Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grievance Redressal &Citizens Charter Bill 2011-Notice seeking Citizens' feedback

As per Clause 2(f), in definition of Complaint, Grievances relating to the service matters of a Public Servant, whether serving or retired are specifically excluded. This is an injustice to retired persons who constitute very large portion of Citizens. Let us all strive to get this injustice rectified.Justification for inclusion of Pensioners is as following :-
Serving public servants have definite negotiating instruments/ channels for redress of their issues. However, Pensioners have no other channel except the grievance redress mechanism of DOP &PW, which too is almost defunct, as toothless DOP &PW in the absence of sufficient powers is functioning like a Post Office. The concerned Ministries/Departments to whom DOP & PW forwards Pensioners Grievances, do not take these grievances seriously with the result that the complaints are not resolved even after a year or more. The greatest irony is:

1. That Pensioners/Family Pensioners are exploited, harassed & humiliated by their own counterparts in chair, who at the sight of an old person adopt a wooden face & indifferent attitude.

2.Pensioners do not have any representation even in Forums & Committees wherein pension policies & connected matters are discussed. The forum of Pension Adalat too is not of much avail as it meets only once a year & takes up only retirement benefit settlement claim cases. It does not consider Continued healthcare and family Pension related grievances. Similarly, SCOVA too meets only once a year & the Forum is meant for feedback on Government policies. DOP & PW though lacks direct Service Delivery Capability yet has been striving over the years for redress of Pensioners grievance through ‘Sevottam’ model of the Department of Administrative Reforms & Public grievances, treating them to be ‘internal clients’ which they are not.Since they are no more the part of administration & their matters exclude administrative control

activities. Most of their complaints arise due to misinterpretation/ non implementation or incorrect implementation of Polices & Rules pertaining to them. Thus in terms of Sevottam model, retirees are the combination of the two i.e. internal & external clients and therefore are necessarily the service recipients of ‘Citizens’ Charter’.
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