Thursday, March 13, 2014

7th CPC - No controversies with Bureaucrats pl.

No controversies with Bureaucrats pl. ! This time let us go in the reverse gear. Let 7 th CPC calculate the topmost Scale first, divide it by 9 & fix minimum basic. Drive uniform common multiplication factor on this basis to arrive at pay in pay Band/Scale/Pension with the condition that minimum Pension shall not in any case be less than 65% of Pay in Pay Band/Scale & family pension shall not be less than 45% of Pay in Pay Band/Scale.
As for finances : 1. As disclosed by Rahul Gandhi on 20.11.2013 There is no dearth of money in this country 
2. Present Pensioners contributed sufficient by foregoing 8.33% matching contribution to their PF by the employer & by accepting lower salaries with wide spread-over during their service life.

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