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We have circulated along with our last month’s bulletin, copy of judgment of  Delhi High Court in modified parity case.  The Delhi High Court dismissed all petitions filed against CAT principal bench, New Delhi’s order dated 1.11.2011 and upheld the Principal Bench’s order.   According to above judgment, the authorities have to implement modified parity to all eligible pre-2006 pensioners and family pensioners within 2 months failing which interest at the rate of 9% per annum has to be paid w.e.f., 1.3.2013.  The government have not taken any decision in the matter so far.  Meanwhile departments have been implementing earlier orders to pay arrears from 24.9.2012  
Contempt petition regarding CAT/New Delhi’s Order dated 1.11.2011 came for hearing on 28th of last month before full bench in the light of Delhi High Court’s judgment dated 29.4.2013 dismissing government’s petitions.   The bench agreed for revival of the contempt and ordered to issue notices to the contemnors i.e., Secretary, Personnel and Secretary, Expenditure and posted it for hearing on 7th August 2013.  It is hoped that the government will take a decision in the matter shortly hopefully in favour of implementing the Delhi High Court’s order to pay arrears from 1.1.2006.
Bharat Pensioners Samaj is on the job to file a case before CAT Principal Bench, New Delhi with regard to extension of the same fitment benefit to pre 2006 pensioners i.e., basic pension + 86% DR + 50% grade pay and in the alternative to apply one and the same factor for revision to all pre 1.1.2006 pensioners. 
Almost all pension disbursing banks and post offices have drawn and paid arrears of Dearness Relief to pensioners and family pensioners.  
Representatives of staff side of National Council of JCM had a meeting with Secretary (Pension, AR & PGs), New Delhi on pension matters on 31.5.2013.  A summary of the proceedings of the meeting is enclosed.  From this, it may be seen that the government is not agreeable to restore commuted pension after 12 years, extension of CS(MA) rules 1944 to central government pensioners residing outside CGHS areas, etc.  They advised the staff side to raise these issues before the next Pay Commission.  Similarly with regard to improvements in the rates of death gratuity.  However they agreed to extend benefit of ex-gratia in voluntary retirement and medical invalidation cases of pre-1986  SRPF retirees  after rendering 20 years of service.  The Government have also decided to raise the ex-gratia rates in respect of CPF retirees on par with those of SRPF retirees.  Ex-gratia rates of SRPF retirees were revised w.e.f., 1.11.2006 in the following manner:  Group D – Rs.650; Group – C Rs.750; Group-B Rs. 1000 and Group – A Rs.3000.  however there was no revision in the rates applicable to their families and dependent children.  It is fervently hoped that the government would undertake a total revision in near future.
Department of Personnel and Training, Ministry of Personnel, PGs & Pension, government of India, New Delhi have launched  RTI web portal for online filing of RTI applications (a copy of the letter is enclosed).      
Shri S.C. Maheshwari, Secretary General, BPS who was to come to Hyderabad on 2.6.2013 could not come due to some unavoidable reasons.   However the meeting of central government pensioners called on the day in the premises of Satyasai Sadhana Mandir, Lalitanagar, Hyderabad for  Shri Maheswari  to address, however took place.  All the issues were generally discussed by the participants and a brief report of the same is given below:
“It was unanimously felt that no efforts should be spared to make the 58th Annual Conference of BPS on November 17, 2013 at Hyderabad a grand success.
Further,  concentration should be on our outstanding  issues such as 50% DA/DR merger, appointment of VII CPC, full parity or same factor for pre-2006 pensioners and family pensioners, extensions of higher grades and higher grade pays to past retirees for modified parity to bring up past pensioners to the level of  present and future pensioners,  revision of ex-gratia rates of pre-1986 PPF/SRPF retirees and their families, extension of CS(MA) rules, 1944 to C.G. pensioners residing outside CGHS areas, CSD canteen facility to defence civilian pensioners, additional pension linked to age to start from 65 years of age onwards, upward revision of rates of pension and family pension, full pension for 20 years service and benefit of last pay drawn for computation of  pension to pre-2006 retirees, raising of FMA  to Rs.1500/- p.m., and removal of distance restriction for its eligibility, ex-gratia once a year to all pensioners to meet social obligations,  festival advance to pensioners and family pensioners, funeral grant on death of pensioner and family pensioner, RELHS & pass facilities to secondary family pensioners, constant attendance allowance in cases of total disability even after retirement, enhanced family pension for 10 years even in cases of death on retirement, smart card facility for treatment in emergency for all chronic diseases etc.  The Conference should not only focus on the above issues but also decide upon an action programme in collaboration/coordination with all like minded organizations to press them further before the next general elections.  We should pay undivided attention to focus on these issues and rally central government pensioners behind these demands.  Sri D. Prabhakar Rao, President, CGPF/AP presided over the meeting.”
Our monthly bulletin is being put on the internet from the May 2013 issue onwards.  A letter written by Sri C. Rama Rao, a retired Scintist from DRDL, Hyderabad and one of our most respected  members to Shri S.C. Maheshwari is reproduced here below:
“Dear Mr. Maheshwari,
It is very thoughtful of you to have put the NEWSLETTER, issued by the CGPF,Hyderabad on the Bulletin board. I was a member of the CGPF for a few years  in the last decade, till I moved to USA in 2007.I used to attend their meetings every month, held at a school in Secunderabad. Mr.  Somasekhara Rao is a person with a passion for pensioners and he has done a lot to galvanize all associations at Hyderabad.
The newsletters that he used to distribute at the monthly meetings always contained very useful information.
I trust that he is doing well and enjoying good health. I will appreciate if these monthly letters are put on the internet in future also. It will enable people, who are not in a position to be physically present, to keep in touch.
C.Rama Rao.”
As all our members are aware, the BPS has decided to hold its 58th Annual Conference at Hyderabad on 17th November 2013.  This conference will be taking momentous decisions to lift the central government pensioners movement in the country to newer heights and to secure for all central government pensioners a better deal at the hands of Govt. of India.  We have to make this conference a truly a memorable one.  A reception committee will be shortly formed to make all necessary arrangements for the conference.  We have no doubt that all our members and sister associations in Andhra Pradesh  will extend their full cooperation and support in the above regard.   
DA/DR w.e.f., 1.7.2013:  As per the present trend of price-rise, the additional instalment of DA/DR w.e.f., 1.7.2013 is likely to cross 10%

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