Controllers in respect of the retiring employee will suffice the requirement.
The said order does not speak about the eligibility of the Family Pensioners.
Whether the same are eligible for the C.S.D Canteen Facilities?
The extension of CSD Canteen Facilities to the Family Pensioners is implied as the QMG branch letter dated 12.08.2015 does not make any distinction between the Retired Defence Civilian Employees and Family Pensioners. The term DAD Pensioners includes also, as they are drawing pension authorized by PCDA(P) Allahabad.

(Mustaq Ahmad)

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A letter to the PM -One Rank One Pension – By Shalini.

October 19, 2015
A letter to the PM -One Rank One Pension – By Shalini. Dear Mr.Prime Minister, For Your Information Sir. A war widow at the age of 78 has to walk 18 km every month to collect her martyr husband’s pension of Rs .13/- (Rupees Thirteen only). The Freedom Fighters of Colonial India and their widows […]

Life Certificate —Issue of Acknowledgement to Pensioners

Dept of Expenditure has advised Banks to issue the acknowledgement at the time of submission of Life Certificates by Pensioners in the prescribed new format given below.Modification in the format of Life Certificate —Issue of Acknowledgement to Pensioners

NEW DELHI-110066

CPAO/IT &Tech/Scheme Booklet/2015-16/1666

Office Memorandum

Subject:-Modification in the format of Life Certificate —Issue of Acknowledgement to Pensioners.

Attention is invited to this office OM No.CPAO/Tech/Simplification/2012-13/325 dated-18.02.2013 directing the banks to allow pensioners/family pensioners to submit the life certificates as well as other certificates to any branch of the bank through which their pension are being disbursed. In this context, several instances of stoppage of payment of pensions have been reported citing non-receipt of life certificate even though the pensioners had submitted their life certificates to the bank, due to misplacement of the life certificate at the bank branches concerned. Instances of some pension paying banks not accepting life certificates given to them by pensioners and directing pensioners to submit the life certificate to CPPC have also been reported causing great inconvenience to pensioners, which results- in either stoppage of payment of pension or delay in payment of pension.

In this context, to alleviate the hardship faced by the pensioners, RBI has also instructed all the Agency Banks handling government pension payment, vide Notification No.RBI/2014-15/ 587 DGBA. GAD No. H-5013/ 45.01.001/2014-15 dated-07.05.2015 that on receipt of life certificate submitted in physical form, banks to issue duly signed acknowledgement to the pensioners and to enter the same in their CBS immediately and issue a system generated receipt to serve the twin purpose of acknowledgement to the pensioners as well as real- time updation of records.

To facilitate the bank authorities, CPAO has prescribed a modified format of life certificate providing therewith acknowledgement of the receipt of the life certificate vide Correction Slip No.24 to the Scheme for Payment of Pensions to Central Government Civil Pensioners by Authorized Banks. The acknowledgement is a part of the format of Life Certificate, which can be detached and given to the pensioner by the receiving bank. The format (Annexure) has been circulated to all concerned and the same has been made available on CPAO’s” at the link “For Banks”→ Guidelines for Master data.

The Chairmen/Chief Executive Directors of Authorised Banks are requested to ensure that their paying branches follow the above instructions scrupulously without fail.

This issues with the approval of Competent Authority

Encl:- As above

(Vijay Singh)
Sr.Accounts Officer (IT&Tech)


The fifth CPC, in para-137.13 of their report, observed that while it is desirable to grant complete parity in pension to all past pensioners irrespective of the date of their retirement; this may not be feasible straight away as the financial implications would be considerable. The process of bridging the gap in pension of past pensioners has already been set in motion by the IV CPC when past pensioners were granted additional relief in addition to consolidation of. their pension. This process of attainment of reasonable parity needs to be continued so as to achieve complete parity over a period of time.
In para-137.14 of their report, as a follow up of the basic; objective of parity, the V CPC. recommended thai the pension of all the pre 1986 retirees may be, updated by notional fixation of their pay as on 1.1.1986 by adopting the same formula as for serving employees, treating that notional pay as average emolument as on 1.1.86 and determining the notional pension as on 1.1.86 to be consolidated by allowing the same fitment weightage as given to serving employees.
The Sixth Central Pay Commission , however did not recommend that pension of even pre-1996 may be updated by notional fixation of their pay as on 1.1.96 by adopting the same fomula as for serving employees. Though it was stated by them in Para 5.1.47 of their report that it will be necessary to allow the same fitment as is being recommended for existing Government employees,it recommended fitment benefit equal to 40 percent of the pension’ which was less than fifty percent of Grade Pay at 40 percent of maximum of pre revised pay scale.
The modified parity between present and future retirees recommended by Sixth CPC was denied by the Government, when instead of minimum of pay in the Pay Band corresponding to the pre revised pay scale from which the pensioner had retired.The minimum of the Pay Band corresponding to the minimum of the lowest pay scale of that Pay Band was taken into account to determine the amount of modified parity.
However, the Hon’ble Supreme Court in their judgment dated. 9.9.2008 (Union of India Vs SPS Vains (Retd.) CA No.5566/2008) have held that it would be arbitrary to allow officers who retired prior to 1.1.96 to get less pension than the other set of officers belonging to the same rank/cadre who retired after 1.1.96 to get higher amount of pension as they would be entitled to the benefit of revision of pay scale on/after 1.1.96. This position offends the provisions of Article 14 of the Constitution. The Apex Court had directed that the pay of all pensioners in the rank of Major General and its equivalent rank in two other wings of Defence Services be notionally fixed at the rate given to similar officers of the same rank after revision of pay scales with effect from 1 .1 .96 and thereafter to compute their pensionary benefits on such basis.
Since this is a judgement in -rem, we demand that the pay of all past pensioners (pre 1.1.2006 retirees) may first be fixed notionally as on 1.1 1996 and again as on 1.1.2006 as in the case of serving employees and on the basis of the notional pay as fixed on 1.1.2006 their pension may be determined in order to ensure that they get the same pension as granted to employees retiring from the same post on or after 1 1 2006
As.the Government of INDIA approved the same for implementation with effect from 1/1/2006 due to Supreme Court directives and One Rank One Pension is being implemented for all Defence personnel including those who retired earlier, the AIRRF demands One Post One pension for all Railway pensioners on the same analogy and reason elucidated by the judgments delivered on the issue as railway men too work in similar situations. Railways being the life line of the Nation, Justice HR .Khanna in his Safety Review Committee Report also observed that the working of the railway system is just like that of armed forces .

