Thursday, April 20, 2017

Affect of Secy Genl BPS Article "Foot Soldier of Indian Railways" AIRF wirtes to Rly Bd for Provision of CUG SIM to Engg. Keymen/Patrolmen

No.AIRF/Sub-Committee 63                                                                   Dated: April 12, 2017
The Secretary(E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
 SubProvision of CUG SIM to Engg. Keymen/Patrolmen
Ref.: Railway Board’s letter No.2010/CE-I(Spl.)GNS/15(Pt) dated 10.09.2013
Provision of the CUG SIM to the Engineering Keymen/Patrolmen has been envisaged by the Joint Committee on Package and Career Progression for Trackmen, which has been accepted and circulated to the Zonal Railways by the Railway Board vide their letter under reference.
On regular persuasions by our Central Railway affiliate – National Railway Mazdoor Union, Central Railway Administration vide letter No.W.226.MPP.Policy dated 01.01.2016, followed by reminder dated 20.03.2017(photocopies enclosed) has sent proposal in this regard to Railway Board, seeking necessary approval of the Board.
It would, therefore, be in all appropriateness that; the matter should be expedited early as the matter is hanging fire in Rail Bhawan despite elapsing a pretty long time, resulting in non-implementation of recommendation of the above cited Joint Committee on Trackmen, viz. provision of CUG Sim to Engineering Keymen/Patrolmen, Safety Category Staff of paramount importance, responsible for safe running of the trains, over Central Railway.
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