Sunday, January 22, 2012


Dated: 22 Jan 2012

1          An advertisement from the Congress Party of India has appeared in to-day’s news papers. This concerns the issues relating to ex-servicemen and Defence matters. This is appreciated. Attention of all the political parties engaged in the current elections is drawn to the monumental neglect of less mortals who are serving the Armed forces of the Union of India. They are Defence Services Civilians who are paid salaries and pensions from Defence Services Estimates. Defence Services Civilian Pensioners are authorized for CSD Canteen Facility and the Status of Ex-servicemen as per laid down Army order and definition of ex-servicemen. Despite their contribution to the Armed Forces both in peace and war and despite their authorization they have been denied these facilities and status. The contestants of the current elections are requjested to take up these issues in their agenda.

2.         Central government Health Scheme was launched in the year 1954 for all Central Government Employees and Pensioners. In these 58 years this scheme has so far only covered 24 cities. Whole of Punjab state is uncovered by this scheme till now. Employees can avail medical facilities under CS (Medical Attendance Rules 1944 but there is no medical cover for the Pensioners. The stand condemned. On 27 Jan 2011 Director General Health Services Ministry of Health had stated a move to expand the scheme to Jalandhar (Punjab). But the effort has died even before it was properly taken up. We urge the contestants from Punjab in the current elections to take up this issue as agenda. Our memoranda to the Members of Parliament so far have brought no relief.

Yours sincerely
Defence services Civilian Pensioner
786 Urban Estate, Phase-1, Jalandhar-144022
Phone (M) 98550-50608
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