>The Government of INDIA should grant full parity in pension /family pension of pre2006 pensioners’ /family pensioners to post 2006 pensioners/family pensioners’ as has been allowed to armed forces personnel. The Government of India can not have one justice to one category and another to other category under its own authority ,One post One pension is the right of every pensioner and the Government can not ignore the demand.

Change of birth of Rly family pensioners

Dearness Relief to Rly. Pensioners wef 01.07.2015

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Dr. Jitendra Singh launches Mobile app for Public Grievances portal

Hope grievances will not be closed on flimsy grounds or prematurely as is being done currently.
The Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER), MoS PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr. Jitendra Singh launched the Mobile Application for the Centralized Public Grievances Redress & Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) portal of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) here today.

In this direction a further step has been taken by providing M-access to citizens through mobile phones. A Quick Response (QR) code has been provided on the pg-portal which can be scanned on to the smart phone after which grievances can be sent from the smart phone directly on to CPGRAMS.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Jitendra Singh said this is another step towards translating the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of “ART of Governance” as spelt out by him, with A for Accountability, R- Responsibility and T- Transparency, forming the bedrock of the Government. He said the goal is that the Administration should be citizen centric, transparent and responsive. Dr. Jitendra Singh said more than six lakh public grievances have been settled since the NDA Government assumed office. This data will form the resource material to improve the Governance, he added.

Dr. Jitendra Singh hoped the common public will make maximum use of the mobile app since the mobile phone has emerged as the easiest way of communication from anywhere across the country.

In his address, Secretary, DARPG and Secretary, Department of Pensions & Pensioners’ Welfare, Shri Devendra Chaudhary said the mobile app will not only allow lodging of grievances, but the people can also track the status of the redress of their grievance. The DARPG is also carrying out analysis of the grievances and a systematic response is being worked out on how best to address the grievances, he added.

Secretary, Department of Personnel & Training, Shri Sanjay Kothari was also present during the launch function.

The Mobile App for the CPGRAMS is another innovative initiative of the DARPG, the nodal agency to formulate policy guidelines for citizen-centric governance in the country, redress of citizens’ grievances, being one of the most important initiatives of the department. The DARPG has been making endeavours to bring excellence in public service delivery and to redress grievances of citizens in a meaningful manner by effectively coordinating with different Ministries and Departments of the Government and trying to eliminate the causes of grievances.

CPGRAMS is a Government of India portal aimed at providing the citizens with a platform for redress of their grievances. Grievances received on this platform are redressed by the concerned Ministry/Department/State. CPGRAMS was launched by DARPG in technical consultation with NIC in 2007. More than 16 lakh grievances have been lodged since January 1, 2012. In last 12 months nine lakh grievances have been lodged and 6.47 lakh disposed off.


(Release ID :129886)


As per the request of Staff Side to discuss the pending anomalies arising out of 6th CPC, a meeting was held on 29.5.2015, in the Conference Room.72, North  Block, New Delhi with the representatives of the Staff Side under the Chairperson ship of Ms. Mamta Kundra, Joint Secretary (Establishment), DoPT. A list of participants who attended the meeting is annexed.

