Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reservation on Postritirement Rly. Passes-PRS codes

Rly Pass holders!
 Details of PRS codes
in the  Indian Railways. Reservation system

1. COMRAJ : Retired Rly. Employees   pass in Rajdhani
2. COMSHT : Retired Rly. Employees pass in Shatabdi
3. NRERAJ  : Non Rly. Employees pass in Rajdhani
4. NRESHT :  Non Rly. Employees pass in Shatabdi
5. RTDFA1  :  Retired Rly Board Members
6. RTDFAM : Family members of Retired Board Members
7. RTDPFA : Retired Rly Officer holding First "A" Pass 
8. SDPRRO : Retired Rly Officer on Special Duty
9.COMP65   : Concession for companian in post retirement pass of pensioners aged 65yrs but below 70 yrs.
10. RRECOM  : Concession for companion in Post retirement pass of Rly pensioners aged 70 yrs of age                     
11.PRVFA        : Ist A  pass
12.PRVRAJ      : Ist A Pass Holders in Rajdhani Shatabdi Trains
13. PRVPFA     :Ist A Pass Holders in Trains therthan Rajdhani /Shatabdi
Note :1.With reference to item No 10 above-Operator at PRS window while preparing the Ticket should first enter the Name &  details of the Pass Holder & enter the code “RTDPFA” .Then the name &details of companion should be entered & with code “RRECOM” in the concession Column.
2.It may be noted that though according to Rly. Bds orders companion may be of any age.But the PRS software does not accept companion if his/her age is more than that of the pass holder  

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