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A Symbol of LOVE Affection & Service

in 83 Countries and 132 cities of India

Under the able guidance of V.K. Agarwal former CRB & MM Agarwal former C.E. N.Rly RREWA serves Pensioners & Family Pensioners w/o asking for their affiliation, alliance ,  member ship or the Department . 
It is a proud affiliate of Bharat Pensioners Samaj which has the rare distinction to have found space in the Publications of UNO, several Sociologists & Anthropologists.
Is it their desperation or insecurity?
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Adesperate & confused  Y.N. Sastry PRESIDENT AIRRF 's 
report as published in Railway Federation News Sept.-Oct.2011 issue

In view of the SCOVA meeting being held on 21-09-2011 at New Delhi, the important Central Office bearers from different railways have been invited to be at Delhi on 20-09-2011 morning.
Sri M.M.P. Sinha, E.C.RIy. with 3 members, Sri Kishan Singh, N.C.Rly. with 2 members, Sri Munsha Singh, N.RIy. with 4 members, Sri K.N. Pandey, W.C.Rly, Sri Kurmi, W.RIy. Sri T. Purnachander Rao, S.C.Rly along with the other important office bearers of the Railways also

came to Delhi, Zonal President Sri J.N. Rao, Zonal Secretary Sri K. Narayana of South Centra' Railway also participated.
A meeting with the Add!. Member Staff with the representatives was held on 20.9.2011 al
They discussed the subjects likely to come up before the SCOVA meeting. Sri Y.N. Sastry emphasized (or providing a sort of recognition, accommodation, travelling facilities for the important; office bearers of the AIRRF. The Adalat to be conducted as per the Guide Lines already given by Railway Board and the Pensioners Associations have to be dealt according to the instructions already existed. The Addl. Member Staff Sri S.K. Sharma is very kind enough to hear the members and promised to look into their problems and suitable instructions will be reiterated to all the Railways. The meeting is very useful and successful. The Federation thanked Sri M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary/NFIR for arranging this meeting with the Railway Board.
All these 20 members attended the Department of DOPT at Lok Nayak Bhavan and met Smt. Tripti Ghosh, Director and also impressed upon her to insist all the Departments to follow the instructions for implementing the Pensioners Portal successfully.
Sri Y.N. Sastry very specifically brought to her notice that conducting of the meetings of Govt. of India, Advisory Committee of the users for Web Based Pensioners Portal etc. inviting local Pensioners associations namely BPS, IESC, NCCPA, RREWA out of which two are not even members of this SCOVA and RREWA of Sri S, Maheshwari is nothing but a group of Railway Pensioners of BPS. if at all such important meetings to be held, the non-rotating members of the SCOVA to be invited.
Pre-SCOVA meeting was held at JCM Office under the President-ship of Com. Sri Umraovmal Purohit, Secretary Staff Side (National Council). After introducing each other thorough discussions were held on the action taken report' given by the Pension Ministry. As regards the Agenda items it will be represented in the SCOVA meeting by the representatives of the concerned departments. All people expressed happiness.

Copy of the Letter Dated:05-07-2011 written by Mr Y.N. Sastry President AIRRF Secunderabad

To The Secretary, DOP & PW,
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pension,
 Lok Nayak Bhavan,
Khan Market, Naw Dejhi -110 003.
Sub: Cpnstitutfon of Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA)
Ret:- No42/50/2010P&PW(G) dt.24-6~2011.
The Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies was !ast Re-constituted vide the Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare Resolution No.41/22/2008-P & PW{G) dated 29-5-2009. In the Rotating Group, item 5. The President, Retired Railway Employees Welfare Association, 490-A/ 16, Gurudwara Road, Gurgaon -122 001 (Haryana) was one of the 'Non-Official1 Members. 2. Again in the Re-constituted SCOVA vide reference above, the same Organization, i.e. the President, Retired Railway Employees Welfare Association, No.490/A/16, Gurudwara Road, Gurgaon-122 001 was also shown in the Rotating Group against item No.2. It is to bring to your kind notice that the same Organization represented by Sri S.C. Maheswari, who is the President of the Retired Railway Pensioners Association^ Gurgaon, Hariyana State is also the Secretary, (Railway Pensioners) of Bhamt Pensioners Samaj. The Bharath Pensioners' Sarnaj itself is a 'Non-Official' Member of Standing Group.,Thus the Bharat Pensioners Samaj is now represented by the Secretary General of Bharath Pensioners Samaj and also Sri S.C. Maheswari, President of the Retired Railway Employees Welfare Association, Gurgaon who is the Secretary, (Railway Pensioners) of Bharath Pensioners Samaj. With his position the Bharath Pensioners' Samaj is getting maximum advantage of not only Membership in the SCOVA but also getting the Grant-in-Aid for Pensioners' Portal double whereas the Co-Ordination Committees and other Organizations of other States who are not represented lost the representative capacity. 3. You are requested to Kindly look into and do needful and permit Sri S.C. Maheswari to represent his own Organization and prevent him to style as Secretary (Railway Pensioners) B.P.S. or delete his Organization from the list of SCOVA

Note by SCM : Sastry ji, We in RREWA do not believe in self image building. However, I am grateful to you for having found me important enough to mention my name in your publication. For your knowledge I am not the president of RREWA and please do not get disturbed if I disclose, that besides RREWA  several other affiliates of BPS are SCOVA members as well as recipient of Grant in aid.                  



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