2. At the outset, Shri Ashok Kumar, Director, Central Pay Commission (CPC), welcomed the representatives of the Staff Side and Official Side and expressed his firm belief and conviction that all the issues/demands can be resolved through the consultative processes. He invited Leader and Secretary Staff Side for their opening remarks on the items.
3. Staff Side have requested that all anomalies /issues of 6th CPC may be resolved /settled before the 7th CPC gives its report and there should not be any communication gap between Official Side and Staff Side. The Staff Side expressed its dissatisfaction over infrequent convening of meetings. Secretary, Staff Side also suggested that the next/early date for the meeting also be fixed. They drew attention to the Minutes of the meeting dated 17th July, 2012 on the MACP issues and wanted to know about the outcome / finality of the issues discussed and whether these are accepted partially or otherwise.
Further, as per 6th CPC recommendations, various issues to be decided by the  different Ministries / Departments are pending with DoPT/DoE for last several years. Staff Side expressed its anguish on non-resolution of issues and their reference to 7th CPC. They asked for a Status Report in this regard.
The items were then taken up for discussions.
Item No.1: Review of MACP to Grade Pay of Rs.2000/- where there is no such grade pay in Railways Item No.3: Treatment of employees selected under LDCE Scheme/GDCE Scheme.
4. Shri M. Raghaviah, Leader of the Staff Side raised Item No.1 regarding review of MACP to Grade Pay of Rs.2000/- where there is no such grade pay in Railways. He explained that there are 400 categories in the Railways and in 98
percent of the categories, there is no grade pay of Rs.2000/-; therefore, GP of Rs.2000/- does not exist. He said that it was the duty of the Government to resolve the issue before the 7th CPC submit its report. Staff Side requested to
solve this serious anomaly as several employees are in disadvantageous position.
5. Staff Side also suggested for the option to continue ACP benefits in lieu of MACP and also requested for five regular promotions. Staff Side also mentioned that there is no cadre restructuring in the MoD.
6. Official Side discussed these issues in detail and impressed upon the Staff Side on the issue related to Item No.3 i.e. ‘treatment of employees for MACP selected under LDCE/GDCE scheme’ that DOPT has already issued a clarification in September, 2012 giving similar treatment of LDCE/ GDCE in MACP scheme as was available in the ACP Scheme. As regards Item No.1, it was reiterated that MACP envisages placement in grade pay structure in the revised pay bands and non-consideration of Grade Pay of Rs.2000/- would not be in the spirit of the scheme. Any change for Railways would have wider ramifications in Government of India. Staff side desired that this issue may be reviewed since there is a large number of railway staff suffering due to this anomaly otherwise they should be given option for opting MACP or ACP.
Official Side agreed to review this issue.
Item No.2 i.e. Granting of additional pay to Loco and Running Staff.
7. Staff Side raised this issue that since Loco and Traffic Running Staff are uncommon categories, the demand may be considered. The Official Side agreed that Ministry of Finance would revisit the issue; Ministry of Railways was advised to send a fresh proposal in detail after examination, indicating the financial implication involved in the proposal.
Item No.4 regarding Grant of Minimum Entry Pay meant for Direct Recruits to Promotees.
8. With regard to this item, Staff Side expressed its dissatisfaction and stated that the decision was taken in the meeting of NC(JCM) / Standing Committee meeting where it was agreed to implement the same. Now it is being stated that Finance Minister has not agreed as it was not in line with the spirit of JCM scheme. The Staff Side impressed upon the Official Side to take up the proposal again with Finance Minister. The Official Side reiterated its stand that with the new pay structure in position after 6th CPC recommendations, no changes are warranted in the matter. The Staff Side was also informed that stepping up of pay is however continued to be made on a case to case basis where brought to the notice of Finance Ministry. Staff Side insisted that matter should be referred to F.M. again with their earlier agreement.
Official Side informed that as per discussions held in the meeting, the matter will be put up once again to the Finance Minister for decision in the matter.The meeting ended with the agreement that some more issues/anomalies would be discussed in the next meeting in continuation of this meeting.

Simplification of procedure for Form No.15G & 15H - regarding

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Direct Taxes


New Delhi, 30th September, 2015

Subject: Simplification of procedure for Form No. 15G & 15H - regarding

Tax payers seeking non deduction of tax from certain incomes are required to file a self declaration in Form No. 15G or Form No.15H as per the provisions of Section 197A of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (‘the Act’). In order to reduce the cost of compliance and ease the compliance burden for both, the tax payer and the tax deductor, the Central Board of Direct taxes has simplified the format and procedure for self declaration of Form No.15G or 15H. The procedure for submission of the Forms by the deductor has also been simplified.

Under the simplified procedure, a payee can submit the self-declaration either in paper form or electronically. The deductor will not deduct tax and will allot a Unique Identification Number (UIN) to all self-declarations in accordance with a well laid down procedure to be specified separately. The particulars of self- declarations will have to be furnished by the deductor along with UIN in the quarterly TDS statements. The requirement of submitting physical copy of Form 15G and 15H by the deductor to the income-tax authorities has been dispensed with.The deductor will, however be required to retain Form No.15G and 15H for seven years.

The revised procedure shall be effective from the 1st day of October, 2015.

