Wednesday, April 23, 2014

7th Pay Commission is seek suggestions from stake holders on various issues


The 7th Pay Commission has compiled a list of questions and sent it  to all the Ministries/Departments of Indian Government, inviting their suggestions.  The questionnaire has been sent to all the Central Government employee federations also but not to Pensioners Federations who too are stake holders.

Although this is part of the usual procedure & usual practice to ignore Pensioners organizations, though 30 of them are now aided by M/O Personnel, PG & Pensions-DOP &PW and are on the identified list of the Nodal Ministry meaning indirect recognition to these pensioners organizations.

 It is a well known fact that Central Government Pensioners organizations treat certain questions as an indication of the mindset of the 7th Pay Commission. As pension is not independent of Salary. Interest of 'Bharat Pensioners Samaj' is natural in salary structure.

If our affiliate, members, partners & sister organizations remember, it was 'Bharat Pensioners Samaj' who some time back initiated the debate/discussion about the ratio between maximum & minimum paid, through social media sites, its magazine, representations & Memorandums to Govt, Dharna & conferences.

Today we are relieved to some extent to note that our efforts have triggered curiosity and interest of pay commission in the ratio between the highest & the lowest paid. In Centrat Govt. Civil Services which is evident from question no 1.1 & 1.2  under the head Salary.

Though till  date 7th CPC has not officially sought our suggestions. But as a responsible stack holder & the largest representative body of Pensioners in the country, we cannot afford to be sitting idle & are in the process of submitting our suggestions. if need be 'Bharat Pensioners Samaj' will not hesitate to launch an agitation to press  for its views to be heard
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