'FIKRA' seeing is believing

'FIKRA' seeing is believing. Whatever war veterans could achieve in d  name of OROP is  effect of pre 2014 election Jhajjar rally, where in 75000 ex -service- men showed  vote might. Exactly a yr back BPS  put forth long term 3'C' formula  i.e. communicate, coordinate & consolidate elderly vote bank 2 resolve elderly/ pensioners' issues. While most of the major organizations appreciated & some  proposed adding 4th 'C' i.e. contribute. Few of veteran leaders hv called it a 'Fikra' Do u really feel task is not achievable? If 'ARAP' can do it in USA  why can't we do it here? If ex-service- men can get together why can't the entire sr citizen community? May not happen in our life time! But one day it can be achieved! This will give a strong voice to the community.


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