The Notification issued Vide S.O. No.2663(E) dated 29th September 2015 is available on the website of the Department at

(Shefali Shah)
Pr. Commissioner of Income Tax (OSD)
Official Spokesperson, CBDT


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Seventh Pay Commission, OROP will not impact fiscal deficit: Jayant Sinha Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike Follow us: @karnmk on Twitter | cgenews on Facebook

NEW DELHI: Increase in salary bill due to Seventh Pay Commission and Implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP) will not strain government’s fiscal position, Minister of State for Finance Jayant Sinha today said.

“I think we are in a very good shape as far as fiscal management is concerned. That was appreciated by all economists,” he said while interacting with reporters after a meeting of economists which was chaired by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley at NITI Aayog.

He made it clear that the government’s fiscal position is strong enough to bear the impact of implementation of Seventh Pay Commission and OROP.

The Seventh Pay Commission report in December is expected to recommend a hike in salary of central government employees. OROP is likely to result in an outgo of Rs 8,000-10,000 crore this fiscal.

The pre-Budget meeting discussed various issues, including agriculture productivity, job creation and fiscal expenditure.

“We had some of India’s most eminent economists and commentators there. Obviously, it is very early in the cycle to start the consultation. But we felt that if there were good ideas, we could incorporate them even in this fiscal year. Obviously, for the preparation of the current budget, we could begin the work on that right now,” he said.

“It was very good interaction and we look forward to incorporating much of this for this fiscal year as well as coming fiscal.”

There were several topics that came up, Sinha said, adding that “one very important topic that we spent time on is agriculture and what we could do to increase productivity in agriculture”.

The meeting also dwelt at length on fiscal expenditure and how to ensure fiscal expenditure, particularly public investment, could be as productive as possible.

“Third major area that we spoke about is obviously the financial sector… more credit for agriculture, MSMEs and what could we do further to strengthen our banks. The final area that we also spent time on is how to ensure we are able to create more jobs for young people, whether it is in the manufacturing sector or the service sector,” he said.

NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman Arvind Panagariya, Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian and Reserve Bank Deputy Governor Urjit Patel were present.

Besides, the meeting was attended by Finance Secretary Ratan P Watal, Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das, Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia and Financial Services Secretary Anjuly Chib Duggal.

Economists such as Subir Gokarn, Director of Research at the Brookings Institution India, Ajit Ranade, Chief Economist, Aditya Birla Group, and Rajiv Lall, Vice-Chairman IDFC Ltd, also participated. Inputs with PTI


Pensioners may Face Criminal Action for Giving Wrong Information

Pensioners may Face Criminal Action for Giving Wrong Information

Pensioners giving false information to the government while seeking its permission for joining an NGO or private firm within two years after their retirement may face criminal proceedings.

Making this clear, the ministry of personnel has amended existing rules and made it mandatory for the pensioners to declare that the NGO or the firm they propose to join is not involved in activities which are in conflict with or prejudicial to India’s foreign relations, national security and domestic harmony.

They need to declare that they have not been privy to sensitive or strategic information in the last three years of service, which is directly related to the areas of interest or work of the organisation, they propose to join, the new rules said.

The move assumes significance as the government has taken action against several non-government organisations for allegedly misusing foreign grant for anti-national work.

Besides, they need to give complete details of the company, they propose to join, like its PAN or Tax Identification Number, address and nature of work under the changed rules.

Pensioners will have to give a declaration saying they “agree to withdraw from the commercial employment in case of any objection by the government”.

They need to declare that they have not been privy to sensitive or strategic information in the last three years of service, which is directly related to the areas of interest or work of the organisation, they propose to join, the new rules said.

The pensioners need to give a mandatory undertaking affirming in the event of any of the information given by them is found to be false, the permission may be withdrawn without assigning any reason and that the government may consider appropriate action including “criminal proceedings”.

Source: The Economic Times

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Secy Genl Twit to My Govt

.Bureaucrats assuming dictatorial powers.They already hv strong influence on some of d Ministers .

Brief 27th SCOVA Meeting held on 13.10.015. By SM Kanjilal Member Managing Committee Member BPS

Head Office : Pension Bhavan , Rest Camp, Pandu,Guwahati – 781012
Registered No. 1464 ( Under Societies Act XXI of 1960 )
Identified by Ministry of Pension , Govt OF India
Affiliated to Bharat Pensioner Samaj, New Delhi
Phone No.:  0361-2674535,     Rly Phone: 23869, Email:

No. NFRPA/BPS/2015                                                                                                  Date: 16-10-2015

