Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Son, married or not, lives in house of parents at their mercy, says court

  • 30 Nov 2016
  • Delhi
  • HT Correspondent letters@hindustantimes.com

NEW DELHI: The Delhi high court ruled on Tuesday that a son, irrespective of his marital status, has no legal rights to live in his parents’ self-acquired house but can do so only at their “mercy”.
Justice Pratibha Rani said only because parents have allowed the son to live in their house as long as their relations are cordial does not mean they have to bear his “burden” throughout their life.
“He can live in that house only at the mercy of his parents up to the time the parents allow,” the court said.
The judgment is for a parent’s self-acquired house, not to be confused with a Hindu person’s birthright to ancestral property.
The high court upheld a trial court order, which has ordered a man and his wife to vacate a house after their parents sought their removal.
The son and daughter-in-law, who were living with them, claimed they were co-owners of the property, but couldn’t prove it in court.
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