Friday, May 4, 2012

Demand: Rs. 2,000 monthly pension for senior citizens

Roy demands Rs. 2,000 monthly pension for senior citizens

HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times

New Delhi, May 04, 2012

Members of Parliament had increased their pension three-fold but a universal pension scheme for senior citizens has remained a piped dream.

This is despite the UPA government’s promise before 2009 general elections of providing social security net for vulnerables, said National Advisory Council member Aruna Roy, while announcing a national campaign for demanding monthly old age pension of Rs. 2,000 or half of minimum wage of a state, whichever is higher.
The scheme sought by Roy and other activists under the banner of Pension Parishad would cost the government Rs. 1,92,000 crore and will benefit about 10 crore people.

“The government can impose additional tax, cess or surcharge on the industry to finance the scheme,” said Prabhat Patnaik, economist and former chairperson of Kerala Planning Board.

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