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Protest against incorrect recording of SCOVA 22 minutes

SCOVA Minutes: Protest note

No : BPS/SG/013/                                                                                        Dated :07-03-2013

Shri Sanjay Kothari, IAS, 
Secretary, Deptt of Pension & PW
Shri Vinay Mittal, Chairman Railway Board
Smt Tripti  Ghosh, Director(P) DOP&PW

Reference : Minutes of 22nd SCOVA meeting held on 19.02.2013- ATR item xiv 6.12 & 6.13
                  Para 6:6.12 i)T0 vii & para 6.13 ii),iv) & v)

1. It can be verified from records that these items were raised by Bharat Pensioners Samaj
N. Delhi & The Retired Railway Employees Welfare Association Gurgaon which happens to
be an affiliated association of Bharat Pensioners Samaj which is the largest & oldest Federation
of Indian Pensioners' Since Bharat pensioners Samaj & The Retired Railway Employees Welfare Association Gurgaon did not discuss these issues with the Ministry of Railways before SCOVA meeting
Minutes recorded are incorrect & may be amended keeping the related items open

2. The moment an issue is included in SCOVA Agenda, it becomes an issue of SCOVA and not
of any individual Federation, Association or any individual SCOVA member. Thus must be
discussed in the presence of the SCOVA Convener/Secretary or at least in the presence of Director DOP&PW who is responsible for implementation of Citizens Charter of DOP &PW since SCOVA is included as one of the items of DOP &PW citizens/client charter.

3. Several Federations who are SCOVA members have Rly Pensioners & their Associations as their member/affiliates and thus each one of these are concerned with issues related to Rly. Pensioners.
Bharat Pensioners Samaj, therefore, lodge a strong protest against incorrect recording of
SCOVA minutes and request to keep the concerned items open.

Truly yours,
Secy. Genl
Bharat Pensioners Samaj

AIFPA/102/2013                                                                                             CHENNAI-15
Shri Sanjay Kothari,
Secretary to Govt.of India & member Secretary Scova
Ministry of Personnel, PG and Pensioner,
Department of Pension and Pensioner welfare
3rd floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan,
Khan Market, New Delhi-110 003
Respected Sir,
      Sub: Minutes of the 22nd Meeting of Scova held on 19.2.2013
      Ref: Item No.(xiv) 6.12 & 6.13 & para 6
             The items relate to the Ministry of Railways and Railway Board.  These items were referred to the Scova and listed as agenda item. After discussions during 21st Meeting of the Scova, these items were circulated to SCOVA members with draft replies of the Ministry concerned.  But these items were not discussed in details in the  22nd SCOVA meeting, instead the items were treated as closed stating “ the concerned federation had discussed the issues with the Ministry of Railways before attending the SCOVA Meeting”.  There was no such meeting and I was not invited for the meeting.
        The All India Federation of pensioners Association, Chennai-15 represents 60 Associations exclusively  representing the Railway pensioners and Family Pensioners and 62 Central Government Pensioners’ Associations with Railway Pensioners in majority , out of the 246 Associtions Affiliated to the Federation.  We are also co-ordinationg our activities with the Bharath Pensioner Samaj, New Delhi, based on a ‘ Memorandum of understanding’ signed by us.

         Yet the Railway Ministry/Board did not choose to discuss the issues listed as ‘Agenda items’ under SCOVA with us.  You will agree that we as permanent members of the SCOVA are also entitled to know the decision of the Railway Board/Ministry  on the items listed and discussed.
       I therefore appeal to you, not to give unfair advantage to any individual organization representing Railway Pensioners/Family pensioners by such action.  Kindly arrange for discussions in the forum
of SCOVA and publish the decision taken on these subjects as the decision of SCOVA.  Summary closure of an item introduced by more
than one SCOVA Member, without an opportunity to discuss these items with Railway Board/Ministry in the SCOVA is unfair and therefore merit reconsideration.
          The decisions taken on this letter may kindly be communicated to this Federation as well.
     Thanking you,
                                                                                   Yours faithfully,

                                                                                       General  Secretary

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