Sunday, May 10, 2015

G S BPS Twitts to My Govt.


BHARAT PENSIONERS SAMAJ37 minutes 16 sec ago
CPENGRAMS: grievances recorded are closed fr the sake of closing w/o resolving.Leading to utter disappointment of aggrieved.Teeth less DOP &PW acts just as post office.This way how we will achieve digital India & e.governance#My Gov

BHARAT PENSIONERS SAMAJ46 minutes 17 sec ago
Ist step towards digital India shld be to sensitize Govt. officers to open their email & take necessary action honestly.over the decades country has spent considerable amount on e. governance & Administrative reforms without visible effect due to the indifference of concerned officers.In Rlys they still prefer FAX.Rly directorates specially the directorate of health is averse to transparency.They do not put ciculars & orders on website.Even the list of private empanelled hospital is not disclose

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