The Secretary General
BPS,New Delhi

                                                Sub : Brief of 27th SCOVA Meeting

The  27th  meeting of SCOVA was held at Vigyan Bhawan on 13th Oct,15 at 11 hrs. The meeting was  Chaired by Dr. Jitendra Singh , the Uninon Minister of State(IndependentCharge) for DoNER,Public Grievances & Pension, Atomic  Energy and Space . Mr. Harjit Singh ,Joint Secretary ,(P&PW) submitted his welcome address to the house . After that all the Delegates attended the meeting introduced themselves, while as per programme Introductory remarks were placed by Secretary(P&PW).Later Hon’ble MOS(PP), Chairman SCOVA, addressed the meeting. He said that retired employees should become torch bearers of Start-up-India, Stand-up India initiative. Addressing the meeting, he called upon the pensioners to involve their vast experience and resources to assume the role of job creators. He said that the pendency without reason has to be taken care of completely. Sri Devendra Choudhury, Secretary DOP&PW beside others stated that department of P&PW has set a deadline of one months time during which backlog of 2200 pending pension grievances will be settled. He referred several welfare projects of GOI. It is reported that 19 Pensioners Association registered themselves under the initiative Sankalp.After his deliberation discussion was held on ATR  on the points raised in the  26th Meeting of SCOVA and on Fresh Agenda items. The brief of the discussions appended below.
ATR of the 26th Meeting of SCOVA:

Item 1. Sl. No.1 of ATR, Status of issue revised PPO : On item (a),(b) and (c) no comments from the representatives of the Pensioners Association. However, on Ministry of Railways , the figure shown is confusing and promptly brought to the notice of the Chairman by the representative of NFRPA. He questioned when it is  recorded in 6th CPC report that the total numbers of railway pensioners prior to 2006 was more than 10 lacs how the total revised cases of railway pensioners can be 1,10,543. No positive reply was there from official side. As regards the problems of dispatch of revised PPO to the pensioners address for not having the present address,the suggestion of NFRPA to handover the PPO to the pensioners through PDA had been taken into consideration.
Item 2 Sl.No. 3 of ATR Health Insurance : No comments
Item 3 Sl.No. 5 of ATR : Special Family Pension : Concerned Defence Pensioners Association raised some queries and questioned which have been discussed and noted.
Iem 4 ,5,6  : Nothing specific discussed, except some grievances on Medical issues.
Item 7 Sl.No.9 of ATR : On the benefit of Rs. 4600 GP. It is stated that the concerned file is still pending with Department of Expenditure. On being urged to fix a time line by the representative of NFRPA,Guwahati,Assam, it is stated that within 10 days the file will be returned with comments to concerned Department.
Item 8 to 16 issues related to BSNL,Ministry of Health, DOP&PW etc have breen dicussed by the concerned reprentatives of the Pensioners Associations.
On Fresh Agenda of 27th Meeting.
1. On issue of acknowledgement to pensioners submitting life Certificate : CPAO formulated a format of Life Certificate which had been supplied to the Delegates and stated that the format will also be  available in the wwebsite of CPAO.
2. Extension of the benefits of OM dated 28.01.13 less than 33 years : Stated that the matter is subjudiced.
3. On health issues (27.3,27.4) : On CGHS facilities various discussion were held . On RELHS issue NFRPA has proposed to include SMART CARD issue in the agenda which have not been taken. NFRPA representative raised the issue of SMART CARD. But the representative of official side of Railways failed to give any suitable reply.
4. On illegal recovery of pension vis a vis reduction of pension : The matter has been refered to DoPT on 07.06.15. DoPT informed on 30.06.15 that the matter is under consideration especially on the issues of impermissible-ness of recovery based on the letter of OM dated 06.02.14 and recent SC Judgments. It is stated that order may be issued for implementation of the guide lines prescribed by Hon’ble SC. On being insisted by the representatives of NFRPA, it is stated that before 27th Oct,15 the order will be issued. NFRPA also requested to review the issue of reduction of pension in fixing the Minimum Pension which has been done in  misinterpreting  the contents of the 6th CPC Resolutions and OM No. dated 1.9.2008 and 28.1.13respectively, wherein it is categorically stated that minimum pension in no case should be less than 50 % of the minimum pay of the pre-revised scale of the corresponding scale from which pensioner had retired.
5. On implementation of circular of P&PW(A) No. dt 30.7.15 it is directed that revision of pension in respect of all the pending cases must be completed by concerned Dept. by 16.10.15
6. On facility for online railway booking : NFRPA representative requested to extend the facility to Pass holders also so that the Retired Rly Pensioners can also avail this facility.

                                                                General Secretary(A)

                                                                                                    SCOVA Member from NFRPA &                                                                                                  Managing Committee Member BPS

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Report on the 27th Meeting of the Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA) held on 13th October, 2015 By- K.B.Krishna Rao, Secretary who represented K P&T PA & Managing Committee Member BPS

