Wednesday, January 23, 2013

File No. D-11028/23/82-Regions (Vol.II)
Government of India
Ministry of Urban Development
Directorate of Estates

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated 17-01-2013

Office Memorandum

Subject: Acceptance and depositing of Bank Draft/Pay Order in the Government account on account of booking charges of holiday homes by different Booking Authorities.

Booking of rooms/suits of holiday home at Shimla, Agra, made by different booking authorities (i.e. EM, Kolkata’ AEM’ Chennai and AEM, Nagpur) but demand draft/pay order is received in the name of Assistant Estate Manager, Shimla or Assistant Director of Estates (Cash), New Delhi as the case may be. After confirmation of booking of holiday home, the demand draft/pay order received by the aforesaid booking authorities is then sent to AEM, Shimla or Assistant Director of Estates (Regions), New Delhi for deposit in the Government account. Such practice takes considerable time in actual realisation of revenue to the Government.

2. Recently, RBI has reduced the validity period of Bank Draft/Pay Order/Cheque from six months to three months. After reducing the validity period of draft/pay order/cheque by RBI, it has now become more difficult to realise the revenue suitably through the practice being adopted as mentioned at first para above.

3. It has now been decided with the approval of Directorate of Estates that following change in respect of above matter would come into effect with immediate effect:

(i) EM/AEM, Kolkata; AEM, Chennai and AEM, Nagpur will accept the bank draft/pay order towards booking charges of holiday homes/guest houses in favour of the concerned booking authority itself who is looking after the booking and not in favour of other authorities and O/o concerned booking authority will itself deposit the booking charges ¡n the Government account.

(ii) NIC will modify the online booking application form in respect of rooms/suits of holiday homes/guest houses at the disposal of EM/AEM, Kolkata; AEM, Chennai and AEM, Nagpur accordingly.

4. AIl prospective applicants are also advised to note the above changes and to ensure the correctness of bank draft/pay order in favour of appropriate authority. Failure to comply with the above changed norms will lead to rejection of booking request.

(N.S. Chauhan)
Assistant Director of Estates (Regions)

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