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D. Prabhakar Rao, Chairman, Reception Committee

                                                            M. Somasekhara Rao

Release of Souvenir

Bimalendu Chkraborty NFRPA New-Jalpaiguri

S.M.Kanjilal NFRPA Gauhati

Harchandan Singh Genl.Secy RSCWS Chandigarh
                                                      J.Narayana Rao Nagpur
 K.Srinivasan Zonal Secy.NFRP Palghat

Family Pensioner, Dr. Saroja Arya, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, formerly Dir. National Institute of Mentally Handicapped , Hyderabad

The beginning of a new awakening 
IInd National Convention of Railway Pensioners Associations
Under the aegis of Bharat Pensioners' Samaj.
A grand success
Shyam Sunder Secy.Genl.Bharat Pensioners' Samaj

S.C.Maheshwari;Secretary (Rlys) Bharat Pensioners' samaj

Secunderabad (AP) 13.02.2011

750 delegates from every nook & corner of the country, rising above caste, creed, religion & regionalism  and  defying  old age, gathered at Secunderabad to show solidarity not only to fight for their legitimate rights as Senior Citizens & Pensioners but also to blow  the ‘Begul’(clarion) for war against corruption by those in power.
The rhythmic Singing of “Vandey Matrum” by 95-60 yrs young oldies stirred the atmosphere & sent the nerves of every one present throbbing!
Sh. D.Prabhakar Rao, Chairman, Reception Committee, while welcoming the Delegates raised the Slogan :
“I am the ‘I’ in India & won’t let it get polluted
Even before coming to their own Grievances, the House showed deep concern & anger against rampant corruption by those in power & vowed that, as part of the great Indian Civil Society, they won’t tolerate it any more!
Explaining in brief the basic purpose of the Convention, Shyam Sunder Secretary General BPS who chaired the event, in his opening remarks, roared “we have gathered here to awaken the Pensioners’ community in general & the 12 lac of Railway Pensioners in particular and to impress upon them the need to unite under one banner throughout the country to achieve their goals.”
Thereafter, S.C. Maheshwari Secy. (Railway) BPS presented the discussion paper detailing the grievances & areas of deficiencies (for viewing complete document go to link:  )
M.Somasekhara Rao, the soul & the main organizer of the Convention  explained in Telugu the significance of the convention. Following presentation of main approach paper of the Convention . R.N.Mital President AISCCON (All India Senior Citizens Confederation), who was first to speak, strongly  supported the cause of pensioners. He called upon the Sr Citizen community to build pressure to compel the Government to bring back the Indian black money stashed in foreign Banks. Shri Mital called upon the pensioners to contribute for the development of the country through CIVIC activism. He also stressed  the need  to take advantage of the knowledge of the Pensioners by the government.
There after, following delegates offered their views on the ways and means of quickly and fully securing the genuine and legitimate demands of Railway Pensioners. Messer’s R.N. Tripathi (Delhi), Harchandan Singh ( Chandigarh) R. N. Datta ( Kolkata), K. Srinivasan (Zonal Secretary NFRP Palghat @Chennai), J. Narayana Rao ( Nagpur), Kanjilal, (Guwhati), B. Chakravarthy (New-Jalpaiguri) G.V. Kumar & S.K. Bose (Bhubaneswar),K.P. Ghosh, Madhupur, E.Railway, P. Narasimham( Eluru) K. Natarajan(Pakala) R.S. Lavania(Agra) B. Ramulu ( Vizag), P.V. Kurulkar, Secretary, AIRROA, SC, D. Venkateswarlu, D. Subba Rao, M. Nageswara Rao , B.K. Singh & S.S. Hussain RREWA, SHIMOGA (Karnataka)
Besides, Family Pensioner Dr. Saroja Arya, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, formerly Dir. National Institute of Mentally Handicapped , Hyderabad , also spoke on the occasion and pledged her services free of cost for elderly.
 The above leaders pressed for early redressal of following demands.
·        Restoration of commuted portion of pension after 12 years as recommended by earlier pay commission.
·        Parity in pension between past and present pensioners.
·        Minimum pension to be equal to last pay drawn.
·        Revision of pension on the same basis recommended by VI CPC, applicable to serving employees.
·        FMA to be raised to Rs.1200/-pm.
·        Removing distance restrictions for payment of FMA, and treating it as transport allowance.
·        Easy reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by pensioners for emergency treatment in corporate hospitals.
·        RELHS- should be open ended.
·        Grant of ex-gratia to pensioners once in a year on par with bonus to serving employees.
·        Pre 1986 SRPF(C) retirees and their families drawing ex-gratia be granted minimum pension/family pension.
·        Since VI CPC has done away with Group D services all past Group D pensioners be granted benefits on par with Group C pensioners with immediate effect.
·        Early issue of revised PPOs as per VI CPC.
·        Revision of pension once in a year.
·        Immediate merger of DR, on reaching 50% of basic pension.
·        Provision to carry companion in same class to which pensioner is eligible.
After detailed deliberations, the 13 resolutions were unanimously adopted.  (for viewing complete document go to link:  )

95 senior pensioners and family pensioners from all over the country were honoured on the occasion.
The Convention decided to hold the IIIrd National Convention of Railway Pensioners in the beginning of the year 2012 in the North East i.e. either@ New Jalpaiguri or Gauhati.  The IInd National Convention concluded, after passing the ‘vote of thanks’ proposed by M. Somasekhara Rao, Secretary of the Reception committee &  singing of the National Anthem.
Immediately after the Convention the BPS National Advisory Council for Railway Pensioners met and finalized the action plan to achieve the goals & to take the movement forward.
To view complete documents go to :    &

Secretary (Railways) BPS     

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