The 27th Meeting of the Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA) organized by Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare, was held on 13th October, 2015 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Jitendra Singh, Hon'ble Minister of State, (Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions) at Meeting Hall No.3, Vigyan Bhavan , New Delhi. The meeting, which commenced at 11-15 a.m., was well attended by almost all of the Official Representatives and the Non- official Members of SCOVA. The meeting was being convened after the recent reconstitution of SCOVA in August, 2015 which saw a good number of new Pensioners’ Associations replacing the earlier teams, both in the Standing & Rotating groups. Representatives of newly nominated Pensioners’ Associations actively participated in the discussions and brought home their points well on several issues during the course of the discussions in the meeting. The new Secretary, DoP & PW, Sri Devendra Chaudhary, greeted all the Representatives.
2.          Smt. Vandana Sharma, Joint Secretary, DoP & PW, in her welcome address, greeted the Hon’ble Minister and the New Secretary who was attending the SCOVA meeting for the first time. She extended a warm welcome to the all the Official & Non official Representatives and said that it was her pleasure to welcome the new Pensioners’ Associations nominated to SCOVA. She said that SCOVA, under the able leadership of the Hon’ble Minister, has provided a  platform and an opportunity for the Pensioners’ Associations to share their views and have interactions on several issues concerning Pensioners and the Associations too have been playing useful role and have been giving valuable proposals / suggestions. She said that SCOVA has been taking up several fresh issues & has been effective in resolving some of the very difficult issues which have been pending for a considerable time. She said that during the meeting, the Pensioners’ Associations would be informed of the changes brought about in the policy matters in Pensioners’ Welfare since the last SCOVA Meeting.   
 3.         Sri  Devendra Chaudhary, Secretary, DoP&PW, in his address said that presence of Pensioners’ Representatives from all  corners of the Country was quite encouraging. He said that hard work of Associations in the cause of Pensioners’ welfare resulted in their nomination to SCOVA. He said that review of the items of previous SCOVA meetings has revealed that 50 issues are still pending resolution and he would convene a meeting of Departmental Representatives preferably on Saturdays to address the issues. He complimented CPAO for the good work done in issue of revised pension payment authorities for pre-2006 Pensioners. He said that still a few thousand cases are pending and sought the help of Pensioners’ Associations in getting the information needed to settle the pending pension & family pension cases and hoped to bring the pending cases to a zero level within a month or two. He also said that the grievances pending in Pensioners’ Portal should be resolved soon. He advised the Pensioners to utilise the services available in” Jeevan Pramaan” portal which are helpful to Pensioners especially the old Pensioners. Concluding his speech he said that” when we retire tomorrow we may also face the same problems which are now being faced by our elders” and therefore our “endeavour should be to address their problems”.  “ it is not for us just to get things done but to make things happen” .  
4.          Dr. Jitendra Singh, Hon’ble Minister, in his opening remarks, said that it had always been a pleasure for him to associate himself with seniors in the SCOVA during the past 16 months of the existence of the new Government. He said that the Pensioners’ Representatives are a distinguished class in themselves who are blessed with rich experience. They have reached a position in their lives which many in service are yet to reach. The wisdom they carry with them always puts them in an advantageous position over others. He said that now the number of Pensioners has surpassed the number of Serving employees and over the last year & a half, a new phenomenon has emerged as far as the pension class of the citizens is concerned. Today we have a large number of Pensioners. It is noteworthy that Pensioners out number Serving employees. Referring to the recent social security measures introduced by the Government, he said that now a different class of Pensioners has emerged in the Nation in that, those who were never in Government service have become Pensioners   and we are proceeding from a non-pension Society to a pension Society, which is, in a way is also a social reform.
4.1         Continuing his speech, Dr.Jithendar Singh said that the average life span of Indians has increased over the years and is at 65 years now which is likely to increase further. A person with relatively better management of health lives up to 75-80 years .His concern was as to how best to utilise the service of vast human resource that India has begun to accumulate lest it should go waste. He suggested that the Pensioners who have rich experience and expertise can be made part of decision making process which would also give them a feeling of participation. Pensioners can be included in the Advisory Committees etc. Referring to the Prime minister’s new initiative “Start up India, Stand up India” he said that Pensioners can become the torch bearers of this initiative.
4.2           Complimenting the Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare on its efficient functioning, and various pensioner friendly measure taken by it in the recent past, he felt that the pension issue is too large to be handled by the DOP&PW alone and it calls for involvement of many other Departments of the Government in resolving the issues connected with the welfare of Pensioner community. Observing that number of grievances has come down; he said that the Department does not take it as a compliment as it was its duty. He remarked “pendency without reason should be taken care of completely”. Concluding his speech he said that Government is quite receptive and they look forward to new ideas that would help in betterment of life of all.
5. Gist of discussions on the Action taken report on the decisions of 26th meeting of SCOVA
5.1 Status of issue of revised PPOs to pre 2006 Pensioners
The joint Secretary said that some cases are still pending disposal for years and there is
an urgent need to resolve all the pending cases. CPAO informed that the number of pending cases has come down and the main reason for pendency is non availability of basic details and that CPAO is making every effort for finalisation of the remaining cases.
                Colonel Handa Representative of Disabled War Veterans (India) pointed out that while hundreds of cases are still pending, the Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare has indicated the number of pending cases as Nil.
                Representative of Railway Pensioners’ Association also pointed out that the figures of Total cases, Revised Authorities issued and Pending cases furnished are not correct.
                The Official Representative of DoT said that the main reason for pendency of 466 cases is non availability of pension records with BSNL. He said that Pension Ppaying Banks are being addressed to furnish the details of Pensioners/ Family Pensioners so that the individual Pensioners could be contacted. JS (PP) wanted that action should be completed as early as possible.
6. Health Insurance Scheme for Pensioners including those residing in non-CGHS areas
                The scheme has since been recast as suggested by NITI Ayog, DoE & DoFS. Fresh consultation with Insurance Companies will be held in the matter of premium, coverage etc.

