7th CPC- Ratio between Minimum & maximum of Salary /Pension

4th CPC had determined the ratio between minimum & maximum of salary to be 10.7(Chapter 41 & 43) Vth cpc   maintained it to be 10.97 (Appendix ‘I’ summary of recommendations para19) in their recommendations which while implementation was raised to 1:11.76 by the Bureaucrats for their own advantage.
Shredding the basic fiber of the Constitution of Indian Socialistic State, after implementation of 6th CPC   this ratio  stand raised to 1: 12.85. Both for salaried employees & Pensioners. Which is much more than even the capitalist countries like America & Britain. This negative and socially regressive effects of the 6th Central Pay Commission has had the effect of worsening wealth and income inequality not only between pre-and post-2006 retirees, but even within pre-2006 retirees where in higher-ups got full parity in Pension.

BHARAT PENSIONERS SAMAJ  demands that the ratio between the lowest and highest scale be immediately brought down to at least 1:10 and full parity between pre-and post retirees to all pensioners be granted.


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