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Glimmer of Hope for Senior Citizens

Glimmer of Hope for Senior Citizens

Glimmer of hope for senior citizens

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A Lok Adalat that exclusively deals with the problems faced by the elderly is being initiated

In an age where the youth enjoy undivided attention and praise, we as a race have left little space for the aged and the elderly. The growing number of crimes being committed against senior citizens, especially in Hyderabad, reflects how we have left their fate to the cold and cruel ways of the world.
For the first time in the history of the Indian judiciary, a Lok Adalat meant exclusively for senior citizens has been initiated in Hyderabad. The first of its kind in the entire country, it will deal with the many problems that assail the aged in the city. Constituted under the AP Legal Service Authority, the Lok Adalat will have a bench of four retired judges.
Among the many facilities and services that the Lok Adalat promises here, the fact that the Lok Adalat is a fast track court and also deals with these cases under Human Rights Violations acts is most significant. All the services offered here begin and end only with an application form.
This simple procedure clears the much dreaded and lengthy ways of the Indian judiciary. P. Vyasamurthy, President of Society for Serving Seniors said, "Being the first of its kind, they have decided to take the simplest measures to serve the aged in the best manner possible. The fact that the services of the Adalat offers amicable settlement of cases by exploring all legal avenues comes as a relief to the elderly."
The burden of going through the rigours of a court case has been further simplified by the fact that it has the facility to settle things out of court.
M Sai, 62-year-old retired engineer says, "After a certain point, we have no guaranteed security. Most people of my age are completely dependant on their children and it is not surprising that they are ignored or uncared for. It is not possible for people like me to go through the tiresome legal battles for custodianship or domestic abuse or financial fraud. To me, this Adalat is a welcome judgement."
What they really miss out on is attention and care which is replaced by domestic abuse and suffering. For a section of the society that had spent their lives in building and shaping the world we live in, the aged and the elderly are perhaps right in thinking that youth is often wasted on the young.
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