7th CPC

·         An unjustified pay hike by SONALDE DESAI  "The Hindu" 30.10.15
Author appears to be misinformed. She  perhaps does not know that Salary structure of C.G. employees is related to need base minimum wage for a unit of three instead of 5(parents are excluded)and pension for a unit of 2 is paid@50% of last drawn instead of 67% . She may not be realizing importance of need base minimum wage as she herself is highly paid. Ok , let her name one 25 years old drawing a package of 40 lac in Govt. service? Cab. Secy. is the highest paid getting Rs 90000/PM with allowance also it is not touching 40 lac a yr & he attains this position after decades of dedicated service.
DA/DR paid to Govt. staff is never sufficient accepted Montek Singh Alluwaliah The then Deputy Chair man planning commission(His statement to PTI dated 27.2.2008) it is always squeezed one. The very procedure of arriving AICPIN is fraught with disparities. On the recommendation of pay commission Salaries are revised by merging existing DA/DR 7adding to it a fitment benifit of about 40% of basic salary which is not even equal to squeezed portion of  DA/DR paid over the decade
Control prices, hold inflation@ 0%.Provide free adequate health care, ensure 100% parity w/o cutoff dates. Pay Comm. will not be reqd.

The author in my opinion tried to use her skill to lobby for Group "A" Govt. staff at the cost of Group D,C & B.


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