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Monthly Bulletin-May 2013 C G PENSIONERS’ FORUM, A.P(An affiliate of Bharat Pensioners Samaj

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Government of India issued orders sanctioning 8% additional Dearness Relief to Central Government Pensioners w.e.f., 1.1.2013.  With this, DA/DR has gone up to 80%.  While some banks have paid the additional DR with arrears, other banks are in the process of drawing the same. 

The modified parity case had came up for hearing in the Delhi High Court on 29.4.2013.  The court upheld the Order dated 1.11.2011 of CAT, Principal Bench, New Delhi.  Now arrears have to be paid w.e.f., 1.1.2006 to all eligible pre 1.1.2006 pensioners and family pensioners.  Government’s Orders in the above regard are expected shortly.  Paras 8 and 9 of the judgment dated 29.4.2013 are reproduced below for information:

‘8. We are in complete agreement with the reasoning of the Division Bench of Punjab and Haryana High Court and adopt the same and don’t burden ourselves any further.  We conclude by noting that as regards the substance of view taken by the Tribunal, even the Central Government accepts its correctness but insists to make the same applicable prospectively.

9. The Writ Petitions are dismissed.  The decision of the Full Bench of the Tribunal is upheld but without any order as to costs’.

The managing committee of Bharat Pensioners Samaj met at New Delhi on 14.4.2013.  The Samaj decided to file a case shortly in an appropriate Court/Tribunal in respect of extension of same fitment benefit/application of one and the same factor for revision of pension to all pre 1.1.2006 pensioners and family pensioners.  The Managing Committee authorized the Secretary General to take necessary steps in this regard. 

The Managing Committee also took note of the fact that while implementing modified parity under V CPC as well as under VI CPC, Government of India have not taken into consideration improved grades and higher grade pays implemented w.e.f., 1.1.96 and 1.1.2006 for purpose of modified parity to those who retired prior to these dates in the same posts saying that they were upgraded posts and upgraded grade pays.  For instance, the IV CPC scale of Rs. 1400 – 2300 was replaced by the scale of Rs. 5000 – 8000 w.e.f., 1.1.96 for several categories in railways and those in this higher grade were brought under PB 2 with grade pay of Rs.4200 w.e.f., 1.1.2006.  However those who retired prior to 1.1.96 in the same post were treated as having retired in scale of Rs.4500 – 7000 and accordingly modified parity was implemented in their case.  Due to this, they were brought under PB 1 with grade pay of Rs.2800 w.e.f., 1.1.2006.  Similarly in the case of several categories of retired staff, improved grades and higher grade pays have not been extended for modified parity.  As a result, many pre-1.1.96 and pre-1.1.2006 pensioners and family pensioners have been lagging behind those who retired in the same posts after 1.1.96 and 1.1.2006.  Thus a serious imbalance has been created between pre and post 1.1.96 and between pre and post 1.1.2006 pensioners and family pensioners.  Unless this imbalance is rectified, those who retired prior to 1.1.96 and 1.1.2006 will continue to suffer forever with lesser pensions and family pensions.  Bharat Pensioners Samaj is contemplating to take the matter to an appropriate court of law to have the above imbalance rectified.

The Managing Committee of BPS has also decided in its above meeting to hold its 58th Annual Conference on 17th November 2013 at Hyderabad.  This meeting will take place at a crucial juncture as the general elections to Lok Sabha will be only a few months away.  As per the prevailing political situation in the country, the above elections may be advanced by a few months.  In such a scenario, we have to raise our voice in a big way in favour of all our outstanding demands such as 50% DR merger, appointment of VII CPC, raising of fixed medical allowance to Rs1200 pm, raising of rates of pension and family pension, additional pension from 65 years of age onwards, restoration of commuted portion of pension after 12 years, extension of new benefits of VI CPC to past pensioners also, extension of CS(MA) rules to pensioners residing in non-CGHS areas, CSD canteen facility to defence civilian pensioners, issue of smart cards to RELHS beneficiaries throughout the country covering all chronic diseases, removal of distance restrictions for grant of FMA, extension of RELHS  to secondary family pensioners, liberalization of RC pass rules, revision of ex-gratia rates of PPF/SRPF beneficiaries and their families, etc.

It is indeed very difficult, nay impossible for pensioners and family pensioners to make their ends meet in the context of spiraling inflation and ever rising prices of essential commodities without the government taking early steps to meet our just demands.  Unless we, pensioners, put across our demands more effectively, we will not be able to get justice at the hands of the government.  It is therefore time for all central government pensioners and their organizations to come together and raise their united voice. It will be the endeavor of Bharat Pensioners Samaj to bring together all pensioners organizations in the common cause. We appeal to our members to extend their full cooperation and support to make the 58th annual conference of BPS a unique one in all respects

DIVORCED WOMEN ENTITLED TO FAMILY PENSION (Supreme Court judgment in SLP © No. 11800 of 2013 arising out of C.C. No.1297 of 2012)
The Hon’ble Supreme Court ruled in the above case that a divorced woman is entitled to monthly maintenance even if she has accepted one time permanent alimony under agreement to forego this right, she is entitled to family pension after the death of the ex-husband.  The apex court ruled ‘it is incumbent on the government of India, Ministry of Defence, PCDA and Air force authorities to reinstate her right of family pension which will function as maintenance from the dead husband.  Pension rules to be changed to cater to such situations’.

CONCESSION TELEPHONE FACILITY TO POSTAL PENSIONERS WHO RETIRED WITH 20 YEARS OF SERVICE AS ON 1.4.1985: CAT/Principal Bench/New Delhi, in their Order dated 31.1.2013 in OA No.16216/2013 – CAT/PB/New Delhi upheld the claim of petitioners for the above facility and directed the concerned authorities to provide the above facility to them within 2 months. 

REVISION OF PPOs OF PRE-2006 PENSIONERS AND FAMILY PENSIONERS – UPDATING ESSENTIAL INFORMATION:  Department of pension and pensioners’ welfare, government of India, New Delhi in their letter No. 55/44/2012 – P&PW© dated 7.3.2013 had stressed the need to expedite issue of revised PPOs to pre-2006 pensioners and family pensioners updating information.  Those pre-2006 pensioners and family pensioners who have not revised their PPOs so far may please approach their pension sanctioning authorities for the above.  For change of date of birth/age of family pensioner also, respective pension sanctioning authorities    may be approached with documentary proof.


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