Wednesday, July 3, 2013


A meeting of the Advisory Committee for Web-based Pensioners* Portal under NeGP
was held on 18th June. 2013 under the chairmanship of Secretary (P. AR&PG) in Lok Nayak Bhawan. New Delhi to seek the advice/suggestion for further fine tuning the work of the portal.
based on the experience gathered in the past and suggestion/requirements put forth by the   pensioners.
Secretary (P,AR &PG) welcomed the participants. Director (PP) apprised the participants about the action taken on the decisions taken during the last Advisory Committee Meeting held on 05.09,2011, A copy of action taken report is annexed. The committee member were apprised about the initiatives taken by the Department for further improving the efficiency and usefulness of the portal since the last meeting which are
i.     Pension calculator for prc-2006 pensioners for calculation of pension based on DOPPW's
OM dated 28.01.2013 uploaded on the Pensioners Portal.
 ii.   Uploading of pension related Notification on the portal's website. (Earlier only circulars
and OM's were being placed on the Pensioners Portal).
iii.     A link for accessing pension relating OMs issued by Department of Telecommunication. I
v.     Downloadable commutation forms available on Portal.
v.     FAQs relating to civil pensioners updated from time to time
vi.     The pay scales based, on 4th and 5th Central Pay Commission have been added on the
home page,
vii.     A Discussion Forum is being started on Pensioners Portal to elicit the views of pensioners
and other stake holders to improve- the Pension Administration System.
viii.   A separate module for Pensioners Associations; has been provided for lodging the.
grievances through CPENGRAMS on Pensioners Portal
ix.   The facility of SMS and e-Mail alerts for pensioners has been added in the matter of
lodging of grievances by pensioners through CPENGRAMS and as disposal,
x.    Suggestions have been invited through Pensioners Portal for providing new ideas aimed
at performing organization's activities with less time, at less cost and with greater
transparency. Any such idea which will be implemented will be rewarded suitably,
Committee members were also informed that the Department of Pension and Pensioners" Welfare in association with NIC is in the process of developing an online Pension Sanction Tracking System which would be of immense help to pensioners.

On the issue of updating the FAQs relating to Ministry of Defence, the representative of Ministry of Defence informed that they are in the process of doing the needful and the updated version of FAQs will soon be made available on website. The Ministry of Defence was asked to inform us when the same is completed.
(Action: Ministry of Defence)
It was decided that the status of release of grants of pervious years to Pensioners Associations would be reviewed by DOPPW,
The representative of Department of Information Technology suggested that a short duration educational video clip may he placed on the Pensioners Portal to guide them about the Grievance lodging process on the portal through the CPENGRAMS,
(Action; DOP&PW)
The representative of Bharat Pensioner Samaj suggested that special character slash (/) should be allowed to be used in the address of the applicant while lodging the grievance on the portal. He also suggested that the Department should start a helpline for the pensioners. However Secretary did not agree with the suggestion as the same would require a substantial work force for the Department which may not be possible.
(Action: NIC)
The representative of Bharat Pensioners Samaj (BPS) also suggested that Ministry of Railways should also provide necessary information useful for Railways pensioners in FAQ Format and Department of Pension and Pensioners' Welfare should provide necessary link on their website to enable Railways pensioners to access the information through Pensioners Portal. Ministry of Railways should also start a dedicated help line for aggrieved Railways pensioners and for knowing the PPO status. This issue was also discussed in the previous meeting on 05.09..2011
Representative of BPS also pointed, out that instruction issued by Department Pension and Pensioners' Welfare vide their letter No.41/38/2011-P&PW(C) dated 11th September, 2011 regarding extending all corporation to the Pensioners Associations who are helping in the grievances redressal matter have not percolated to Division/Field level in Railways, The Ministry of Railways thus needs to sensitize their subordinate formations to extend necessary co-operation to identified Pensioners’ Association.
Specific information being asked for by Railways for processing of grievances should he incorporated into a form designed for that purpose.
(Action; Ministry of Railways;
During the meeting a mention was also made about non release of DR by subordinate formations in the Postal Department responsible for disbursement of pension on the bases of DR orders issued by Department of Pension and Pensioners' Welfare unless .necessary instruction are issued by their Circle offices. This delays the actual release of DRs to pensioners. This issue has already been taken up with Department of Post by DOPPW. The representative of Department of Post assured to look in to the matter to check extent of compliance and take remedial measure where necessary.
(Action: Department of Post)
The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

 Action taken on the decisions taken during the last Advisory Committee Meeting held on 05.09,2011

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