7. Special Family Pension for the Widows of Disabled War Veterans
When it was informed that the requisite information on the number of widows getting ordinary family pension is not forthcoming from Army HQ, Col. Handa  said that the number of  widows is 3000 as per the data available with him and requested that the issue must be resolved soon.
8 CGHS facilities to P&T Pensioners who were not participating in CGHS while in service

It was informed that the matter is under consideration and approval of DoE is awaited.                            Sri K.B.krishna Rao, Secretary, K P&T PA, stated that OM dated 1-8-1996 of MoH & FW, by which P&T Pensioners were denied CGHS facility , was struck down by CAT Bangalore ,as a result of which temporary cards , renewable once in 6 months, have been issued to P&T Pensioners. The matter has attained finality with the dismissal of the SLP by the Hon’ble Supreme Court on 22-8-2014. He requested that the OM dated 1-8-1996 may be withdrawn immediately which will pave the way for issuance of permanent CGHS Cards to P&T Pensioners. He also informed that their Association has submitted a Memorandum to the Hon’ble Health Minister in this regard
Representative of Ministry of Health & FW informed that the matter is under consideration and sent to  DoE for approval.
Pensioners’ Associations suggested that CGHS facility must be extended to all Pensioners retired from Autonomous/ Statutory bodies whose pension is regulated as per CCS(Pension)Rules. The Joint Secretary (PP) replied that payment of pension under Central Pension Rules does not make them eligible for CGHS.

9. Anomaly in fixation of pension of DoT employees absorbed in BSNL, who retired between 1-10-2000 and 31-7-2001.

                The Joint Secretary (PP) said that the issue is pending for a long time and wanted to know where and why it is still pending? The Official Representative of DoT stated that a report has been sent to DoE on                22-9-2015 furnishing replies to all the 4 points raised. At this stage the Minister intervened and wanted to know as to when the issue will be resolved since the case is pending for a long time. The Secretary (PP) said that the matter must be settled before 27-10-2015.

8. Merger of 78.2% of IDA with basic pension of Pre-2007 BSNL Pensioners

                The Joint Secretary (PP) said that DoP&PW has already conveyed its “No objection” and have also conveyed their comments on 6-7-2015 on the draft Cabinet Note circulated by DoT. The Official Representative of DoT informed that the DoE had raised some serious objections and wanted information on number of Pensioners involved and the required particulars are being collected. The Secretary (PP) wanted to know the time needed to collect the information for which DoT Official replied that they are pursuing the matter with the concerned Authorities and hope to furnish the details to DoE as soon as possible.
9. Grant of Grade Pay of Rs. 4,600 to pre-2006 pensioners of S-12 grade

It was informed that the relevant file was sent by DoP&PW to DoE on 22-01-2015for reconsideration and details  regarding pending court  cases called for by DoE were furnished on               10-9-2015. The DoE Representative confirming the receipt of the report from Dop&PW, stated that a decision will be taken in the matter with in one week.

10. Extension of the benefit of OM dated 28-1-2013 with effect from 1-1-2006 instead of 24-9-2012.

The JS (PP) stated that DoP&PW has issued necessary Orders vide OM No 38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 30.07.2015  for payment of arrears of increased pension from 01.01.2006 to 23.09.2012 to eligible pre-2006 Pensioners and steps are being taken for making payment of arrears.
Sri K.B.Krishna Rao, Secretary, KP&TPA, sharing information on payment of arrears to pre-2006 pensioners as a consequence of issue of OM dated 30-7-2015, said that in Karnataka Postal Circle, revised authorities were issued immediately on receipt of Orders from Dept of Posts and payment of arrears to most of the eligible pensioners was made before 31-8-205 and statement of arrears of pension were also issued to the Pensioners. He stated that the alacrity with which the work was done by the O/o the Director of Accounts (P), Karnataka was highly appreciable and must be placed on record. This information and the compliments extended were applauded by the Secretary, JS (PP) and the Officers of the Department of Posts.
11. Extension of CGHS facilities to retired BSNL employees -Issue of follow up Order by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare & fixation of rates of contribution & ward entitlement by DoT. 

DoT Representative informed that a proposal was sent last week to take up the case with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

12. Simultaneous issue of orders for the release of Dearness Allowance

                JS (PP) said that the matter has now been put in place and action for simultaneous issue of DR Orders has been taken. Pensioners’ Associations stated that separate Orders from Defence and Railways are not necessary. The Secretary (PP) replied that this suggestion will be examined.

