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Denial to grant Life Time Family Pension by the DPO/New Jalpaiguri to Miss Eshita Sengupta, un-married daughter of Late Ashitendu Sengupta, Retired OS under CMS/New Jalpaiguri, even after submission of application as per JPO.

Letter No. NFRPA/NJP/M/05/17 dt : 02.03.2017 from Bimalendu Chakraborty, Secretary (Railway Pension) Bharat Pensioner Samaj/Jaipaiguri, to General Manager (P) N. F. Railway, Maligaon Guwahati-11, Assam.
Sub :   Denial to grant Life Time Family Pension by the DPO/New Jalpaiguri to Miss Eshita Sengupta, un-married daughter of Late Ashitendu Sengupta, Retired OS under CMS/New Jalpaiguri, even after submission of application as per JPO.
Ref:  DPO/NJP’s Letter No.E/FS/Med/NJP Dated:01-03-2017 Etc.
Under painful circumstances, I beg to draw your kind attention to the above subject for favour of your immediate action please.
1. That, duly filled-in formats of application with necessary copies of document as per JPO were submitted by the above applicant on 06-02-2015 to the DPO/NJP.
2. That, the case was referred to SLWI for investigation, who took more than a year to return the case with his formal verification report, based on which the DPO/NJP forwarded the case to Associated Finance (ADFM/NJP) with SANCTION MEMORANDUM.
3. The ADFM/NJP returned the case with 10 (ten) Numbers of observations vide Check Note No.NJP/PN/POL/88/Pt.IV Dated:22-09-2016 (copy enclosed vide Annexure-‘A’).
4. After due compliance by the applicant, the case was resubmitted to the ADFM/NJP
5. That the ADFM/NJP further demanded some clarifications and correction of Indemnity Bond providing two sureties. This was complied with promptly and the case was further resubmitted by the party concerned on 02-02-2017(Copy enclosed vide Annexure ‘B’).
6. That, when it was expected that the case would be finalized, the DPO/NJP, quoting the letter of DFM/NJP vide No.NJP/PN/POL/88/Pt.IV Dated:07-02-2017 that, “Family Pension case of Miss Eshita Sengupta, daughter of Late Ashitendu Sengupta is returned unpassed due to Voter Identity Card in which the name is Ashit Sengupta in lieu of Ashitendu Sengupta”, asked her to comply
with the remark (copy enclosed vide ‘C’).
7. That, the applicant Miss Eshita Sengupta vide her reply dated:15-02-2017 drew attention of the  Competent  Authority that the name of her father was ASHITENDU SENGUPTA, which was mentioned in all of his Service documents including his Death Certificate as well as in the Death certificate of his wife and all F.S. papers (Copy enclosed vide Annexure ‘D’).
8. That, in her Voter Identity card the name of her father has partially been printed as ASHIT SENGUPTA omitting the portion “ENDU”. It would be a very strenuous and time taking job to rectify the said EPIC Card from the office of Election Commission. (Copy enclosed vide Annexure ‘E’)
9. That, the poor child has also executed an “Affidavit” in the Siliguri Court affirming and declaring that the name of her father is ASHITENDU SENGUPTA and somewhere it was written inadvertently as ASHIT SENGUPTA. (copy enclosed vide Annexure ‘F’).
10. That vide Letter No.E/FS/MED/NJP Dated :17-02-2017, the DPO/NJP once again pressed the applicant  that her, “Birth proof Certificate must have to be corrected” (Annexure vide ‘G’).
11. That, vide her application dated:28-02-2017 she also submitted a copy of Transfer Certificate issued by the Head Mistress, Siliguri Deshbandhu Vidyapith Girls High School, confirming her date of birth as 28-02-1980 and name of father as ASHITENDU SENGUPTA, etc. (copy enclosed vide Annexure ‘H’).
12. But, not satisfied with this reply, the DPO/NJP has further insisted, vide his letter No.E/FS/Med/NJP Dated:01-03-2017 on getting the Voter I/Card as well as Registration Certificate issued by WBBSE (a fresh addition), corrected as above. (copy enclosed vide Annexure ‘I’).
13. That, in the above letter he has mentioned that the certificate issued from Siliguri Municipal Corporation, the name of her father was mentioned as Late ASHIT SENGUPTA, which is a new revelation and not correct.
14. It may please also be noted that, within last 6 months the girl has been served with 4 (four) successive letters with objections after objections and she had to run from pillar to post for collection of data and preparation of reply.
15. That Sir, after due verification of the identity and other local information about the applicant, when the Sanction Memorandum was issued by the Competent Authority and after repeated compliance of all observations within this three years the applicant is almost denied of her legitimate claim on plea of some clerical mistake in one or two papers, though the authenticity of the case is beyond any question.
Under the circumstances, I, on behalf of my organization,  request your honour to kindly accord your valuable orders in granting Family Pension in favour of Miss Eshita Sengupta a helpless and hapless child of a deceased ex. Railway man.
[Annexures  ‘A’ to ‘I’ not published]
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