Monday, November 22, 2010

2nd day High lights of BPS AGM

21st of Nov. 2010- Following Resolutions were uanimously adopted after detailed discussion :

Resolution No 1
There was no reason for the VICPC to give a different fitment benefit to the pre-2006 retirees other than what was given to serving employees. Adding 86% DR to their basic pensions did not infect, amount to giving the same fitment benefit to the pensioners. While Grade Pay benefit given to employees ensured equal benefit to all those coming under each Grade Pay,, the same is not the case with the pensioners since pensioners retired at various stages in pre-revised pay scales, this glaring anomaly in the matter of fitment benefit recommended to pre-2006 pensioners was not properly appreciated by CPC-VI while making the recommendation. The Government too has not come forward to do justice to pensioners in this regard overlooking the fact that different fitment benefits given to pensioners and serving employees resulted in further widening of disparities in pensions/family pensions of pre and post 2006 pensioners/ .family pensioners.
This Conference therefore appeals to the Government to impart justice to the pre-2006 pensioners and family pensioners by giving them same fitment benefit as given to serving employees w.e.f. 1-1-2006 i.e. Basic pension + 86% DR +50% of grade pay as allotted w.e.f. 1-1-2006.
Time and again it has been ruled by the Honorable Supreme Court of India that all pensioners form a homogenous class. For this homogenous class, with respect to 6th CPC the basic pension drawn on 31.12.2005 is the basic element to derive the revised pension; thus a uniform treatment / methodology should have been applied for revising pension of the entire homogenous class of pensioners as on 01 -01 -2006. But , the uniform treatment/methodology is not applied in the said revision as shown hereunder:
.                                       For Pensioners: Revised pension by Application of 
Pre-revised Scale S-4 t o S23                                                    Multiplication factor of 2.26
                                                                                                               (1.86 + 0. 40 of  pre-revised pension)         .   .
      Pre-revised Scale S-24 to S-29:                                               Multiplication factor of 2.6 
    Pre-revised Scale  S-30 onward:                                                Multiplication factor of 3/3+
As already stated, that it is the pension on 31.12.2005 , forming the basis for deriving revised pension from 1.1.2006, application of uniform multiplication factor alone will render full justice.
The solution, therefore, lies in revision of pension in the same manner as has been done in the case of S-30 onward retirees, viz., by application of a MF of 3 over the pre-revised pension.
This Conference therefore appeals to the Government to do justice to the pre-2006 pensioners and family pensioners and to ensure that pension / family pension of all pre 2006 pensioners & family pensioners shall not in any case be less than the pension arrived at by multiplying their Pension on 31.12.2005 by  a factor of ‘3'. As has been done in the case of pre 2006 retirees of S30 onwards.
Resolution No 3 (FMA)
Imposition of distance restrictions for grant of Fixed Medical Allowance is, to say the least, just irrational in
as-much-as npn members of any Health Scheme are also eligible for this benefit. Similarly members of RELHS suffering
from specified chronic diseases are also eligible for this allowance in addition to OP treatment for the said chronic
diseases from Railway Hospitals/Health Units. As such, this Conference urges that the distance restrictions for the grant
of FMA may be removed altogether and all those foregoing OP treatment for non-chronic diseases from Railway/
CGHS/ECHS hospitals/dispensaries regardless of the distance of their residence from such hospitals/dispensaries may
be granted this benefit to do equal justice to one and all by considering the glaring irregularities in imposing distance
restrictions. The amount since raised to Rs. 300/- PM. w.e.f. 1-9-2008 is, however, too inadequate in the present context
of high consultation charges and cost of medicines and requires to be raised to Rs. 1200/- P.M  equal to what is given
by the Ministry of labour to EPFO pensioners, to make it realistic and to provide real relief to the pensioners.
                                                        Resolution No 4 (Increase in pension)
According to the accepted recommendation of 6th CPC whenever DA goes up by 50% the allowances of Central Government Employees will automatically go up by 25%.(Para 4,2.24.4)But pensioners have not been allowed
