Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pensioners Welfare Committee Meeting of AISCCON

Meeting of ‘Pensioners Welfare Committee of AISCCON’ was held on Sunday, the 29th July, at Jyeshtha Nagarik Bhawan, Nerul (West), Navi Mumbai 400 706.

R.N.Mittal President AISCCON & S.C.Maheshwari Secy. Rly BPS & Chair Person, Pensioners’ Welfare Committee of AISCCON jointly Chaired the meeting.

After detailed deliberations as per predefined Agenda, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted for further processing.

1] Grant Minimum universal Pension of Rs 2000/- or 50% of minimum wage (which ever is more) per month per person, to all 60+ senior citizens in both unorganized & organized sectors; with provision of automatic revision corresponding to minimum wage & inflation.

2.Remove disparity in revision of pension within the homogeneous group of pre 2006.: A common multiplication factor need to be adopted for the revision of pension of all pre 2006 retirees so that all pensioner in this group irrespective pre retirement status, get equal enhancement i.e. if basic pension of pensioners’ of one pre retirement scale/pay band is getting enhanced by three time then all other pensioners/family pensioners should be similarly benefited to maintain equality.

3] Restore of commuted portion of Pension of all central/ State/PSU pensioners in 12 years as was recommended by 5th CPC instead of present 15years;

4] Additional old age pension to all superannuated persons of Central/state govt. /PSU. Pensioners’ should start from the age of 65yrs @ 5% of the basic pension with provision of enhancement by 5% every 5yrs;

5] While endorsing the demand of One rank one pension for Defence Pensioners this committee demands that defence civilian pensioners’ be treated at par with the retirees from uniformed sector;

6] Minimum Pension/ex-gratia; of EPS95 beneficiaries, beneficiaries of other social security schemes under M/O labour & employment as well as ex gratia beneficiaries of Central govt. including Rlys. be raised to Rs 2000/- Per month with provision of enhancement corresponding to inflation;

7] All superannuated persons/family pensioners/ex-gratia recipients w/o any exception of PSU/KVS etc be provided healthcare cover;

8. Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) without any distance restriction, in lieu of normal OPD facility be raised from present Rs 300/ to Rs1200/ per month in line with Ministry of Labour & Employment.


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