Monday, April 29, 2013

Finally justice seems to have won

Dear Friends
Finally, there is hope and justice seems to have won.
Our case came up today in Delhi High Court before the Bench consisting of Justice Nanadrajog and Justice Kameshwar Rao. Shri S.B. Lal and I attended the hearing and our Advocate was personally present.
Apparently the Bench had read our Counter and the Affidavit and straightaway started tackling the Government Advocate. The latter's half hearted pleadings to confuse the issue had no impact on the Bench. Seeing so many senior citizens, it was clear that the Bench was convinced about the injustice. Our Advocate clarified a few points. 
While detailed verdict will be given in the next few days and it is our impression that GOI Writ has been dismissed. As soon as we get the detailed order, we propose to revive our Contempt petition in CAT to enforce the compliance of its 1-11-2011 verdict. In the meantime, this is for your information.
Paratap Narain
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