any corresponding advantage. As pensioners do not get any allowances, it will be just to give them a raise of 25% in their pension/Family pension on 50% rise in DR.
Resolution No 5 (Delinking of Qualifying Service)                  
This Conference emphasizes the rationale involved in extending the de-linkage of qualifying service of 33
years for full pension in respect of pensioners retired during the period from 1.1 =2006 to 1.9.2008 is equally valid and
applicable for those, who retired prior to 1.1.2006. As the pensioners are a homogenous class as a whole, computation
of pension cannot be by different formulas thereby applying an unequal treatment solely on the ground that some retired
earlier and some retired later. If the retiree is eligible for pension at the time of his retirement and the relevant pension
scheme is subsequently amended /revised, he would become eligible to get enhanced pension as per the new formula of
computation of pension from the date when the amendment/revision takes effect. It is discriminatory to introduce a
benefit by fixing a cut-off date arbitrarily thereby dividing a single homogenous class of pensioners into two groups as
pre-2006 and post-2006?                                                                                                                                                             
This conference of Bharat Pensioners Samaj therefore, urge upon GOI to redress the discrimination
For Railway Pensioners:
Resolution No 6 (Eligibility condition for RELHS & post retirement complimentary passes)
This Conference notes that, since long, the rationale behind condition of 20 yrs of qualifying service for
eligibility to join RELHS & for the entitlement to post-retirement complimentary passes has been the condition of 20
yrs of qualifying service for voluntary retirement with pension in Indian Railway Service Rules. Now that qualifying
service has been brought down to 10 yrs for retirement with pension, eligibility condition for RELHS & post retirement
complimentary passes should
also be revised accordingly.                                                          .. •
Resolution No 7 (Facilities to Rly Pensioners)
This Conference of Bharat Pensioners Samaj   Urge upon Ministry of Railways:
(1) To immediately Introduce Smart card facility with all India validity for RELHS beneficiaries covering all medical
(2)To keep RELHS open for past pensioners / family pensioners to join at any time with facility to pay subscription in installments & without lock-in period for referral to recognized private hospitals.
(3)To make provision of Physicians / consultants exclusively for pensioners with nominated days for Specialist consultation to avoid long hours of waiting in the Railway Hospital.
(4)To permit secondary family pensioners to join RELHS.
(5)Companion facility in same class for all classes of RC pass holders without additional charges. Companion facility in the higher class for PH retirees without surrendering, one set of RC pass. Liberalization of widow pass facility to include dependent Children. Grant Passes to Secondary .Family Pensioners as hi the case of Family Pensioners.
‘                                                      Resolution No 8 ( Ex-gratia pensioners)
It is noted with regret that the VICPC have not revised ex-gratia rates of pre-1986 CPF/SRPFI retirees. Ex-gratia rates of pre-1986 SRPFI retirees were revised marginally w.e.f. 1-11 -2006. This revision has not covered even the families of deceased SRPF beneficiaries who continue to get ex-gratia at old rates. Further, minimum pension and family pension have been raised to Rs. 3,500/-P.M. by 6thCPC. This Conference therefore urges on the Government of India to initiate immediate steps to revise .ex-gratia rates of all pre-1986 CPF/SRPFI beneficiaries and their families. The families of these beneficiaries have been getting 8% less DR w.e.f. 1-11-97 which is discriminatory and the same should end forthwith to do them equal justice. Ex-gratia benefit needs to be extended to voluntary retirement and retirement on medical invalidation cases also to do them due justice and to end their suffering. The CPF/ SRPFI beneficiaries and their families getting ex-gratia should be extended the benefit of FMA as denial of the same to them is unjust and discriminatory.
Resolution No9 (Ex-Servicemen)
This conference of Bharat Pensioners Samaj explicitly express solidarity with Ex-servicemen & urge G.O.I. to accept the demand of one rank one  pension for all  ex-servicemen w/o further delay. 
       M SOMASEKHARA RAO / S C Maheshwari
Note:  Resolutions specific to BSNL Pensioners & the Minutes of the AGM will be posted shortly.
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