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Rly Pass holders
 Details of  codes
in the  Indian Railways. Reservation system

1. COMRAJ : Retired Rly. Employees   pass in Rajdhani
2. COMSHT : Retired Rly. Employees pass in Shatabdi
3. NRERAJ  : Non Rly. Employees pass in Rajdhani
4. NRESHT :  Non Rly. Employees pass in Shatabdi
5. RTDFA1  :  Retired Rly Board Members
6. RTDFAM : Family members of Retired Board Members
7. RTDPFA : Retired Rly Officer holding First "A" Pass 
8. SDPRRO : Retired Rly Officer on Special Duty
9.COMP65 =Concession for companian in post retirement pass of pensioners aged 65yrs but below 70 yrs.
10. RRECOM  = Concession for companion in Post retirement pass of Rly pensioners aged 70 yrs of age                     
11.PRVFA = Ist A  pass
12.PRVRAJ = Ist A Pass Holders in Rajdhani Shatabdi Trains
13. PRVPFA = Ist A Pass Holders in Trains therthan Rajdhani /Shatabdi

Er. S.C.Maheshwari
Former DEN C.Rly.
General Secy. RREWA

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