13. Provision of CGHS facility for life time to dependent disabled/mentally retarded children of Central Government employees/ Pensioners

                Under CGHS rules while a son suffering from any permanent Physical/Mental disability is entitled to avail CGHS facility for life and his marital status will not result in denial of the facility,
a daughter who is also suffering from the same type of disability looses it, if she gets married.
 K P&T PA suggested this item for inclusion in the Agenda for the 26th Meeting of SCOVA and requested that on the analogy of grant of family pension to physically/ mentally disabled children, CGHS facility must also be extended to such children irrespective of age and marital status.
                Ministry of Health & FW intimated that a  daughter once she gets married is related to the husband and can no more be treated as dependent on the principal beneficiary as before, Therefore, dependency defined for son and daughter cannot be compared to each other
                Sri K.B.Krishna Rao, Secretary KP&TPA requested that the issue may please be reviewed on compassionate grounds.

 Discussions on Fresh Items of the Agenda for 27th Meeting of SCOVA.

1. Modification to the format of Life Certificate - Issue of acknowledgement to Pensioners submitting Life Certificate

                This issue also was one of the items suggested by K P&T PA for inclusion in the Agenda of items for discussions in the 27th SCOVA.

                It is heartening to note that both DoP&PW and Dept of Expenditure/CPAO acted swiftly
on the suggestion to modify the format of life certificate to include a part in the format to provide for issue of acknowledgement, which can be detached and given to the Pensioner by the receiving Bank/Post Office. And in implementation of the suggestion given, CPAO issued Correction Slip No.24 modifying the format of life Certificate and supplied copies of the modified format to all the Pensioners’ Associations in the meeting.
Sri K.B.Krishna Rao, Secretary, KP&TPA, thanked DoP&PW & CPAO for the prompt action taken on the Association’s suggestion. The Hon’ble Minister appreciated the suggestion given and the action taken In this regard.

The revised format of Life Certificate is reproduced in page ------ of this journal

2. Extension of the benefits of DoP&PW OM No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 28-1-2013 read with OM dated 30-7-2015 to pre-2006 Pensioners with less than 33 years of service.

            K P&T PA while sending items/issues for inclusion in the Agenda for discussion in the 27th Meeting of SCOVA had  requested that the issue of grant of modified parity in pension between pre and post 2006 Pensioners may be  reviewed in its entirety , keeping in view the recommendations of 6th CPC, and the provisions of OM dated 28-1-2013 read with OM dated 30-7-2015 may  be further liberalised and modified to extend the benefit to all pre-2006 Pensioners  with less than 33 years of service , thereby ending  pro rata reduction in pension for less than 33 years of service. It was also suggested that modified parity should be made applicable to all pre-206 pensioners  irrespective of placement of the post from which they retired in a higher pay scale subsequent to their retirement, either from 1-1-1996 under 5th CPC or from 1-1-2006 under the 6th CPC, since several posts were placed in Higher Pay Scale under 5th and 6th CPCs and the Pensioner who retired from the same posts prior to their up gradation have been denied the benefit of modified parity in pension with reference to the Upgraded Pay Scale on par with those who retired from the Upgraded Posts.
            However, the 2nd fresh Agenda item of the meeting notified by DoP&PW, did not deal with grant of modified parity in respect of pensioners retiring from upgraded posts and the item was confined to pro rata pension for less than 33 years of service.
            When the item was taken up, the JS(PP) informed that the matter is sub judice and therefore cannot be discussed. Pensioners’ Associations wanted early resolution of this long pending grievance. The Secretary, (PP) intervened to say that   the case was with DoE and the process of consultation is happening and he hoped to find a solution in about 2 months time.

3.Opening/Extension/Repair of Dispensaries at following stations:-  (A) Dehradun, UUarakhand (B) Panch kula, Haryana (C) Mohali, Punjab (D) Chandigarh (Union Territory) (E) Ambarnath,Maharashtra
            It was informed that opening /extension of CGHS WCs is not possible at present owing to resource crunch .Funds for renovation of WC at Ambarnath have been sanctioned. Pensioners Association complained that there are no Medical Specialists at Chandigarh W C. Secretary (PP) replied that there are norms for sanction of Specialist and it has to be examined whether there is any justification for the post of a specialist. Uttarapara CG Pensioners’ Association Representative stated that CGHS is available only in Kolkotta and wanted that CGHS WCs must be opened in other major Cities of the State. Mentioning about issue of Smart Cards to Railway Pensioners, he said that only Eastern Railway has issued Smart Cards and no other Railway Zone has issued Smart Cards.

4. Implementation of circular No. 38/37/08-P&PW{A) dated 30.07.2015

                The Pensioners’ Associations sought immediate payment of arrears of pension arising out of implementation of OM dated 28-1-2013 from 1-1-2006 instead of 24-9-2012 in terms of OM dated 30-7-2015 and for this the PAOs concerned should initiate action suo- moto without calling for applications from Pensioners/ Family Pensioners.

                The Meeting ended after summing up of the discussions by the Jt. Secretary and the Secretary, DoP&PW.