Tuesday, May 31, 2016

DOP & PW working against Pensioners

BPS-Sarup Maheshwari ‏@RREWA 56s57 seconds ago
@DrJitendraSingh @DOPPW_India @narendramodi
DOPPW harming pensnrs opposing100% pen parity recommended by 7CPC.Recrds can b reconstructed.

@DOPPW_India@DrJitendraSingh DOPPW opposing 7th CPC recommendation on 100% Parity in pension, will harm pensnrs.Recrds can b reconstructed

Balkrishan Agrawal Why the record is not available.There is excuse for not implementing the OROP for civilian.Defence personnel record is available. One can prove his/her own record of service.Every one preserve the their birth certificate issued by Panchayat/Munucipal Committees if that is preserved How the record can not be preserved. except a few.For the sake of a few why majority deprived with their rights.
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