The task before Nagpur Convention

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May I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2013.  In the year 2012,there was excellent performance by Bharat Pensioners’.Its continuous endeavors for a better dispensation for C.G. Pensioners as well as Senior Citizens have won the appreciation of one and all.  The BPS has been able to mobilize a large number of pensioners and family pensioners in all its programmes.  It created a new enthusiasm among its rank and file.  Its 3rd National Convention of Railway Pensioners at New Jalpaiguri on 31st March, 2012 had surpassed all  expectations and gave a big fillip to our movement. Participation of more than 300 family pensioners in the procession taken out there in the above connection was a unique feature unheard of in the annals of pensioners’ movement in our country.  Our Mass Dharna at JantarMantar, New Delhi on October 11, 2012 was a grand success.  It demonstrated beyond doubt the capacity of BPS to rise to new heights in championing the cause of pensioners.  In collaboration with AISCCON, BPS has taken the first steps to awaken pensioners and retirees in various sectors about the imperative need to come together to secure justice at the hands of powers that be.  Their combined efforts will take a long awaited concrete shape at a National Convention of these sections proposed to be held at Hyderabad in October/November 2013, coinciding with the 58th annual meeting of BPS.
The BPS is holding the 4th National Convention of Railway Pensioners on 9.2.2013 at Nagpur.  The Nagpur convention has not only to give a new impetus but also a new direction to the Central Government Pensioners’ Movement in general and Railway Pensioners Movement in particular.  It is no exaggeration that central government and railway pensioners throughout the country are eagerly looking forward to this convention to give the necessary lead..
Our experience has shown that we cannot set much store on SCOVA to find satisfactory and long lasting solutions to our problems and demands.  The VI CPC had singularly failed to meet the just and legitimate aspirations of central government pensioners.  It gave a raw deal to the past pensioners with the result they are so much frustrated today.  Even those retiring after 1.1.2006 are not sanguine about a better future.  By failing to invite the Pensioners’ Organizations for tendering oral evidence before them, the VI CPC had shown utter contempt to the past pensioners who were at the fag end of their lives.  They abandoned parity principle enunciated by the V CPC.  They did not recommend to them the same fitment benefit as given to serving employees.    They also failed to recommend extension of  new benefits to past retirees.
There are no satisfactory solutions to the issues raised in the National Anomaly Committee as well as in the SCOVA.  Issues are being dragged on indefinitely to the serious discontent and frustration of large number of pensioners and family pensioners.  Even where Court Judgmentsare in our favour, the authorities do all in their power to prolong the litigation to tire out the pensioners.  Important benefits such as restoration of commuted pension after 12 years, 50% DR merger, appointment of VII CPC, enhancement of FMA etc., are being pushed under the carpet on one pretext or another.
In the above circumstances, how to overcome the hurdles and make progress?  The Nagpur convention should find the answers. It should give a new impetus and direction to our movement to take  it forward to newer heights to meet the just aspirations of central government pensioners and to fill them with a new hope and confidence about their future.  Only a strong movement will deliver the goods.  Let us do all in our power to make the Nagpur convention a great success.
With greetings,

Secunderabad,                                                                                             M.SomasekharRao
Dt: 07.01.2013.                                                                                     Vice-President, South Zone,                                                                       
Bharat Pensioners’ Samaj.


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