Thursday, October 20, 2011

S.C.Maheshwari writes to Y.N. Sastry

Y.N. Sastry,
President AIRRF Secuderabad.

Reference : Your Delhi Tour report as published in AIRRF magazine September-Oct.2011

Dear Sh. Sastry ji,

Khudee  Ko Kar Buland  etna  ke  Har  Takdeer se phele  Khuda Khud Bande  se Punche Batta Teri Raja Kya hai

RREWA, is a Symbol of LOVE Affection & Service among Pensioners in 83 Countries and 132 cities of India. Under the able guidance of V.K. Agarwal former CRB & MM Agarwal former C.E. N.Rly. RREWA serves Pensioners & Family Pensioners w/o asking for their affiliation, alliance, member ship or the Department on an average it disseminate 17,127 pages of information to pensioners every month.
 It is a proud affiliate of Bharat Pensioners Samaj which has the rare distinction to have found space in the Publications of UNO, several Sociologists & Anthropologists.
Sastry ji, we in RREWA do not believe in self praise &self  image building. However, I am grateful to you for having found me important enough to mention my name in your publication & discussions. For your knowledge I am not the President of RREWA and please do not get disturbed if I disclose, that besides RREWA several other affiliates of BPS are SCOVA members as well as recipient of Grant in aid.  NFRPA's reply to your letter should be sufficient to pacify your  ego .
                Sastry ji, out of 1200000 Rly Pensioners only 3 lakh Rly. Pensioners have joined one or other Associations i.e AIRROA,S 30 Retired  officers Association, S29,Retired .officers Association,140 Rly Pensioners Associations affiliated to AIFPA,200 Rly pensioners Associations affiliated   AFPA,130 Associations of Rly Pensioners affiliated to BPS & 80 Rly Pensioners Associations affiliated to AICCPA, you claim affiliation of  250 Associations.
Your claim of  being the sole leader of 5 lakh Rly. Pensioners  is a big farce.  When  you came to join Dharna on 04.07.2010.  There were not even 15 Pensioners with you. 
Regarding II National Convention of Rly Pensioners Associations at Secunderabad you may kindly go through the  IFA (Toronto) news letter Feb 2011at  URL :
Circulated all over Europe, Asia & Africa .These National Conventions are aimed at reaching consensus & understanding among Pensioners & their organizations w/o interfering with their identity or autonomy and not to divide them.
You too will be welcomed if you decide to join us as a delegate of your organization.

With due regards

Sincerely Yours,

Er. S.C.Maheshwari

Secy.(Railways) Bharat Pensioners Samaj

Genl. Secy.RREWA

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